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  • Date Added: 29/12/2014
    Aramis 900 is a spicy clean feeling (herbal floral) fragrance perfect for the cooler months. Its for real man, very classy aroma one of the best classics i have in my collection.
     by Joseph
  • Date Added: 26/10/2012
    Interesting and elegant, I think 900 is a titan amongst men's scents, and certainly my favourite from the House of Aramis. It is one of a handful of definitive 1970s fragrances and I just love its highly distinctive herbally, rosy, woody drydown that's perhaps a little controversial - a good thing in my opinion - and maybe, just maybe, a little dated, but I love it all the same. If you like Grey Flannel (stupid name) and its masculine smelling florals, I suspect you'll almost certainly like 900 too for the same reasons. I had a nice looking bottle of 900 in the early 90s, which was a thin sporty cylinder covered in an opaque blue film - which I haven't seen since. One thing I also remember is that its sillage was exceptionally good, and yes, its longevity was no better than average (4 hours or so). Excellent - I think I might hunt this down immediately to add to my current collection, lest it unfairly gets the boot like Horizon (another great masculine herbal) - grrr.
     by Chon
  • Date Added: 26/10/2012
    Aramis 900 and Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir are very similar. In classic Estée Lauder fashion, there are effectively masculine and feminine versions of one fragrance, as is also the case with JHL/Cinnabar, Devin/Alliage, Aramis/Azuree. The funny thing is, by conventional perfume standards they’re mixed up with A900 and Aromatics Elixir. While both are floral/herbal chypres, AE is much stronger and potentially off-putting, yet is the version sold to women. A900, the one for the boys, is sweeter, more floral and less stark. Overall, A900 is lighter on patchouli, and has more rose than AE. It has a generally softer tone. In Aramis 900, up top the bergomot is restrained in its bitterness by a soft lemon. Rosewood makes the rose seem sweet and liqueuer-like. The strong chamomile note, that reads as strictly bitter in AE’s opening notes, is replaced by an herbal quality in A900 that gives a bit of soapiness not found in AE. A900’s basenotes, which definitely include a healthy dose of patchouli (as in AE) are modulated by vetiver. Both scents end on a rose/patchouli accord, but the rose dominates in A900. I used to think, why wear, A900? Cut to the chase and wear AE. And while I do wear AE more often, I’ve grown very fond of A900. It’s very pretty and has a bit more smile to it than AE. I don’t usually think of EL as the company to turn gender norms upside-down, but in designating AE as the huge, take-it-or-leave-it bruiser, and A900 as the paler and quieter of the pair, Bernard Chant is giving us a functional instruction on gender in the Gemaine Cellier tradition: knock it out for the women and dilute it for the men. There’s a lesson here for us, boys.
     by JohnJ
  • Date Added: 26/10/2012
    A great aromatic and herbal-medicinal woody-chypre with an high level of exoticism ( i mean it is evocative of the glorious age of my childwood), herbal-spicy roughness, classicism (with a touch of retro, namely a deliberate rosey-spicy-citrusy-patchouli old-fashioned mould) and complexity. This fragrance is a brown-green rosey concoction with a rough herbal, hesperidic (bergamot, lime)and spicy opening, an astringent and stiff floral heart, a based on patchouli backbone, a masculine boise' dry down of aromatic moss and vetiver and a sulphureous and animal note whirling freely around throughout the development (the chord of amber, civet and moss). I see the association (somebody talked about) Aromatics Elixir that is spicier, rougher, more resinous, stronger in patchouli and incense, less animal and with a less sweet-floral temperament. The rose is prominent as well as the patchouli and the earth. The mossy and earthy temperament, softened by amber and florals, overstates endly the sour trait of initial dry citrus, vintage aromatic bergamot and variegated herbs. The sharp carnation and orris help gradually the passage by the initial tartness to a middle woody rosey heart dominated by the temperament of the mild rosewood. The last is dark and links greatly with that lingering animal and earthy whiff rising from the background and closely joined with a severe patchouli. The final development is very mossy-animal, smoothed in rootiness by amber, soapy, rosey and masculine (how could be asserted it could be womanly?). The storm of hesperides, rootiness, spices and herbs has in the meanwhile almost faded and the dry down is surprisingly suave and discreet. This fragrance is a gem among the classics and today is still available among the pieces of the new Aramis's collection of classics as Havana, Tuscany Forte, Devin, JHL etc. The fragrance, in its old formulation (i've never tested the new as part of the new collection), was bold and, together with the others Aramis, made of natural materials and high craftsmanship.
     by Perfume Dose

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