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  • Date Added: 10/01/2015
    Azzaro pou homme is one unbelievable fougere with a classy gentleman style. Its woody lemony freshness is a one of a kind scent I wear daily and has become a part of my everyday style. Good quality at very affordable price.
     by James
  • Date Added: 31/10/2012
    I get a beautiful combination of Lavender and Anise at the top, dry, cold, and bitter with a sweet coniferous pine whistling throughout the background...very clean and slightly soapy. The first phrase that popped into my head was 'barbershop fougere'... The transition to the mid-notes is smooth and subtle as the cool anise gradually fades into a spicy cardamom (passing cedar along the way), which brings with it a warmth, though the cool remains in the shadows...And while the clean aura of the fragrance is maintained, the spicy accord, rather than interfering with it, lends dimension and character. I'm yet to experience the dry down (it's only been on about 1 and a half hours), but I've already enjoyed APH thoroughly....fresh, energetic, herbal, cool, dry, and is complex with an intriguing and seamless development. To me, APH has components that remind me of several of my favorite has the barbershop anise vibe of Rive Gauche (though toned down of course), a coniferous similarity to Terre D'Hermes and the addictive, slightly vanillic cardamom heart of Chanel Pour Nonsieur Concentree....though all the while different and unique....these are just some aspects I can draw comparisons to. This is the first perfume that has really made me want to write about it, or rather has motivated me to write....There are many other frags I love but something about this one makes me want to express my appreciation. Maybe it was the total surprise that was in store for me having expected to hate it, or maybe it was the 19.99 price tag... But it could be that the Azzaro Pour Homme is just that good, and deserves the effort required to rightfully praise it. Any younger guys skeptical about this, worried about it smelling outdated or whatever, I recommend not buying into any of that, and trying this for yourself, you may be surprised how much you like it.
     by Anonymous
  • Date Added: 31/10/2012
    Azzaro pour Homme is an aromatic fougere that opens strong with a prominent and long-lasting anise note accompanied by various herbs, including caraway. There is a slight blast of citrus, but this is primarily an herbal opening. I liken Azzaro's opening to a poke in the eye by your annoying but basically affable big brother. Like your older sibling, Azzaro can be off-putting at first, and this is where those who dislike this fragrance are lost. But stick with it and Azzaro will take you on a pleasant fougere foray. Lavender plays a prominent role in the progression of Azzaro. This is where we see the path on which Azzaro is headed...straight to the fougere palace in search of its crown. On the way, it meets some contenders such as Rive Gauche pour Homme, which is a similar barbershop-type fougere, but is drier (talcum powder accord) than Azzaro. Azzaro settles into a vetiver, patchouli, leather and woody base that lasts for hours. I also detect some oak moss in the dry down as one expects in the standard fougere formula. There is also a sweetness to Azzaro that is just the right counterpoint to the other base notes. Azzaro is a classic fragrance that since the late 1970's has staked its claim to the royal crown of the fougeres. Is it worthy? Maybe. If you want to "understand" Azzaro, wear a gourmand or an aquatic for a few days, then reset your nose with ApH. If you want to understand your older brother, forget about it. He'll poke you in the eye anyway. Azzaro on the other hand, goes straight for your heart and more often than not, lands there softly and securely.
     by Sultan
  • Date Added: 31/10/2012
    Azzaro Pour Homme is a classic - period. It, like its predecessor (Paco Rabanne Pour Homme) has stayed relevant because it is both plain good fragrance and a bottle of history. Let me start this review by saying - if you don't like Anise as a note, then you will not like Azzaro Pour Homme. I happen to like it, so the point is moot. Also, like Paco Rabanne, current formulation has been reformulated - although maybe not to such a noticeable degree to some. I happen to own both vintage and current and will write my review from the context of knowing both. The vintage formulation goes on warm with great anise, lavender, leather and nice petit grain and some floral - not bright. The transition into the mid and basenotes happens within 20-30 minutes and you get the sandalwood, musk, oakmoss (very key), slight hint of vetiver, patchouli and ambergris. Definitely the vintage juice has an old-school vibe - one that I really like, but is much more wearable in cold weather. Maybe light application on a summer evening outdoors or at a dinner party. There are so many components that individual notes don't overpower. The leather up-front is simply great and the oakmoss here brings a comparison to Paco in mind - but, the distinct anise note keeps the two fragrances apart (perhaps the one note that does separate this aromatic fougere). Very good longevity and does not need to be heavily applied, but as another thread discusses - one must "wear" Azzaro Pour Homme as it is an aura/body scent. Apply to chest inner wrists and arms along with neck. You need to have pulse points covered - but on your body to. This does not shout - it radiates...if you want to smell it in its true form, let it blend with you natural chemistry. Vintage formulation is very, very good juice indeed - 9/10. Current formulation is not as good, like Paco Rabanne Pour Homme - the oakmoss is gone. You get sharp and bright anise notes, no leather and more sharp citrus and floral notes up top (lavender is sharper too). The mid notes are there, but lacking the depth and overall vintage vibe - like the base notes. I no longer get any vetiver - it's almost all sandalwood, musk, ambergris with some patchouli. A more synthetic and dry feeling is what I get - not offensive, but if you know vintage juice, then you realize the difference. Again - you must wear this. I find the secret to getting the most out of Azzaro Pour Homme is to use the After Shave balm, let it absorb and then 3-4 shots to my neck (front & back), 1-2 for the wrists and 3-4 for the body, including at least 1 on my shirt. With new formulation, that will give you a strong and heady anise top that smooths out over time and eventually gives you the shadow of what Vintage smelled like. Good - nice, actually. Current formulation - 7/10. I agree with other reviewers - Azzaro Pour Homme is nothing like Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. Paco is green, herbal, fresh (and my all-time favorite man's scent) - the other is a complex anise-flavored fougere with lavender and some great wood and musk in its vintage form...current being hollowed out. Both have suffered from reformulation, but they were never the same. Anyone can blind smell the two in any formulation and know exactly what they are and how different they are. At no point do these fragrances overlap. I believe having a bottle of Azzaro Pour Homme is essential to anyone into fragrance - it is a part of history and will allow you to understand how a lot of fragrances came into existence.
     by Criket

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