20 Best Summer Fragrances to Try this Summer (2022)

20 Best Summer Fragrances to Try this Summer

It's time to say goodbye to the woodsy, spicy scents you spritzed on those freezing winter days to lift your mood and warm the senses. Summer is just around the corner and your perfume stash is up for a refreshment. As you're dusting off those favorite sandals and vibrant long sundress, look out for fresh florals, juicy fruity and zingy citrus scents to wear on those lovely days relaxing under the warm sun, enjoying your time by the sea, near the sand and salty air. There is no need to look any further, find here the perfect match from these new summer fragrances that suite your taste and budget this summer season.

19+1 Best Fresh Fragrances for Every Summer Setting

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Boost your levels of Summer Happiness! For The Citrus-Lover

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Ginger Piccante Eau de Toilette
Price: $65.00 - Shop Now

A single spritz of this luxurious effervescent Ginger Piccante cocktail is livened with supporting notes of bergamot, rose, ginger and musk. An exotic and luminous Eau de Toilette, an invitation to enter into a tropical island and savour the freshness of ginger laced citruses.

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Need an extra dose of action? For An Adventure In The Mediterranean

Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Acqua Eau de Parfum
Price: $125.00 - Shop Now

Cool, salty and stimulating, the salty dunes of wind and sea clash into the warmth of the sun on the skin, cushioning its vibrating, sizzling heat sounds like a dream destination. The evocative mix of island woods on the desirable destination of Sardinia you can get the spirit of it in this bottle. An immediate burst of stimulating sea breeze blends saltiness with the woody sensations of the beach in an untamed twirl of cypress, juniper and myrtle. The coolness of air and the refreshing sensation of water all captured in every spritz.

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Creatively taking things to the next level, For The #Influencer

For The Influencer - Best Summer Fragrance

Prada Candy Night Eau de Parfum
Price: $65.00 - Shop Now

Be the center of attention the moment you enter the scene. Wearing Prada's Candy Night is an invitation to experience a contrasting sensation of sparkling energy and addictive double sweetness. Enjoy an oriental gourmand blend with notes of chocolate and caramel cut with the tangy sweetness of orange and rounded with the warmth of white musk. Yes, it smells absolutely sweet, but another selling point is how damn good looking that bottle is. Black night blue rose millennial pink, and a golden Prada logo? Just double spritz!

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If Beach Parties are your thing, just For The Party Girl

For The Party Girl - Best Summer Fragrance

Bvlgari Omnia Golden Citrine Eau de Toilette
Price: $45.00 - Shop Now

If you love the glitz and sparkle effect then Bvlgari's Omnia Golden Citrine is what you are looking for. Its mischievous essence of playful impulse through the essence of bright citrus notes and exotic flowers. This cheerful floral sensation is a radiant floral eau de toilette inspired by golden citrine, a precious symbol of light and love of life. Perfect for the wearer who isn't planning to waste her summer time at home. This is what you wear for summer festivities.

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Love those freshly cut flowers? For The One Who always has a bouquet of Fresh Flowers in the room

For The One Who Loves Fresh Flowers - Best Summer Fragrance

Burberry Her Blossom Eau de Parfum
Price: $149.00 - Shop Now

If you're into florals, Burberry Her Blossom is a love letter in bloom. The notes of mandarine, peony, plum blossom, musk and sandalwood bring high spirited feelings full of anticipation for the summer holiday ahead.

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Sandy toes and Salty Kisses for the Beach Lover

For the Beach Lover - Best Summer Fragrance

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet Eau de Toilette
Price: $85.00 - Shop Now

A new twist of surprising sweet freshness for Marc Jacobs' iconic Daisy fragrance, Daisy Love Eau So Sweet brings a summery touch of soft gourmand intricacies. The sweet berries, daisy tree petals, cashmere musk, and gourmand sweetness capture the carefree effervescence of youth, and the bliss of relaxing on a beach under a clear sky. Anyone up for a serving?

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Already planning for the next destination? For The World Traveler

For The World Traveler - Best Summer Fragrance

Chloe Nomade Eau de Toilette
Price: $50.00 - Shop Now

Ready to explore new encounters and exciting sensations? For the free spirited woman in seek of new wonders through confident sensations made with freesia, litchi, and oakmoss. This is certainly not an ordinary floral just wear it for summer during your quests and months later on the moment you smell it again your right back to the moment.

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Money Luxury and Fame? For The One Who Loves Luxury

For The One Who Loves Luxury - Best Summer Fragrance

Cartier La Panthere Eau de Toilette
Price: $55.00 - Shop Now

If you one of those who adores the finer things in life you simply can't resist the Cartier bottle decorated in 3D glass etching forming the head of the panther, symbol of the philosophy of the house. The composition is a sophisticated summer scent that bring a touch of elegant mystery so refined and exquisite.

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Packing light for vacations? For the minimalist packer

For the minimalist packer - Best Summer Fragrance

Dior J'adore Eau de Parfum
Price: $45.00 - Shop Now

With new versions for Dior's most iconic scent is brilliant. The Refillable Travel Spray or even better the Roller-Pearl editions easily fit in any travel bag, can take the bounces and always keep clean and tidy, making your reapplication on the go a casual ease. This sensual fresh and warm sensation in a fruity floral and citrus blend will pleasantly follow you wherever you go.

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Adore the lush freshness of green? For The Wannabe Gardener

For The Wannabe Gardener - Best Summer Fragrance

Viktor & Rolf Magic Collection Sage Spell Eau de Parfum
Price: $95.00 - Shop Now

Even if you don't have a green thumb but really adore the smell of a lush garden, this fragrance is for you. With traces of aromatic thrills it perfectly captures the calming, soothing scent of mint with a cocktail of pink grapefruit, sage, tea and absinthe.

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Planning for a bucket-list adventure? Relax On a Gondola Ride

Relax On a Gondola Ride - Best Summer Fragrance

Chanel Paris Paris Eau de Toilette
Price: $130.00 - Shop Now

This fragrance is inspired by the most loved places of Gabrielle Chanel. Inspired by relaxed Parisian elegance evoking the morning bustle of a Parisian café terrace. A spicy, sparkling freshness reminiscent of an exciting adventure in the heart of the capital and the relaxed Parisian elegance that inspired the creations of Gabrielle Chanel. Its sparkling freshness is heightened by lemon and mandarin, its spicy notes by pink peppercorn, and its woody heart by patchouli. Just like a one-way escape to a romantic Mediterranean seaside, it makes you feel both nostalgic and ready for the next adventure.

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Summer Escapes on a Boat? For The One who Plans to be on a Boat all Summer

For The One who Plans to be on a Boat all Summer - Best Summer Fragrance

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Chinotto di Liguria Eau de Toilette
Price: $68.00 - Shop Now

If you're not one of those lucky ones who have a trip booked to Italy this summer, your maritime spirit can flourish with a bottle of this Acqua Di Parma scent dazzled by the prime location. The wonderful enfold of sand and sea resonates in the sunny details of Jasmine and Geranium and is refreshed by the lively notes of Rosemary and Cardamom. Patchouli and Musk suggest the calmness and serenity of untouched nature for a pure moment of well-being. Imagine sipping chinotto on a yacht in the Mediterranean before settling down for a sunny nap.

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The Ultimate Style Goal For Faking "Effortless"

For Faking Effortless - Best Summer Fragrance

Giorgio Armani Si Fiori Eau de Parfum
Price: $54.00 - Shop Now

Those beachy waves come around pretty effortlessly huh? Well "Effortless" is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days and the meaning has been really twisted around lately. For those of you who truly don't give a sh1t, this flirty, sweet floral fragrance brings an irresistible combination of grace, strength and the spirit of independence, that simply said makes you feel put-together without trying.

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Disconnected from the masses? For The One Who is Off the Grid

For The One Who is Off the Grid - Best Summer Fragrance

Ralph Lauren Woman Intense Eau de Parfum
Price: $115.00 - Shop Now

Not into the craze of "doing summer"? Just be aware some may call you a doom and gloom, but that's not true. What you really are is above the whole dramatic aspect of just "doing" summer. Those too real to be true Instagram Stories from the paradise beach scenes? Sure it may not be your thing, but there is a scent that matches your vibe like Woman Intense, a new version that's just arrived from Ralph Lauren. This charming fusion of warm, white florals and delicious black vanilla where tuberose reveals its multitude of facets in solar warmth and floral creaminess all make up to a woman who is really purposeful with her time.

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Eat, Pray, and Love: Planning your Journey for Finding Yourself?

Planning your Journey for Finding Yourself - Best Summer Fragrance

Lancome La Vie Est Belle en Rose
Price: $55.00 - Shop Now

Inviting you to experience happiness, this perfume exudes positivity. A delightful bouquet with a luminous fresh floral signature that is infused with the scents of peony, iris, and rose. It smells so pleasant that it immediately lifts spirits for your and anyone lucky enough to catch a whiff of you. Just say hello, optimism.

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Is Fresh and Beautiful your thing? For The Clean Beauty Fan

For The Clean Beauty Fan - Best Summer Fragrance

Creed Original Vetiver Millesime
Price: $145.00 - Shop Now

The juice in this bottle brings a fresh, vigorous and wholesome sensation, supported with sophisticated aromatic wood undertones. A wonderful gentle and sparkling vetiver that has very classy and clean freshness indeed.

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Experienced and know what you like? For The Grown Woman

For The Grown Woman - Best Summer Fragrance

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Essence Eau de Parfum
Price: $76.00 - Shop Now

Not by chance there's a reason the original fragrance has created so many passionate enthusiasts. Consider revisiting it for summer in the Cashmere Mist Essence variation setting itself apart from the Cashmere Mist with its intense aroma and wealthy notes of amber and Moroccan jasmine combined with the warmth of sandalwood creating the most opulent sensation that doesn't feel too young or playful. The Cashmere Mist wearer is experienced and absolutely knows what she wants! Also available in a Purse Spray edition.

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Craving for suspense? Get ready for a Little Mystery

Get ready for a Little Mystery - Best Summer Fragrance

Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc Eau de Parfum
Price: $48.00 - Shop Now

This sophisticated fragrance is a lush new creation exploring the sense of duality in a powdery floral, with a blend of orange blossom, musk, and cashmeran. This is the type of scent that sticks in the best way, leaving a memorable affect to everyone long after you've left the room.

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Do you love Summer Nights? For The Ones Who Live For Summer Nights

For The Ones Who Live For Summer Nights - Best Summer Fragrance

Carolina Herrera Confidential Amethyst Haze
Price: $240.00 - Shop Now

Confidential Saffron Lazuli is part of Carolina Herrera's customizable, mix and match Confidential fragrance collection. Amethyst Haze contrasts soothing and stimulating accords to create a deep and intoxicating haze. Top notes of Cardamom and spicy Pink Pepper create an unforgettable impression, leading to fresh, energetic heart notes of Coffee and Provençal lavender. The base notes intertwine addictive Vanilla Bourbon with Patchouli and cocooning Cashmere Wood. To trigger poignant memories, possibly a breezy and cool summer evening, outdoors, in your beloved location in the world.

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Are you the MPDG? This is for the Playful, quirky and fun-loving Manic Pixie Dream Girl

For The Playful, quirky and fun-loving - Best Summer Fragrance

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose Extra Eau de Parfum
Price: $85.00 - Shop Now

Always playful, sometimes provocative in the mood for fun (who isn't during summer?), fuel your mischief with a mist of VIP Rose Extra. This fragrance contains a sensual blend of licorice liqueur and salty vanilla with litchi and cherry for a deep fruity scent that dazzles and delights everyone. You'll walk in a room and have people wondering, "Who is she?"

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