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Dior Homme Parfum cologne for Men by Christian Dior

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  • Date Added: 01/06/2016
    This is similar to its older cousins. However, I much prefer this one. DHI is sweeter where DHP is more tart and dark. The leather is farenheit-ish, however, blended with the notorious DH experience, it makes a lovely and intoxicating fragrance. I love this stuff. It's classy and a bit bold. Not an in your face bold, but a statement clearly made. I could get into description of the notes, but I'd say one thing, it is a very classy leather. Yes, this is easily summed up in the word, "masterpiece." 10/10
     by Hubbubah
  • Date Added: 01/06/2016
    I find the entire Dior Homme line --EDT, Parfum, Intense and Eau-- to smell very similar, with a few important changes. To keep it simple: Dior Homme is waxy iris and chocolate. Dior Homme Parfum is waxy iris and leather. Dior Homme Intense is waxy iris and vanilla. Dior Homme Eau is waxy iris and citrus. Dior Homme Cologne 2013 really doesn't even belong in the line, as it bears no similarities with the other entries. My favorite? Dior Homme Parfum
     by dubaiROB
  • Date Added: 01/06/2016
    The dark final chapter of the Dior Homme epic saga. First of all, the lineage from Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense is certainly noticeable, but make no mistake about it - this is a different scent altogether. This is good news for fans of DH and DHI, because you need not worry about "redundancy" with this flanker. Dior Homme Parfum opens with the signature blast of iris, but within seconds you realize that you're in store for something entirely different than its predecessors. This is a leathery, smoky, and dark scent. It smells very rich and heavy, very masculine, yet still quite elegant. I absolutely love the first four to five hours of this scent - truly niche quality and definitely a niche feel to it - challenging in its own way but still so comfortable. After four or five hours it becomes a little more predictable in its powdery dryness, but it still smells great. Performance is over the top. One spray is really all you need. And it will last. And last. Spray this on your clothes and you will still smell it five days later. Deep, dark, sophisticated brilliance - a fall/winter staple for years to come.
     by Tassioria
  • Date Added: 01/06/2016
    This is what a trace of signet smells like, on a paper that says - Dior, the King of all designers. It's one of the best perfumes that came out on the market these past few years. I wasn't very optimistic about Francois Demachy making something good out of a very popular perfume Dior made, because we've already had a chance to smell the whole variety of different l'eau's, sport and intense versions of this perfume, and because he already deformed the glorious Fahrenheit by turning it into edp. Only its wide availability is what makes the distinction of this perfume from the niche concept, but by looking at all components of one perfume, this one really fulfills all of the criteria of high luxury. Clearly defined fragrance notes and reinforced performances of intense predecessor. Strong, thick, constant, projective, savage, and, at the same time, very alluring for women. If you've never had the opportunity to see the maniac in a tuxedo, this is your ideal chance. Olfactory orgasm....
     by Dreamscape
  • Date Added: 01/06/2016
    There's something about Dior Homme Parfum that makes it special IMHO; depth. When the original Dior Homme was released I was working in a department store at the fragrance section. I remember that at the time, it was innovative and groundbreaking. There was nothing like it, samples were given freely and I was truly mesmerized. I bought a bottle on the spot and during the following 2-3 years, gave it plenty of use. But as usual, in a fragrance downgrading I have it away to a friend who liked it as much as I did, and since it wasn't getting the same use, I figured it was the best thing to do. For the last couple of years, my samples of current Dior Homme, were nice, enjoyable, and even though the sillage and longevity are extremely low compared to the vintage, the smell seemed fairly accurate. I couldn't figure out why people said it was a ghost of its former self. Until I smelled the Parfum. Now, I'm not saying that vintage Dior Homme is similar to the Parfum. They share the similarity that is expected, being one a flanker of the other, and sharing many notes. They both share depth. Smelling the Parfum made me see just how different the vintage edt is compared to the current. Smelt alone, the current edt is an ok fragrance. It still has an edge, a very nice powdery Iris and the same lipstick accord I fell in love with 10 years ago. But it smells cheap, sweeter and very synthetic. The Parfum on the other hand, has the depth that ought to be in the reformulated edt in the first place. The leather gives it a certain dryness, while the sandalwood showcases the cocoa facet of the vintage, all the while remaining less sweet and more 'of the family'. Many times I kicked myself for giving that bottle away. Many times I thought of buying the Parfum. But while I feel that this is the best flanker of the bunch, and the one that is closest to the spirit of the original Dior Homme, I also know that giving my bottle away was a closure. And it's a chapter I'm not ready to reopen. Give the Parfum a try if you're simply curious about Dior Homme, and also give it a try if you miss the old edt. Again, they are not clones but they share more facets than what meets the eye, and IMHO it's better made and with better judgement than the current edt. I guess we both matured, and as a rule of life, we also parted ways.
     by Andominyon
  • Date Added: 01/06/2016
    My best buy ever! Probably my last 'fall in love'! I'm not good at notes yet, but what I smell is heaven on earth.. (and it has opened my nose-eyes to leather scents) Longevity: 10/10 Sillage: 9/10 Mood changer: 100%
     by AlexNar

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