24 Best New Perfume Gift Ideas Christmas Holidays 2018

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24 Best New Perfume Gift Ideas Christmas Holidays 2018

PerfumeMaster has rounded up great perfume gift ideas for everyone on your list. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide on PerfumeMaster.com!

The holiday season in Christmas is the time of year when loved ones get together. It is a special time of being thankful for all of the wonderful blessings in our lives. Wishing your holiday will be a joyous one filled with fragrant and memorable euodic whiffs of aromas linked to the holiday spirit of the season with the frenzy of the shopping madness from online purchasing to express mall outlets now is the time for your Holiday season perfume gifts!

1. For those who live and breathe Perfume

Si Passione Limited Edition 2018 is a beautiful Christmas edition bottle from Giorgio Armani for its famous masterpiece. A symphony of lovely aromas excite your most inner desires exuding sophistication and style faithful to the codes of Giorgio Armani. Si Passione Limited Edition 2018 Eau de Parfum is available in limited amount of bottles.
Giorgio Armani Si Passione Limited Edition 2018 Eau de Parfum 50ml/1.7oz
Price: $98.00 Shop Now

2. For the ones who take perfuming Very, Very Seriously

Armani Code grants you the passkey as entry to the Giorgio Armani galaxy. A world created from stylishness and beauty, where attraction is a way of life. Code A-list, the Code of seduction for men, a sexy fashionable men's cologne, in a limited edition as part of the Armani Code collection.
Giorgio Armani Code A-List Eau de Toilette 75ml/2.5oz
$Price: $72.00 Shop Now

3. For those who love both Spicy and Sweet

Bonbon Limited Edition from Viktor and Rolf gets outfitted for holiday celebrations with a divine pink and purple bow tie, trimmed with a shimmering sequin ribbon. The bow is a well-known expression in fashion designers Viktor & Rolf's wealthy traditions, one that brings together the spirit of the brand's haute couture character.
Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Limited Edition Eau de Parfum 90ml/3.0oz
Price: $98.00 Shop Now

4. For the ones who are just in Love with flowery perfumes

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Limited Edition 2018 Eau de Parfum is set for the upcoming holiday season. With a lovely new ribbon the seasonal exclusive for the upcoming celebrations of the holiday season will be a delightful surprise for all its fans.
Flowerbomb Christmas 2018 Limited Edition Eau de Parfum 80ml/2.7oz
Price: $82.00 Shop Now

5. For those who think about choices

Boucheron Quatre en Rose a perfumed melody to light delicateness. Quatre en Rose Boucheron, a floral and fruity fragrance accentuating the queen of flowers the rose. Lingering in our thoughts never to be forgotten, designed by Quentin Bisch, Quatre en Rose reveals the style of a floral effusion laced with oriental and fruity tones.
Boucheron Quatre en Rose Eau de Parfum Florale 100ml/3.3oz
Price: $90.00 Shop Now

6-7. For the ones who are Super Matchy-Matchy

A golden sparkle in a glitter of attraction wonderful gifts appear in the horizon ready to enchant your moments for the holiday season to come. Yves Saint Laurent offers its best-selling perfumes Mon Paris and Black Opium in limited edition bottles for the upcoming holiday season.

Black Opium Gold Attraction Limited Edition 2018 is the incredibly charming feminine perfume from Yves Saint Laurent.
Black Opium Gold Attraction Limited Edition Eau de Parfum 50ml/1.6oz
Price: $94.00 Shop Now

Mon Paris Gold Attraction Limited Edition 2018 is a stunning perfume empowered by Paris, the city of passionate love.
Mon Paris Gold Attraction Limited Edition Eau de Parfum 50ml/1.6oz
Price: $94.00 Shop Now

8. For the one who doesn't Know If they Likes Fragrance

Mr Burberry Indigo is a man full of exciting contrasts, classic yet contemporary fashioned and always sensual. An elegant style, born with a rebellious attitude always authentic and British. Mr Burberry Indigo Eau de Toilette is a fresh and energetic citrus fragrance, like a deep breath of fresh air drawing inspiration from the one of a kind sea breeze that can only be found on the British coast.
Mr. Burberry Indigo Eau de Toilette 150ml/5.0oz
Price: $62.00 Shop Now

9. For those who are actually obsessed with perfume

Goldea the Roman Night Absolute stimulates the aspiration to live a passionate night in the Eternal City. Rome after dark, lights are out this is the absolute embodiment of sensuality, unexpected and simple impulsiveness. Sensual Orange blossom petals and liquorous black plum give a beautiful and surprising beginning, taking the breath away before invigorating the senses.
Goldea The Roman Night Absolute Eau De Parfum 75ml/2.5oz
Price: $88.00 Shop Now

10. For the Friend who wants to Live and Die smelling perfume

Bvlgari Man Wood Essence brings another exciting facet to the original Bvlgari Man fragrance collection. The new shimmering woody spicy fragrance for men exudes confident style in an endless calming sensation that only the true leaders possess.
Bvlgari Man Wood Essence Eau de Parfum 100ml/3.4oz
Price: $83.00 Shop Now

11. For those in need of a big warm smile

La Vie Est Belle Sparkly Edition, for the 2018 holiday, the well-known bottle is decorated with a golden grey ribbon around its neck, and coated in fine and lustrous silver sparkles, turning into the best gift to share happiness. The legendary La Vie est Velle Eau de Parfum has new golden wings and a cape sprinkled in glowing silver sparkles turning into the fantastic collector gift for the holidays.
La Vie Est Belle Holiday 2018 Sparkly Design Eau de Parfum 50ml/1.7oz
Price: $85.00 Shop Now

12. For those who need to relax from stress and anxiety

Cartier Declaration Parfum marks two decades for designer Cartier's best seller perfume collection and celebrates the landmark with this new perfume.
Cartier Declaration Parfum Eau de Parfum 100ml/3.3oz
Price: $83.00 Shop Now

13. For the one who doesn't like following the rules

Carat de Cartier, we would say love at first sight or maybe even better love with the first whiff and much more in a total sensation of brilliance. Cartier Carat perfume beams into a rainbow of colorful smells and sensations just like the reflection of light from the brilliant diamond stone.
Cartier Carat Eau de Parfum 100ml/3.4oz
Price: $103.00 Shop Now

14. For the ones who take style seriously

Habit Rouge Dress Code 2018 from Guerlain is faithful to its seasonal limited edition bottle reviving a contemporary reinterpretation of the legendary Habit Rouge. In a refined touch of style, the bottle is adorned with a dark suit, made to measure, twirled by a bold camouflage pattern that captures the colors of Habit Rouge.
Habit Rouge Dress Code 2018 Eau de Parfum 100ml/3.3oz
Price: $90.00 Shop Now

15. For those who favor pure simplicity

Guerlain Souffle de Lumiere perfume appears as a third variation of the Shalimar Souffle fragrance range now exploring the theme of a breath of light. With the dream of this new exotic garden the scent of the original vanilla is noticed now fondled with ylang-ylang, white musk and warm benzoin exuding its authentic sensuality.
Guerlain Shalimar Souffle de Lumiere Eau de Parfum 50ml/1.6oz
Price: $80.00 Shop Now

16. For the really die hard fragrance connoisseur

Terre d'Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver gives an answer to those wondering what it would be like having vetiver with Sichuan pepper and hints of citrus sprayed onto their skin. Effectively, today you may find out with Hermes' brand new Terre d'Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver, the most recent re-design of the Terre D'Hermes, the aroma that inevitably evolved into one of the top fragrances for the Parisian brand since its inception.
Terre d'Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver Eau de Parfum 100ml/3.4oz
Price: $108.00 Shop Now

17. For the one who lives for the moment

Emerging from the iconic Dior Poison perfume the new generation Dior Poison Girl already reveals another exciting facet with the new perfume Poison Girl Unexpected, a floral freshness boosted with exciting ginger, blood orange and rose ingredients.
Dior Poison Girl Unexpected Eau de Parfum 100ml/3.4oz
Price: $90.00 Shop Now

18. Have somebody who rocks in style?

J'adore Absolu is the new floral ambrosia from the House of Dior. With an unbelievably luxurious formulation, Francois Demachy combines opulent and carnal floral absolutes. Absolutes of Grasse Jasmine, Sambac Jasmine, Rose and Magnolia interlace with unrivaled freshness: flowers take on the sweetness of a delightful syrup, a majestic, pure and enchanting nectar.
Christian Dior J'adore Eau de Parfum Absolu 75ml/2.5oz
Price: $88.00 Shop Now

19. Would you like to beam in brightness?

Mugler Alien Flora Futura Eau de Toilette brings another surprising edition for one of the top perfumes for women for designer Thierry Mugler. Described as a beam of light reflecting confidence that leads the world to the escape from darkness.
Mugler Alien Flora Futura Eau de Toilette 60ml/2.0oz
Price: $60.00 Shop Now

20. You might want to change your perfume now

Aura Mugler Eau de Toilette is a scent that brings an infusion of fruity freshness and feline sensuality serving a lighter fresher edition of the classic Mugler Aura Eau de Parfum making it a completely new oriental perfume for women.
Aura Mugler Eau de Toilette 90ml/3.0oz
Price: $62.00 Shop Now

21. For the lovers of the past in today's style

L'Interdit 2018 by Givenchy is another offering from the designer once again giving the pleasure of finding or discovering the perfumes that highlight the olfactory history of the House. The bottle is clear and refined and recalls the taste of the purity of Hubert de Givenchy. The fragrance belongs to the elite of large flower-aldehydes olfactory group. With infinite grace, it is a message of authentic femininity.
Givenchy L'Interdit 2018 Eau de Parfum 80ml/2.6oz
Price: $102.00 Shop Now

22. For the ones who like to keep it super simple

Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale is the time for the new chapter in Givenchy's Dahlia Divin perfume collection arriving in time for the new spring season where dreams and desires are reborn into new optimistic and pure natural sensations. A white impression of the familiar Dahlia Divin bottle holds the new Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale perfume.
Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale Eau de Toilette 75ml/2.5oz
Price: $56.00 Shop Now

23. For those who want to feel alive

Live Irresistible, Givenchy's most delighted perfume, excitingly performs the cheers of delight in its finest style. Its newest kind, Blossom Crush, is a shining and utterly captivating Eau de Toilette that promotes impulse as a plus and liberty as vitality. It unveils a wealth of freshness with gentle petals of roses and peony in a twirl of cocoa bean, the surprising element tracing the aroma with a bittersweet note for an instantaneous crush.
Givenchy Live Irresistible Blossom Crush Eau de Toilette 75ml/2.5oz
Price: $68.00 Shop Now

24. Interested in serious style that will get noticed?

Chanel Perfumes reveals a new creation for one of its top perfume ranges Coco Mademoiselle with the new Coco Mademoiselle Intense, flowing in new depths of seductive attraction through its signature oriental woody character.
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum Intense 100ml/3.4oz
Price: $140.00 Shop Now

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