4711 Acqua Colonia Coconut Water & Yuzu Pomelo&Sea Salt

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4711 Acqua Colonia Coconut Water & Yuzu Pomelo&Sea Salt

Sultry fragrant cocktails for summer, invite you to an indulging summer sensation! Sea salt that is refreshing in the sea air through a long day at the beach beneath the shimmering sun, while the stimulating effect of a freshly cracked coconut has a positive impact on the feeling from the inside out.

The two new limited edition perfumes are also stylish cologne designs that have a positive impact on our mood and awaken the senses this year with exotic scent subtleties - and our memories! Instantly we can be at the most fabulous vacation places again, when images of bygone summer days and memorable vacation moments come to life again in front of our inner eyes with every spray.

This year, the 4711 Acqua Colonia Limited Edition 2022 gives genuine vitality and special moments of well-being with a special summer feeling. Pomelo & Sea Salt and Coconut Water & Yuzu surprise with their triggering combination of powerful superfoods and beneficial ingredients, inspired by nature with a new kind of freshness! The new Limited Edition Summer fragrances are available in stores from June 2022.

Pomelo & Sea Salt Activating

The 4711 Acqua Colonia product Pomelo & Sea Salt delights with its high-contrast presence: A solid, aromatic freshness burst from the pomelo is supported by notes of sea salt, which bring the soothing effect of a gentle ocean breeze. This bubbling, diverse blend has an energizing effect on its wearer and instantly gives a real boost of energy. A fragrance as activating and satisfying as a long, sunny day at the beach with a refreshing sea breeze and a fruity vitamin C cocktail!

Pomelo Citrus

The pomelo, the largest of the citrus fruits is very healthy due to its very high vitamin C content and therefore has a strengthening impact on the immune system and has a positive impact on the entire body. These days, the tropical fruit is mainly cultivated in Israel, South Africa, Southeast Asia and China and also has a much milder taste than its bittersweet relatives.

Sea Salt Mineral

In contrast to table salt, sea salt is only dried in the sun for a long time. For this reason, this type of salt maintains valuable ingredients that can have a variety of beneficial qualities for body, mind and soul. With its high ratio of various minerals such as iodine or magnesium, it helps to enhance the immune system and has a recovering and relaxing effect. Sea salt is regarded one of the most natural remedies and has become an integral part of skin and body care.

"This fragrance opens with a big dose of optimism from sun-kissed pomelo notes, which immediately give the fragrance its summery zest. The fragrance finally gets its intense effect and surprising diversity from balancing sea salt minerals." - Soiciz Beaucourt, perfumer

4711 Acqua Colonia Pomelo & Sea Salt
Eau de Cologne 50ml/1.7oz – Price: 22.50 Euro

Coconut Water & Yuzu Soothing

Fruity, sultry, nearly milky-sweet, the 4711 Acqua Colonia design Coconut Water & Yuzu instantly gloves its wearer in a cloud of juicy, fresh coconut scents. Together with a splash of zestful Yuzu notes, this creation is able to immediately infuse a comforting, sensual feeling, ensuring well-being throughout the day. A scent as thrilling as taking pleasure in the creamy coconut with that specific extra freshness throughout a memorable sunset in a hammock attached to two palm trees on the beach.

Fruity Coconut Water

Coconut water is a style drink of our times that has long made it into many supermarkets. It is not water, but the fruit juice of the freshly opened coconut. Not to be mistaken for coconut milk, which is extracted from the pulp. The popular product not only brings a holiday sensation into our everyday life, but also has beneficial health aspects. Coconut water is full of nutrients and minerals and is also low in calories, which is why it is also ideal as a sports drink.

Yuzu Citrus Resemblance

Its relative, the lemon, the yuzu is an exotic fruit that has been grown in China for thousands of years. It was created from a mix or a cross between lemon and tangerine. Still quite unknown in Europe, it enjoys great popularity in Asia, not only in fine cuisine. Here, yuzu oil is considered a incredibly refreshing aromatic oil with a mood-boosting effect. It is ideal for reducing stress and reinforcing the immune system.

"The fruity-fresh coconut notes of this fragrance immediately remind the wearer of the taste of a freshly cracked coconut and the welcome cooling of the coconut water. This summery holiday feeling is combined with lively yuzu notes that underline the beneficial character of the combination." - Philippine Courtière, perfumer

4711 Acqua Colonia Coconut Water & Yuzu
Eau de Cologne 50ml/1.7oz – Price: 22.50 Euro

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