A Lab On Fire The Return Monoscent G & E in 2019

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A Lab On Fire The Return Monoscent G & E in 2019

A Lab On Fire is re-launching Monoscent G and E, an exclusive duet of molecular scents, with a new appearance and offered in a larger volume.

Monoscent G and Monoscent E have been on the market in a 60ml amber bottle since 2016, but they will be re-launched in a 120ml size bottle, with a renewed and modern presentation.

In a new timeless appearance, a molecular masterpiece and a molecular legend are coupled for the first time. The essential elements of Monoscent G and Monoscent E: Galaxolide S (2007) and Timbersilk (2012) by IFF, are the next generation variations of Galaxolide (1957) and Iso E Super (1973), respectively.

Each scent can be used on its own or as a foundation layer to other perfumes, the individual can use the scent on its own and let its delicate impression make people lean in, or apply it as a base to expand and layer any other perfume, transforming it into an individualized scent.

These fundamental fragrance substances are modern classics. Just as the iconic white t-shirt behaves as the base for a signature style, Monoscent can be personalized, worn singly, or layered. A celebrity athlete made entrepreneur comments, "after my morning workout, my grooming routine is topped by two sprays of G over a half spray of E, and I'm ready for the day!"

Monoscent G a homage to the molecular work of art

The classic edition of Monoscent G with Galaxolide has been an essential standard ingredient in perfumery for generations, due to its seductive yet powerful, and instantly unforgettable odor. Because of its outstanding adaptability, it allows perfumers to use it in any fragrance accord where intended to stimulate bloom, lift and longevity. Galaxolide has all characteristics that match with every accord from fresh types to more woody and animalic styles.

Over the years a new variation with a clearer molecular composition was quietly launched as a captive and experts named it "Galaxolide Super". Although undoubtedly debatable, this new 'super' version is more potent, radiant and animalic in comparison to the original.

Monoscent E the molecular icon come back

Applied to give fullness and subtle power to a multitude of perfumes Iso E Super has been one of the top-selling fragrance raw materials thanks to its incredibly silky smooth, warm, amber tonalities. This captivating raw ingredient as a single-element has turned into an unrivaled success all over the globe.

Supporting the requirement of times as part of a sustainability initiative a new and advanced variation of Iso E Super came out referred to as Timbersilk. This modernized smooth, woody amber scent, for Monoscent E which is IFRA compliant has a far higher concentration while maintaining its sustainability.

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