Bad Boy Le Parfum Carolina Herrera New Fragrance

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Bad Boy Le Parfum Carolina Herrera New Fragrance

Bad Boy Le Parfum by Carolina Herrera adds a daring perspective on the myth of the eternal rebel. A new fragrance for men powered by unexpected notes that experiences a striking personality.

The Rebel is here Bad Boy Le Parfum

In the path of the successful Bad Boy Eau de Toilette, this new release from Carolina Herrera escapes from traditional fundamentals and set the foundation for a new olfactory world powered by the twofold character of today's man. Powerful and sensitive, strong and understanding, brave and vulnerable, the Bad Boy man is not easily classified.

Escape the protocols and make your own. He communicates himself unconditionally, but to defend simply concepts. He is a rebel with a purpose who knows that defiance and provocation are not contradictory with empathy. He is also a seductive magician who knows how to push the exact key so as not to leave anyone unemotional.

With Bad Boy Le Parfum, braveness is not just a promotional idea, but a dedication whose origins lie in the very formulation of this Aromatic Woody fragrance. If the first and last pages are the most significant for writing a great novel, the same happens in this new example of specialized mastery that appeared from the creativity of its makers.

Perfumers Bruno Jovanovic, Fanny Bal and Nicolas Beaulieu have developed a top note powered by a surprising and electrifying hemp accord, uncommon in the perfume world. This takes the wearer to a warm base of attractive and sassy leather that lingers on the skin. Naturally, as the name implies, Bad Boy Le Parfum is a perfume in the full sense of the word.

Bad Boy fragrance of the new revolution

The first experience when trying Bad Boy Le Parfum is almost an energised explosion. In it, the citrus burst of grapefruit, the liveliest and teasing of citrus, entwines with the unexpected splendour of a daring hemp accord.

The element perfumers have wanted to examine here is not the maxim of the psychoactive uses of certain principles of this plant, but its greener and more energizing side. A high-voltage olfactory encounter that is nothing like anything because it has never been recreated in this approach before in modern perfumery.

In the end, Bad Boy Le Parfum is recognized by making its own rules, which is exactly what takes place here.

Right after this escape that leaves no one un-phased, the heart notes demonstrate how effectively black pepper and geranium pair along. Black pepper is hot and spicy, a playful touch that shows that strong sensations remain after the initial boost. Here, additionally, it performs with geranium leaves, a floral but masculine note that had a dominant purpose in Carolina Herrera For Men, the house's first fragrance for men, launched in 1991.

The result is, past and future line up to a new re-creation of the man Carolina Herrera, this good-hearted bad boy who is personified here in an effort of specialized virtuosity.

In the base notes of Bad Boy Le Parfum, those that come out when the fragrance has been on the skin for over a longer duration, is a last surprise and a whole statement of intentions. It is not unexpected that this is the case, because in an Eau de Parfum what is considered is both the first impression and the progression on the skin of the olfactory formula.

And at this point that development brings about very effective areas: a leather accord that follows to the body like a talisman. No leather accord is like another, because it is not possible to distil or extract the natural aroma of this raw material. For this reason it has to be reinterpreted using imagination and olfactory perspective representation.

Mastery and Excellence for the new Bad Boy Le Parfum

This is the point where the excellence of perfumers Bruno Jovanovic, Fanny Bal and Nicolas Beaulieu comes in, able of creating a bold and attractive leather accord that joins powers with vetiver, the most characteristic and inconsistent wood note of classic men's perfumery, which here incorporates a dual purpose.

On one side, it delivers an extra amount of "wear-ability" and turns Bad Boy Le Parfum into a fragrance appropriate to give the touch of ultimate character to the style of today's man. On the other, vetiver is a visiting, exotic, indulgent note: in Carolina Herrera's house, it alludes to Caribbean scenery like Haiti and Santo Domingo.

This multi-sensory experience makes new guidelines to extend new horizons, as Bad Boy Le Parfum endeavors into un-discovered and mysterious territories. For this reason its bottle, which fades the iconic lightning bolt from the Bad Boy universe on a matt surface, turns into a mystery and a question mark.

An essential and monochrome approach that encourages you to eliminate preconceived notions when discovering the most rebellious and irreverent fragrance of the Carolina Herrera collection.

Bad Boy Le Parfum is haute perfumery, iconoclast and sophisticated, for a man whose power of seduction lies precisely in the denial of empty conventions. A man who has not come here to negotiate.

Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Le Parfum
Eau de Parfum 100ml/3.4oz

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