Bond No 9 New York Sandalwood Fragrance

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Bond No 9 New York Sandalwood Fragrance

A traditional Bond No. 9 creation, where annually they release a mainly single-note aroma and is their approach of getting notable the world's most recognized perfume elements and giving them their special 21st century fashionable form. In the outset appeared New York Oud, followed by New York Amber, New York Musk, and New York Patchouli.

This time the company moves its emphasis to a valuable and vital perfume note that's been appreciated around the world for many years: stimulating, inviting, warming, creamy, utterly soft sandalwood. Peaceful and with a personality of its own frequently used as a benefit in relaxation and for calming the mind, sandalwood has an important multiple intention in perfumery. To begin with, it plays its part as a sinuous aphrodisiac that breaks down any obstacle and eases the feelings into acceptance. Then, as a harmonizer that brings together other different scent notes and synthesizing them into a single and fascinating bond, and eventually, as a lasting base note, that extends the life of sensitive perfume blends over time.

Sandalwood is drawn out from the fine-grained wood of a small exotic tree that's local to India, but is also grown in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and various South Sea islands. Startlingly, the tree is hardly ever cut down, but instead uprooted in the wet time of year; as it is the roots that in fact retain the highly appreciated essential oil.

Absorbing the greatest rewards of this fragrant wood's embedded strength; Bond No. 9 Sandalwood was formulated for uttermost sillage. Apply it, whatever the case lady or gentleman, and you'll be clearly noticed. Plus to underline its soft, creamy aroma, they've lined it with some interestingly heady enhancing substances. The starting notes, for instance, are earthy, tangy carrot, merged with violet-like orris and spicy cardamom. They passage smoothly into the heart of this eau de parfum, where sandalwood sustains its uniqueness with ripe, sassy fig and papyrus- a fragrant wood with a dry, clear aroma that was widely used as the first paper material. The lingering dry down gives superb longevity, joining sensual, animal musk, woody, intense oak-moss, and honey-like amber- that much like sandalwood, has its origin from a resilient, solid tree.

Comparable to the various eaux de parfum in the Bond No. 9 Notes perfume selection, the Bond No. 9 New York Sandalwood release is exhibited in a classical, streaming sideways, script, spreading over the exterior of the well-known celebrity bottle like it were composing cut from a piece of paper. The background color is posh, glamorous gold, a gorgeous appearance of the tone of sandalwood hardwood.

Bond No. 9 New York Sandalwood perfume is available in editions of 1.7oz for 260USD and 3.3oz priced at 330USD both in Eau De Parfum concentration.

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