Estee Lauder New Luxury Fragrances Autumn 2021

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Estee Lauder New Luxury Fragrances Autumn 2021

The Luxurious Perfume Collection by Estee Lauder, Blushing Sands, Desert Eden, Dream Dusk, Infinite Sky, Paradise Moon, Radiant Mirage, Sensuous Stars and Tender Light.

"Perfume exists in the mind, not just the senses" - Estée Lauder

Let your mind envision them. Let your senses feel them. Outstanding perfumes that take you to captivating and mystery places where no perfume has ever taken you before. Your mind and senses are livened, awakened and transformed.

These brilliant perfumes unite a passion for perfume with the best innovations in science. Thanks to the exclusive ScentCapture Fragrance Extender technology, the fragrances leave a trail on the skin that lasts up to 12 hours after application. Never before experienced in the history of luxury perfumery.

All the fragrances in the collection, during neurosensory tests, stimulated specific emotions in the consumer panel. By merging with your own imagination, they transfer you to a new world that is all yours.

Each bottle in the collection has a distinctive symbol symbolizing the hero ingredient of perfume.

A new release for the Estee Lauder brand, which celebrates the ephemeral beauty of the blooming nature in a unique and luxurious collection of perfumes.

Blushing Sands

Blushing Sands stimulates emotions of confidence and seduction. Like a lavish oasis, a fragrance with notes that are both deep and subtle, sensual and delicate. For Blushing Sands, a bouquet of vetiver leaves, a symbol of prosperity and longevity.

Blushing Sands is a Woody Vetiver fragrance. Vetiver is enveloped by the energizing and spicy notes of pink pepper and musk. A sensual pairing of bright woods and spices.

Blushing Sands Eau de Parfum
40ml/1.35oz – Price: $98.00
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $190.00

Desert Eden

Desert Eden brings to mind the feelings of confidence and attraction. Imagine that breath-taking moment when the sun's rays caress the sand of a desert at dusk. Taking you on a new adventure for mind, body and soul. For Desert Eden, a branch of sandalwood, symbolizes spiritual healing.

Desert Eden is a sensual woody floral fragrance. The sensual notes of sandalwood mixed with the strong notes of rose absolute and frankincense wrap your body and mind in a luminous aura.

Desert Eden Eau de Parfum
40ml/1.35oz – Price: $98.00
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $190.00

Dream Dusk

Dream Dusk stimulates the feelings of comfort, joy and liveliness. Wander through a garden surrounded by freshly blooming flowers that light up the sky and amplify the senses. A floral beat that carries you to the stars. For Dream Dusk, a cherry blossom, symbol of passion.

Dream Dusk is an aquatic floral fragrance. The most delicate floral fragrance in the collection. Notes of cherry blossoms amplified by blackcurrant and geranium berries. A fragrance that gives you all the magic of a secret garden at dusk.

Dream Dusk Eau de Parfum
40ml/1.35oz – Price: $98.00
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $190.00

Infinite Sky

Infinite Sky brings to mind feelings of sensuality, passion and confidence. It excites joy and thrills the senses. For Infinite Sky, Sichuan pepper, symbolizes the harmonious balance between yin and yang.

Infinite Sky is a spicy amber fragrance. A perfume with warm and potent notes of Sichuan pepper and leather surrounded by the sweetness of Madagascan Vanilla. It arouses joy and thrills the senses.

Infinite Sky Eau de Parfum
40ml/1.35oz – Price: $98.00
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $190.00

Paradise Moon

Paradise Moon stimulates sensations of delight and joy. Experience a fascinating moonlit forest walk. For Paradise Moon, an Osmanthus flower, denotes nobility and love.

Paradise Moon is a floral leather fragrance. The most exciting perfume in the collection. Notes from an Osmanthus trilogy cocooned by Cistus Concrete oil and a leather accord. A fragrance that reflects the adventurous spirit of nature, wild and untamed.

Paradise Moon Eau de Parfum
40ml/1.35oz – Price: $98.00
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $190.00

Radiant Mirage

Radiant Mirage stimulates emotions of optimism and energy. Follow an infinite path to the world of the senses. A fragrance with a trail as enchanting as a mirage. For Radiant Mirage, a Jasmine Sambac flower, symbol of beauty and grace.

Radiant Mirage is a woody floral fragrance. A thrilling and magical olfactory journey, suspended in time. At its heart, the extract of Jasmine Sambac, a delicate and intoxicating white flower. It is surrounded by the captivating notes of sandalwood and patchouli.

Radiant Mirage Eau de Parfum
40ml/1.35oz – Price: $98.00
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $190.00

Sensuous Stars

Sensuous Stars brings to mind the feelings of well-being, independence and joy. Delight in the moment of total calm, the rising morning. A fragrance as light as air, as tender as the kiss of the sun on the skin. For Sensuous Stars, a Chinese plum blossom, symbolizes resilience and strength.

Sensuous Stars is a fruity chypre fragrance with its gushing notes of Chinese plum '' Smell the taste ''. Chinese plum is enveloped by the floral notes of iris and lavender. A fragrance that gives you a feeling of infinite abundance.

Sensuous Stars Eau de Parfum
40ml/1.35oz – Price: $98.00
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $190.00

Tender Light

Tender Light stimulates sensations of positivity and joy. In a burst of light, let yourself be carried to the palace of dreams. A fragrance that conveys the radiance of the sun's rays. Energizing, luminous and zestful, it provides a feeling of joy and harmony that makes you radiant and intensely alive. For Tender Light, a branch of tea leaves, symbolizes harmony and peace.

Tender Light is an uplifting fragrance from the green citrus family. The lightest and freshest fragrance in the collection. The fresh and distinctive trail created by the accord of Chinese tea, the freshness of bergamot and the floral notes of Florence iris. A fragrance inspired by the warmth and radiance of the sun's rays.

Tender Light Eau de Parfum
40ml/1.35oz – Price: $98.00
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $190.00

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