Fragrances that remind you of summer holidays around the world

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Fragrances that remind you of summer holidays around the world

Around the world, there are places exploding with culture, rich in history, magnificent architecture and each with their individual and distinct style on food, drink, way of living and more! So, it’s no surprise some of the fragrances we are familiar with, and appreciate, have been created in respect of, or have been influenced by, these incredible cities! Read along as we take a glimpse at what makes Rome, Paris, London and New York so special and the perfumes that were brought to life because of them.

New York, where your appetite for excitement, diversity, culture and iconic landmarks will get its fill

New York is a city to experience to believe the energy and liveliness of a place that never sleeps. The Big Apple! I For the sinuous, sensual, billion-megawatt city fascinating, thrilling, diverse and due to its many facets, has stimulated a number of beautiful fragrances.

Bond No. 9 defines New York with scents. The art of perfumery is in a fragrance’s ability to captivate, and what is more captivating than the vibrancy of New York City? The prizewinning Bond No. 9 collection honors the very city that shaped the essence of the brand, headquartered at 9 Bond Street in Noho. Encounter the spontaneity and energy of Downtown Manhattan within the bright and sparkling Manhattan by Bond No 9; discover the luxurious and glamorous appeal of the city and then relax and appreciate the beauty of Central Park amongst the chaos of the city with the delicate Fresh Blossom by DKNY.

London Royalty, history and ultra-modern architecture

Welcome to London, Its radiance is addictive, its vitality enticing and in terms of smells, it's a complete olfactory experience! Fascinating flowers delight in the likes of Columbia Road Market or Regent’s Park Rose Garden; freshly roasted coffee lingers in the streets of Notting Hill; opulent scents escape the doors along Bond Street; and heaps of colorful spices and herbs await you at a number of historical marketplaces.

Anywhere you wander in London, an adventure is about to happen so assume nothing less from London stimulated fragrances. Burberry Her by Burberry, which is as essentially British as afternoon tea and the Queen! is gracefully classy, striking, and full of energy - just like the city that empowered it! On the other hand Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Cologne is an evocative fragrance that captures the scent of just-ripe pears ready to twist free from the tree. Jo Malone London takes inspiration from its British heritage in all that it creates. Scents of the countryside, including bluebells, oak trees and lavender, feature often in the brand’s famed candles, fragrances and scent diffusers. There’s also a distinctly British wit, charm and elegance to everything dreamt up in its townhouse HQ in the heart of London's Marylebone.

Rome haunting ruins, awe-inspiring art and vibrant street life

As you stroll the cobbled roadways of Rome, you’ll explore a city that naturally assimilates together the old and the new. The historic streets connect historical and ancient ruins with modern day facilities, being experienced by locals and visitors equally. Indeed, the city is frenzied but it’s all an element of its unquestionable attraction and a clear declaration of its individuality. Valentino has utilized Rome’s unsettled temperament and charm to create a duo of fragrances, Donna Born in Roma and Uomo Born in Roma, as a celebration to ones-self and surprising style.

Donna is a contemporary aroma that fuses opulent jasmine, vanilla bourbon with a sensual and luxurious woody base, and Uomo entwines herbaceous notes with cool mineral salt and vitalizing ginger. Both his and hers fragrances are housed in bottles decorated with the legendary Valentino stud, which was influenced by Roman architecture, and blaze with the radiance of Rome's street lifestyle. Also noteworthy Vanitas by Versace is an enlightening scent merging fresh floral rose and warm cedarwood in the foundation notes, bringing to mind images of romantic summer nights in the Italian Mediterranean. Just a couple of spritz of its rich and sexy fragrance and you’re whisked away to this sensual destination.

Paris casts a spell of enchantment. One visit may inspire a lifelong love affair

Whether you are strolling alongside the Sein absorbing the surroundings, tootling through the narrow pavement quenching your taste buds into a coffee as wealthy as the history that encompasses you or savoring the tradition you will find on every corner - it’s just about impossible not to fall passionately in love with Paris, the City of Lights. Home to a plethora of esteemed fashion and perfume houses, it’s no surprise this fascinating city has been the source of inspiration for a wide range of luxury fragrances that pay homage to the French capital.

Guerlain guides you on a wander along one of the most legendary avenues in Europe, and home to their flagship store, with Champs-Elysées a delightfully, floral aroma. A living symbol of chic Le Frenchy by Guerlain is for the aficionados of rare scents, those who appreciate noble raw materials and refinement down to the last detail. While YSL have taken creativity from the fascinating sensation of love experienced by many who visit the city, with their stunning perfume Mon Paris. Paris is remarkably exquisite and attractively striking, in the image of the perfume that has been influenced by it.

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