Guerlain Absolus Allegoria New Fragrances 2024

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Guerlain Absolus Allegoria New Fragrances 2024

Get Ready for a fragrant Journey - Revealing Guerlains Absolus Allegoria Collection

Guerlain’s newest release, the Absolus Allegoria line represents a moment in the world of high end perfumes. It combines art, heritage and modernity to take us on a journey that highlights nature and craftsmanship—two core elements of Guerlain’s history.

The Absolus Allegoria serves as a homage to excellence and the intricate beauty found in our world. Through its scents it weaves stories that spark dialogues between the fragrance and its wearer. Picture experiencing the touch of Rose Amira or being enveloped in the aroma of Oud Essentiel—each scent unfolds like a poetic ode to our senses.

What sets the Absolus Allegoria apart is its place within Guerlain’s legacy—a brand renowned for its expertise in perfumery for two centuries. This collection reinvents fragrances with innovative twists that appeal to both perfume enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

It represents a fusion of history and future where heritage intersects with creativity. Whether it’s the charm of Cuir Intense or the exotic magnetism of Patchouli Ardent, Guerlain skillfully crafts each fragrance with a blend of artistry and imagination. The Absolus Allegoria line serves as a testament to Guerlain’s dedication to innovation, by offering scents that capture emotions and experiences at their core.

Let’s start this adventure into the world of scents, with the Absolus Allegoria collection, which beckons us to delve into the realm of perfumery in a unique way. Every scent narrates its tale adding richness, to Guerlain’s lineup and prompting us to rethink our understanding of fragrances. Step into a realm where every sprit’s is a journey while each aroma evokes a memory. Every perfume is a masterpiece.

Rose Amira: A Symphony of Bloom

Inspiration and Story: The tale of Rose Amira unfolds in a rose garden as dusk settles in brimming with the allure of beauty. Sprung from the captivating Amira rose this scent captures the essence of love a tribute, to timeless romance.

Key Notes and Aroma Profile: Central, to Rose Amira is the aroma of the Amira rose delicately mingled with lychee and a whisper of musk. This fusion creates a fragrance paying homage to the intricacies of the rose like never before.

Absolus Allegoria Rose Amira Unisex fragrance by Guerlain

Creation Process: Crafting Rose Amira was a process that involved selecting quality rose essences and blending them with care to honor their delicate nature. The pursuit of capturing the essence of roses kissed by light led to distillation techniques that preserved their fleeting charm.

Perfumer's Notes: "Rose Amira is an ode to the queen of flowers. We sought to encapsulate not just the scent but the emotion of encountering a rose in full bloom—overwhelming, enchanting, and ephemeral," shares the perfumer, capturing the essence of this aromatic masterpiece.

Rose Amira: The Quintessence of Romance
Occasions: Perfect, for nights, romantic outings or peaceful times of contemplation Rose Amira truly stands out in environments where its gentle love infused scent can be fully savored.
Seasons: Ideal, for the spring and early summer months when its flowery tones blend seamlessly with the blooming surroundings bringing to mind the freshness and splendor of the season.

Layering Idea: Rose Amira & Mon Guerlain
Blend the essence of Rose Amira, with the invigorating lavender warmth of Mon Guerlain to craft a scent that captures both softness and resilience embodying the intricacy of contemporary womanhood.
How to Layer: To create this blend begin by applying a foundation of Rose Amira for a rich enchanting experience followed by a hint of Mon Guerlain to accentuate its vibrant and dynamic characteristics.

Cuir Intense: Boldly Boundless

Inspiration and Story: Cuir Intense takes you on a journey, into the heart of the wild where nature’s untamed spirit thrives. This scent captures the bravery and liberation of a time when explorers roamed freely celebrating their souls.

Key Notes and Aroma Profile: At the core of Cuir Intense lies a leather essence harmoniously mingled with the allure of tobacco and a touch of vanilla resulting in a fragrance that is both intricate and soothing. It makes an impact through its scent wrapping the wearer in an air of resilience and enigma.

Absolus Allegoria Cuir Intense Unisex fragrance by Guerlain

Creation Process: The real challenge was blending the leather essence, with delicate notes to craft a fragrance that is both wearable and profound. The solution came through combining natural and synthetic components to achieve a blend that beckons the wearer on an exploration of senses.

Perfumer's Notes: "With Cuir Intense, we ventured into the rugged, the raw. It's a celebration of resilience, a scent that carries the wearer through life's journeys with a quiet strength," the perfumer reflects, encapsulating the adventurous essence of this fragrance.

Cuir Intense: A Statement of Strength
Occasions: Great, for making a statement at work or elegant parties. Its strong scent is ideal, for occasions that require self-assurance.
Seasons: Best worn during fall and winter to feel cozy and luxurious in the weather.

Layering Idea: Cuir Intense & L'Homme Idéal
The rich smoky notes of Cuir Intense beautifully enhance the almond and leather scents of L'Homme Idéal creating a refined fragrance that feels both cozy and welcoming.
How to Layer: Start by using Cuir Intense as the base scent, for its richness then gently spray L'Homme Idéal to bring in a hint of sweetness and complexity.

Oud Essentiel: Majestic Resonance

Inspiration and Story: The fragrance Oud Essentiel is a tribute to the esteemed oud, a fundamental element in perfumery renowned for its profound and enigmatic qualities. This scent harmoniously combines tradition and modernity infusing a sense of mystery with clarity.

Key Notes and Aroma Profile: Centered around the oud, saffron and rose this fragrance creates a rich and intricate aroma that tells captivating tales of unexplored paths and an eternal pursuit of wisdom. Inviting and comforting it weaves together narratives of journeys.

Absolus Allegoria Oud Essentiel Unisex fragrance by Guerlain

Creation Process: The process of crafting this scent involved embarking on an expedition to distant lands in search of the oud wood. Balancing its essence with delicate notes required innovative blending techniques. The outcome is a fragrance that mesmerizes with its layers and profound essence.

Perfumer's Notes: "Oud Essentiel is about respect—for tradition, for the ingredient, for the art of perfumery. It was a quest to capture the essence of oud, to present it in a light that honors its complexity and depth," says the perfumer, revealing the passion behind the scent.

Oud Essentiel: Mystique of the East
Occasions: Tailored for events that require a hint of sophistication Oud Essentiel is an ideal option, for lavish gatherings or cultural festivities.
Seasons: This luxurious and intricate fragrance is a captivating delight, throughout the year particularly enchanting during evening hours as its richness and coziness unfold.

Layering Idea: Oud Essentiel & Shalimar
Combining the richness of Oud Essentiel, with the classic alluring vanilla and soft powdery scents of Shalimar results in an enduring fragrance that exudes luxury and allure.
How to Layer: Start by applying Oud Essentiel as the foundation to create a sense of mystery and opulence add a touch of Shalimar to wrap the oud in a velvety aura.

Patchouli Ardent: Earth’s Whisper

Inspiration and Story: The Patchouli Ardent fragrance draws its inspiration from the moment when the first raindrops touch the earth signaling a time of rejuvenation and new beginnings. It serves as a tribute, to the bond between humans and nature symbolizing growth and revival after a storm.

Key Notes and Aroma Profile: Central, to its aroma is the essence of patchouli harmoniously blended with the invigorating notes of peony and a hint of plums sweet undertones. This fusion results in a fragrance that is both grounding and uplifting capturing the essence of life’s cycle of change and revitalization.

Absolus Allegoria Patchouli Ardent Unisex fragrance by Guerlain

Creation Process: To craft this scent the creators faced the challenge of transforming patchoulis intense presence into a refined and approachable aroma. Through selection of ingredients and innovative distillation techniques they achieved a delicate yet profound fragrance that embodies sophistication and subtlety.

Perfumer's Notes: "Patchouli Ardent is about capturing the essence of rebirth and resilience. It’s a reminder of the earth’s endless cycles of renewal," shares the perfumer, offering insight into the creation of this deeply evocative scent.

Patchouli Ardent: Earthy Rebirth
Occasions: Ideal, for get-togethers or moments of self-reflection and rejuvenation Patchouli Ardent is a choice. Its earthy essence helps you feel connected to nature making it a wonderful option for gatherings.
Seasons: Spring and fall are the seasons to experience Patchouli Ardent as they signify periods of change in nature and the air carries a sense of beginnings.

Layering Idea: Patchouli Ardent & Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune
The combination of Patchouli Ardents richness, with the grapefruit notes of Pamplelune creates a vibrant and lively fragrance that is both refreshing and invigorating.
How to Layer: To create your personal scent experience start with Patchouli Ardent as the base to establish a grounding effect introduce a touch of Pamplelune for a burst of brightness and an energetic citrus twist.

Epices Exquises: A Gourmet Journey

Inspiration and Story: Drawing inspiration, from the trade routes of spices Epices Exquises takes you on a journey to far off lands where these prized commodities were once as valuable as gold. This fragrance encapsulates the spirit of exploration and the myriad of scents that filled the markets.

Key Notes and Aroma Profile: Epices Exquises combines the comforting warmth of ginger, with the spiciness of cardamom and a hint of resinous benzoin. This aromatic fusion captures the essence of spices at their potent offering a fragrance that's both stimulating and soothing.

Absolus Allegoria Epices Exquises Unisex fragrance by Guerlain

Creation Process: In crafting this scent selecting spices at their peak fragrance intensity was crucial. Balancing the sweet elements posed a challenge, which was met through careful blending to achieve a harmonious aroma that envelops the senses.

Perfumer's Notes: "Creating Epices Exquises was like composing a symphony with spices, each note carefully chosen to contribute to a masterpiece of scent. It's an invitation to explore the world through the senses," the perfumer elaborates, encapsulating the essence of this exotic and complex fragrance.

Epices Exquises: A Spicy Adventure
Occasions: Ideal for escapades, culinary adventures or any gathering that embraces the joy of exploration. The captivating spices in it, spark engaging conversations.
Seasons: Best enjoyed during the fall season with its hues and crisp air which perfectly complement the spicy essence of Epices Exquises.

Layering Idea: Epices Exquises & Mitsouko
By combining the notes of Epices Exquises with the alluring fruity chypre tones of Mitsouko, a rich and intriguing scent is created that exudes both warmth and mystery.
How to Layer: To create a twist start by applying Epices Exquises for its spiciness and then add a touch of Mitsouko for an elegant and enigmatic finish.

Santal Royal: A Regal Embrace

Inspiration and Story: Santal Royal pays tribute to the sandalwood tree, known for its creamy essence that has long been a staple, in the world of perfumery. This fragrance embodies a take, on regality seamlessly blending age customs with contemporary sophistication.

Key Notes and Aroma Profile: At the heart of Santal Royal lies the velvety and silky sandalwood essence, complemented by the opulence of leather notes and a touch of oud. The result is a fragrance that exudes both opulence and grounding elements evoking feelings of tranquility and resilience.

Absolus Allegoria Santal Royal Unisex fragrance by Guerlain

Creation Process: The exquisite sandalwood oil used in Santal Royal is carefully sourced to ensure sustainability and top notch quality. Crafting a scent that showcases its characteristics within a context required ingenuity and precision resulting in a fragrance that honors its esteemed core ingredient.

Perfumer's Notes: "With Santal Royal, we aimed to capture the serene power and calm majesty of the sandalwood tree. It's a scent that wraps you in a warm, royal embrace, timeless yet utterly contemporary," reflects the perfumer, sharing the vision behind this serene and elegant fragrance.

Santal Royal: Serene Majesty
Occasions: Reserved for times that require contemplation or the enjoyment of peace. Santal Royal is a companion, for moments of meditation or calm evenings, at home.
Seasons: Winter is considered the time to wear Santal Royal as its velvety comforting notes envelop the wearer in coziness and warmth making the chill feel less harsh.

Layering Idea: Santal Royal & Insolence
The rich sandalwood base of Santal Royal combines beautifully with the fruity scents of Insolence resulting in a blend that is both daring and sophisticated.
How to Layer: Begin with Santal Royal for a woody base then apply Insolence on top to introduce a lively contrast.

When you mix fragrances it's, about finding the balance of scents and the order in which you apply them to create a blend that reflects your personal style. Guerlain offers a range of options for you to experiment with and create your signature scent.

Final Thoughts
The Absolus Allegoria collection features six scents, each with its story and aroma that invite you on a sensory journey. These fragrances explore nature, history and craftsmanship showcasing Guerlains commitment to creating perfumes.

Each fragrance, in the Absolus Allegoria collection has its scent profile designed to complement different moments in life and adjust to seasonal changes. With Guerlain you can be sure to find the fragrance for any occasion or time of year.


Adrian Fontaine

Adrian Fontaine: A renowned master perfumer with over three decades of experience, Adrian's expertise in crafting iconic fragrances blends traditional techniques with innovative approaches. His signature style infuses classic sophistication with bold, unexpected notes, deeply resonating with wearers globally. Adrian Fontaine's full bio

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