Guerlain Exceptional Creations Perfume Collection

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Guerlain Exceptional Creations Perfume Collection

Faithful to its heritage of creating the most glamorous prestigious extravagant perfume bottles the house of Guerlain once again astonishes its fans with the most luxurious designs of its most renowned perfumes.

Le Parfum Du 68 Le Passeur du Temps Le Parfum Du 68 Le Passeur du Temps: For the celebration of the reopening of the historic shop 68, Champs Elysees, Guerlain reinterprets the legendary Turtle bottle of 1914 revisited by Baccarat in black crystal this breathtaking version of one liter. This complicated creation is made achievable thanks to the recovery of a 100 year old mold. This historical past gem of Guerlain has experienced the customary ingenuity and expertise of Baccarat. The Turtle comes to life at the heart of its fascinating display, under a glass dome, a magical scene of Paris, gilded with fine gold thanks to the vigilant work of a master craftsman at Ateliers Gohard.

In 1913 Guerlain settled on the Champs-Elysées and to celebrate the happening, Jacques Guerlain presents the Parisiennes "Parfum des Champs-Elysées" in his outstanding Turtle Baccarat crystal bottle, an amusing reference to the long time that had taken for the creation. A century later, Guerlain goes on to transform and reinterpret the famous turtle bottle of 1914, thanks to the recovery of a 100 year old Baccarat mold.

The perfume is a special exclusive item, with the perfume extract created by Thierry Wasser, in honor to the legendary address of 68, Champs Elysées. A woody and spicy perfume, that performs the contrast between cool and warm spices under the infinite and fascinating setting, that presents its nature with the floral heart, when tonka bean, benzoin and incense, together with hints of leather wrap the scent in a wake that is incredibly Guerlain. Le Parfum Du 68 Le Passeur Du Temps is available in 1.75 liter perfume bottle.

La Petite Robe Noire Flacon Baccarat Et Dentelle D'Argent La Petite Robe Noire Baccarat Bottle With Silver Lace: While exploring the racks of the House of Guerlain, fifty vintage "reverse heart" bottles all hand-made by Baccarat workshops according to the authentic design of 1912 - were discovered. Guerlain has decided to give the final twenty to Sara Bran a craftsman with the exceptional and extraordinary talent of lacing in gold and silver. Combining perfection, ingenuity and refinement, her creations are influenced by lace textile traditions. For this release of the exceptional La Petite Robe Noire, Sara Bran brings back the history and age-old decorative case of perfume bottles. Coming from huge plates of very fine silver, hand carved after the work of many hours the fine lace slices, ornaments and interlaced twirling just run along the curves of the bottle as would the makings of a Little Black Dress.

Sara Bran is a distinguished silversmith whose lace jewelry designs in gold and silver have been acknowledged and recognized with many Awards. She spent over 20 hours for the completion of each bottle holder of La Petite Robe Noire, perforating, adjuring, welding and perfecting silver with mastery and precision. Each crystal bottle is decorated with black silk bristles combed by Guerlain Ateliers.

In a remarkable bottle a supreme concentration arrives, La Petite Robe Noire perfume presenting black tea, patchouli and a black cherry celebration, accompanied by a boldly declared Guerlinade. The trail sets in and escalates the abundance of the iris, velvety vanilla and addictive tonka bean with gourmet almond highlights. There are only 21 numbered pieces of La Petite Robe Noire Flacon Baccarat Et Denelle D'Argent available worldwide in perfume bottles of 100ml.

Shalimar Indes & Merveilles Shalimar Wonders of India: At the start of the story "The Legend of Shalimar" the eau de parfum is decorated with a stylish blue ribbon and is like no other time an object of desire, the perfect gift for all women who are erotic and voluptuous.

Shalimar presented like a jewel the creation of Sylvia Toledano a unique Parisian designer. She envisioned talismans gold jewelry with fine gold and precious stones from Jaipur India - in a very fashionable and colorful spirit. All of her designs are handmade and carefully tailored. She is a brilliant artist and has perfectly captured the spirit of Shalimar, an invitation to love, sensuality and overindulgence.

In this version of perfume Extract, Shalimar is a burst of citrus notes that blends a wonderful floral heart wrapped by a gently powdered dry down. The enchanting sense of a sensual vanilla, the bold elegance of iris, the balmy roundness of opopanax, gourmet warmth of tonka bean orchestrate a passionate symphony of aromas that leave a wonderful trail. Shalimar Indes & Merveilles is available in 1.5 liter perfume bottles.

Eau De Cologne Imperiale Edition 160 Anniversaire Eau De Cologne Imperiale 160th Anniversary Edition: The year 1853, Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain dedicated to Her Majesty the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, Cologne Imperial presented in a bottle decorated with countless handmade golden bees. Conquered by this creation, the Empress gave him the prestigious title of being His Majesty's Official Perfumer.

To celebrate with magnificence the 160th anniversary of this legendary creation, Guerlain wished to showcase the ancient and magnificent artistry of straw marquetry. This traditional French Technique that was very appreciated in the Art Deco period is now preserved and brought to life by Lison de Caunes. With patience and passion this master, of elegant art sets each straw into a glowing star presenting the Guerlain symbols in elegance and creativity. Decorated with the shining Guerlain Star the box houses the breathtaking edition of a liter of Eau de Cologne Imperiale.

Art Deco designer André Groult, Lison de Caunes, Master of Art since 1998 has been performing the delicate straw marquetry for over 20 years, now delivers a new sparkle to this luxurious tradition and spectacular French ingenuity. It patterns by hand rye straw, slicing, gluing and adding each straw, with patience and meticulousness, for a shimmering gold finish.

The legendary Eau de Cologne Imperial blends around flowering and exquisite elements. Its fresh citrusy lemon and bergamot notes along with romantic petit grain give way to a floral magic of neroli that softens the citrus bouquet layered on a stylish calm classy base of tonka bean cedar and rosemary. It is said that the Empress Eugenie used Cologne Imperial among others to relieve her from her migraines. There are only 32 numbered pieces of Eau De Cologne Imperiale Edition 160 Anniversaire available worldwide in perfume bottles of 1000ml. The Bottle design is preserved by Pochet.

Vol De Nuit 80 Anniversaire Vol De Nuit 80th Anniversary: Guerlain remembers the birthday of this bottle’s ageless appearance, outfitting in gold its classic creations, with an ability not found these days, diligently conserved in the archives of the House. A heritage treasure Guerlain unveils for this occasion. At the center of the bottle, the spiral sun beam is cast in the precious metal of yellow gold and contrasts with the dark color of the very unique bottle. The luminance of stars, subtle and magnificent, passing and eternal, delicate and resilient covered with a golden coated stopper.

Gold Vol de Nuit has been hand crafted in the finest tradition of French goldsmith by the JEM House - Jewellery Ethically Minded. Its gold nuggets from Pure Gold of South America is the first ethical gold in the world because of its extraction and production process integrating environmentally friendly production standards, protection of natural resources and the commitment to fair trade.

Vol de Nuit is one of Guerlain's most complex, scarce, mysterious and daring aromas. The green note of galbanum comes to mind. The heart is a cocktail of flowery fireworks where a blend of daffodil, violet, carnation, jasmine and rose display their potent and lively personality. Its floral and woody elements bloom in a striking oriental trail. Vol De Nuit 80 Anniversaire is available in perfume bottles of 65ml.

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