L'Artisan Parfumeur Le Potager Vegetable Garden Perfumes

L'Artisan Parfumeur Le Potager Vegetable Garden Perfumes

Le Potager fuels the love of L'Artisan Parfumeur and its founder Jean Laporte for nature. Explore this collection including five modern new fragrances, each influenced by the Perfumer’s Vegetable Garden. Enter this garden and encounter Tonka Blanc, Vetiver Ecarlate, Cedrat Ceruse, Musc Amarante and Iris de Gris.

The Potager celebrates Jean Laporte's appreciation for nature and provides a fascinating visit to the heart of his Perfumer's Garden. An Eden of flowers, herbs and vegetables, where he can share his passion for botany.

The Perfumers powering Le Potager, Alexandra Carlin and Quentin Bisch adore exploring new olfactory horizons. Quentin Bisch is living out a childhood dream by re-creating vegetable aromas: "the challenge is to dress the vegetable with a classic material to keep a part of the mystery". Alexandra Carlin, in this instance, is inspired by using technological innovations to showcase cauliflower: "Tonka Blanc is the first perfume on the market to contain a natural vegetable extract and I am very proud of it".

Le Potager is outfitted in Toile de Jouy-inspired boxes. An icon of the French Art de Vivre since the 18th century, which L'Artisan Parfumeur has included for the first time. Plus you have the option to select complimentary Toile de Jouy gift wrapping at the checkout.

Iris de Gris

Within the beauty of the iris, the green freshness of the pea vibrates. Iris de Gris is a hymn to green in all its variations. "How many times, while shelling fresh peas, have I dreamt of this new green fragrance?" asks perfumer Quentin Bisch. A vision formed around galbanum, whose aroma evokes that of the pea.

A green accord, elevated by the freshness of mint, pierced with a zest of blood orange. The iris outfits this botanic tune with a veil of classiness, while the ambroxan invites its sophisticated imprint on the skin.

L'Artisan Parfumeur Iris de Gris Eau de Parfum
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $210.00

Musc Amarante

A stunning duet of musk and beetroot, delicately refreshed with a touch of bergamot. Directly from Quentin Bisch's childhood, Musc Amarante makes beetroot the center-piece. The vegetable intriguing the perfumer "as much by its deep purple colour as by its mysterious smell of earth and ambergris...".

Within the freshness of citrus fruits, a beetroot with a humus aroma is discovered. An accord twirled with the spicy breath of pink pepper, rounded with silky musk and ambrette. Vetiver and ambergris anchor the dark and mysterious facet of Musc Amarante on the skin.

L'Artisan Parfumeur Musc Amarante Eau de Parfum
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $210.00

Cedrat Ceruse

An aniseed-flavoured creation, where fennel is reached with the spicy breath of pink pepper. "How many times have I raved about the perfect harmony of freshly picked fennel, passed through the mandolin, spiked with a few drops of lemon?" remarks perfumer Quentin Bisch. Born from his precious childhood remembrances, Cédrat Céruse radiates a joyful breath.

A scent which boldly includes fennel essential oil. A vegetable with aniseed subtleties, boosted by pink pepper and lemon in the opening. Coriander accentuates its natural freshness, while musks provide a gentle comfort.

L'Artisan Parfumeur Cedrat Ceruse Eau de Parfum
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $210.00

Vetiver Ecarlate

A game of clashes between the freshness of the tomato leaf and the depth provided by the woods. Vetiver Ecarlate displays the warm summer recollection of tomato leaves crumpled between the fingers. A contrast between this green, acidic and fruity aroma and the dark, crude notes of vetiver.

In the opening notes, grapefruit and bergamot explode the freshness of the tomato leaf. The green notes of galbanum evoke the stem, while the blackcurrant bud outlines the acid and fruity tonalities of the vegetable. Eventually ginger brings a hint of spice to this vegetal and woody creation.

L'Artisan Parfumeur Vetiver Ecarlate Eau de Parfum
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $210.00

Tonka Blanc

The gourmet experience of cauliflower and almond. A formation that combines creativity and luxury, that of the chefs' desserts from which the perfumer Alexandra Carlin was influenced. Tonka Blanc is the first fragrance on the market to include a natural vegetable extract.

Refreshed with bergamot and mandarin, the cauliflower reveals itself softly in a gourmet accord. It provides personality to the almond nuances of the tonka bean, marrying its creamy facets. A play of delicious contrast involving the freshness of citrus fruits and the warmth of balms.

L'Artisan Parfumeur Tonka Blanc Eau de Parfum
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $210.00

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