Pacifica Moon Moods Fragrance Collection

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Pacifica Moon Moods Fragrance Collection

Moon Moods by Pacifica introduces a series of fully layer-able scents with moody primary notes. Discover the latest fragrance collection influenced by the phases of our Moon and designed to inspire a higher calling.

Founder Brook Harvey: "The moon is super powerful. This collection is built around how the moon inspires each of us, with a nod to the power of aromatherapy in each deeply layered moody blend. As always, we are using naturals that blend with your own body chemistry so each scent becomes a part of your unique vibe. Let these transport you, inspire you and boost your mood!"

Moon Moods Blue Moon

Be daring and exquisite (you know who you are) with this gender unbiased and contemporary blend of crisp water, dazed lavender and fruity, woody currant. Stimulated by the full blue moon, famous for its clarity and illumination, Blue Moon Spray Perfume is in perfect harmony. With this you can extend your own boosted illumination out into the world!

The Moon Meaning: Blue Full Moon. Clarity, amplification and elegance. The Moon Mood: Illuminating. Water, for nature. Lavender, for grace. Currant, for gratitude.

Moon Moods Blue Moon Spray Perfume 1.0oz/29ml - Price: $22.00

Moon Moods Cherry Moon

Spring-kissed vibrant tart cherry, the kind that makes the back of your mouth water, is softened up with some sugary, syrupy notes, with a little touch of green to add harmony. Influenced by the Pink Full Moon, famous for love and new beginnings, Cherry Moon Spray Perfume is a sultry blend created to call in love and catapult you forward during this new moon cycle.

The Moon Meaning: Pink Full Moon. New beginnings, forward momentum and love. The Moon Mood: Love. Cherry Blossom, for beauty. Sugar, for sweetness.

Moon Moods Cherry Moon Spray Perfume 1.0oz/29ml - Price: $22.00

Moon Moods Dream Moon

A magical blend of pink rose, velvety sandalwood and delicate, earthy patchouli inspired by the dreamy full moon, which is believed to spark compassion, kindness and dreams. The Dream Moon Spray Perfume is a liquid dream in bottle with enhanced high frequency floral notes and grounded earth notes. Drift above it all and be your fantasy.

The Moon Meaning: Dreamy Full Moon. Dreamy, compassion and calmness.
The Moon Mood: Visionary. Patchouli, for sacredness. Sandalwood, for divine. Pink rose, for astral.

Moon Moods Dream Moon Spray Perfume
1.0oz/29ml - Price: $22.00

Moon Moods Flower Moon

The Flower Moon is known to stimulate passion, creativity and true bliss, just like flowers (and you). The Flower Moon Spray Perfume is a balmy blend of jasmine, peach and vanilla with additional white florals to add a somewhat musky instant without the musk. This sensual blend of deeply layered notes is developed to travel you to the stars, leaving you (and those in your presence) in optimistic satisfaction.

The Moon Meaning: Full Moon. Passion, creativity and bliss.
The Moon Mood: Euphoria. Jasmine, for sensuality. Peach, for tenderness. Vanilla, for Passion.

Moon Moods Flower Moon Spray Perfume
1.0oz/29ml - Price: $22.00

Moon Moods Silver Moon

Visualize a warm night, covered in a cozy blanket dazing at the crescent moon, taking time to come back renewed. That is the ambiance of this sophisticated blend of vanilla, which performs the starring purpose as a voluptuous, striking and creamy top and base note, backed by delicate middle notes of almond and spice that pop in and out as you smell through the warm body of this aroma. Empowered by the silver moon, this Silver Moon spray perfume is full bodied and daring.

The Moon Meaning: Silver Moon. A shift, a change and power.
The Moon Mood: Transformation. Vanilla, for strength. Almond, for grounding. Spice, for regenerating.

Moon Moods Silver Moon Spray Perfume
1.0oz/29ml – Price: $22.00

Pacifica perfumes are produced with corn grain alcohol, natural and essential oils, and free of phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, polycyclic musks, and nitromusks. All products are 100% Vegan & Cruelty-free, made in the USA with universal ingredients.

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