Oriental Perfumes

Oriental perfumes, with amber as the principal note, define a particular set of fragrances identified by their sensual warmth. Such rich perfume formulations incorporate invigorating and intense elements such as musk, vanilla, uncommon resins and woods, frequently complemented by fascinating flowers and spices. The spices, woods and vanilla balance in harmony to build powerful and classy perfumes where warmth meets sensuality.

Did you know that oriental scents are ideal for the cold winter season? And, these perfumes find a way into the warm spring season? The oriental fragrances gain its name from the East. The Eastern world's western fantasy delights and admires oriental perfumes.

Experts claim that oriental perfumes can bring out the sensual and mysterious side in you. Famous French celebrities and artists have captured the effect of oriental perfumes in their art. For example, Jean Auguste Ingres and Eugene Delacroix captured oriental scents in their paintings of harem scenarios, wild hunts, and relaxing odalisques. Indeed, these perfumes have a history that dates back to the 19th century.

Best Oriental Fragrances

Do you know that there are several different types of oriental fragrances? One of the finest oriental perfumes would be the "floral" ones. These perfumes have a dark side. They are made of orange and jasmine blossoms. Women who crave for intense opulence find the oriental scents useful. It is quite interesting to note that designer brands blend the warmth of florals and its softness in oriental perfumes. The aura can attract people towards your charm in no time.

A renowned oriental fragrance features the richness of wood and green gardenia. These fragrances are inspired and adorned by many!

Oriental Scents for You!

Another interesting variety of oriental fragrances would be the "Soft Incense". These perfumes are also known as classical oriental scents. They are not ani-malic or balsamic. Undeniably, the soft oriental perfumes are sensual. The Eau de Parfum oriental blends tiare and vanilla flowers for its soft incense. If you wish to make the incense spicy, you need to choose oriental perfumes with effervescent citrus.

Rich oriental scents feature and flaunt the tapestry of sandalwood, spice, jasmine, musk, and rose. These perfumes have a characteristic smell.

The mystery of Oriental Scent Perfume

Last but certainly not least, you have classical oriental fragrances. Women who wish to feel the heat must try this perfume. The moment you spray this scent, everything will become dark. All your emotions will become much more prominent and pronounced. Classical orients have a floral edge. These perfumes mark a line between vanilla, citrus, and warm amber. The perfume feels both indulgent and seductive. So, the next time you use classical oriental fragrances, be wary!

The opulence of classical oriental perfumes is unbelievable. With a pinch of sweet (and heavy) ambers, these fragrances can blow you off your feet!

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