Spices Perfume Notes

Do you have a love for spices? Do you adore rich, spicy foods? If yes, you will like the liveliness and richness of spicy perfume notes.

In the world of fragrances, spices play an important role. The spicy notes will make you feel sensual and warm.

Most of the time, spicy notes are related with oriental fragrances. Well, you may even come across floral ingredients in your spicy perfume. These fragrances have a sharp, spicy essence. Spicy fragrances with roses have a peppery, subtle and a nicely accentuated note.

Best Perfumes with Notes of Spices

Spicy perfumes can be categorized into different varieties.

The dry spices have a warm and a woody note. For example, the Juniper berry is a renowned dry spice. It is distilled from berries and is a heart note in many perfumes. The aroma from juniper berries is warm, crisp, dry and woody. This is definitely a subtle spice note. When compared to other spice notes, the juniper berries have a distinctive flavor.

The talk about dry spice notes will be incomplete without "Pink, Green or Black" pepper. As an ingredient, black pepper is an important top note. Every pepper note has a different flavor. Nevertheless, all top pepper notes will be spicy, fresh, peppery and dry!

New Fragrances with Notes of Spices

Another interesting family of spice notes would be the sweet ones. Everyone's favorite sweet spice is cardamom. The cardamom has an absolutely sweet and refreshing smell. Cardamom fragrances have a pinch of freshness, lightness and lift.

One of the finest sweet spices in the market would be nutmeg. This is used as a top note in many fragrances. The nutmeg is warm and fresh.

If you are looking for a new fragrance that is both rare and expensive, choose the cloves! Clove fragrances will make you feel queasy. But, they are rich in sweetness and balsamic notes. Most brands use cloves to prepare heart notes that are too-good-to-be-true. When mixed with florals, cloves form sensational fragrances.

Popular Spice Perfume Notes

Another collection of popular spice notes would be the fresh ones. You have many fragrances with coriander and ginger. Coriander fragrances have an uplifting and a fresh top note. Likewise, ginger-based fragrances offer clarity and freshness. These perfumes have a subtle note that is spicy, warm and rich.

Few other spices to try would be the tonka bean, saffron, vanilla, and cinnamon. Each of these spices has unique qualities and a prudent impact on the body.


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