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We are among the top perfume review websites, bringing you the latest top perfume reviews and best perfume reviews on a regular basis. We are the only perfume review site you will ever need to catch up on perfume reviews and ratings.

Most fragrance reviews claim that the use of perfumes is situational. You have a scent for every occasion. The towns top Perfume can make your night memorable. Or, it can make you the least popular person in town. This is why you should go through fragrance review sites for details on what would best suit you. Scent reviews can be categorized in different ways. Sometimes, people look for scent notes, the ingredients and designer brand. In some occasions, they pick based on mood. Regardless of how you choose a perfume, you must keep some things in mind.

Top Perfume Reviews and Ratings

Top perfume reviews are something you may not find on many perfume review websites. Our passion for the best available perfumes and colognes available today is the reason we built this perfume review site in order to bring you the latest perfume reviews and ratings.

If you want to select from a wide assortment of designer fragrances for men and women, Perfume Master is your one-stop shop for fragrance reviews, top perfume reviews and scent reviews.

Most perfume reviews rate fragrances based on the scent notes. Just like a musical symphony, fragrances are not mere collections of notes. But, the final smell depends on how different notes blend together. The next time you read top perfume reviews, look for the following notes:

  • Top notes – these notes represent the direct and strongest smell of a perfume.
  • Heart notes – these notes are smoother than top notes. They represent the characteristic scent of a perfume.
  • Base notes – these are sensual smells that become evident after several hours.
Top perfumes strike a balance between these notes. So, the next time you buy or read a perfume review, understand its notes.

Why read Top Perfume Reviews?

"Intensity" is another important factor you will see in best perfume reviews. Intensity has a direct impact on the longevity and concentration of scents. Scents from some designers are prone to last longer than the rest. This difference can be attributed to intensity.

  • Perfume alias Parfum is highly intense fragrances. These fragrances are formulated to last between 8 and 10 hours.
  • Eau de Parfum is milder than the Parfum. It is a great choice for casual occasions. Most of the time, these fragrances are made of aromatic ingredients.
  • Eau de Toilette is ideal for men. It is considerably light and is apt for regular use. Often, it is made of fragrant oils.
  • Eau de Cologne is extremely light. Common fragrances belong to this category.

Understanding Perfume Review Websites

Before buying any designer fragrance, it is important to first take a whiff of it through a sample bottle so as to determine if it blends with your body chemistry and character. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible and in this case, your best option is to check out perfume reviews and ratings on our perfume review site.

Read perfume reviews by real people who really have a nose for identifying the top scents and fragrances money can buy.

When you read a perfume review, figure out what the fragrance is meant for. Is the perfume formulated for casual use? Or, is it ideal for a date night? Or, does it fit a specific age group or audience? Some new perfumes appear as very exclusive and luxurious aromas that are just as trendy to look at as they are to wear. By understanding the characteristic qualities of a perfume, you will be able to choose and use it better.

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