Scent Classification the Perfume & Fragrance Families

Figuring out the category of your fragrance will help you understand more about your perfume preferences. Over the past few years, several different types of fragrances have been designed. Fragrances are often treated like shoes. And, everyone knows how important shoes are for women. You will go through days when the mention of high-heels can give you a scowl. And, days when you cannot imagine looking tall! Fragrances are more-or-less the same. The right fragrance is required to flaunt your state of mind and sentiment, and it takes lots of time to find that perfect fragrance.

Finding the Right Perfume! Understanding Scent Classifications

Experimenting and finding the right fragrance is easy said than done. However, it is always good to look for the best. According to experts, perfumes are wonderful to play around with. At all times, you must look for perfumes that would best fit your personality and need! Be honest with your choice and remember, you cannot have a choice that is 100% right.

Scent Classification Woody Perfumes

One of the finest fragrance choices is "woody". Woody perfumes are known for its dry, sharp and warm nature. These perfumes are extracted from the moss, bark and resin tear of trees. Over the years, green pine cones have dominated the industry of woody perfumes. Experts adore woody perfumes for its no-nonsense touch. If you are someone who doesn't like playing by to someone else's rules, woody fragrances are apt for you.

Scent Classification Citrus Perfumes

The talk about perfumes will remain incomplete without citrus. These perfumes are known for its vibrant and energetic nature. Most of the time, these perfumes are dominated by mandarin, grapefruit, and orange. This is a great perfume for late night parties and early morning calls. Women admire citrus fragrances due to its carefree essence.

Scent Classification Floral Perfumes

Another interesting category of perfumes would be the floral ones. These are versatile perfumes with a charismatic, romantic, mellow and charming note. Most designers combine several fragrances into a single one. This gives floral fragrances a feminine touch. Some of the finest floral perfumes are made of the Bulgarian rose, lilies, and orchids. If you wish to showcase your dormant nature or emotions, floral perfumes are perfect.

Scent Classification Fruity Fragrances

Lastly but certainly not least, from this short introduction you have fruity fragrances with that inviting and vibrant touch. These perfumes can downpour happiness on your skin. Well, known fruity fragrances come with exotic cherries, vibrant coconut, and hypnotic mango. Fruity perfumes can bring out the happy-you! They are great for people with the "wanderlust" spirit.

As you may understand the choice of fragrance family groups doesn't end here, below you may search through all the perfume olfactory groups here on Perfume Master and find your favorite designer fragrance… so just browse along!


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