Top Perfumes Rankings

Here you will find the top ranked perfumes for women and colognes for men along with overall ratings for the top rated designer perfume brands. Another factor is the perfumes and fragrances among the men and female population that have the most interest. The report is updated on a daily basis with real user feedback.

Whether you're a lady who loves her perfume or a simple man who favors his cologne, more than likely you have a favorite fragrance, but which are the best perfumers and fragrance makers on the market?

Overall Top Designer Fragrance Rankings

From all of the top-shelf designer names new and old, discontinued and re-launched, here you can find both their newest scents and timeless, classic colognes. Like all fragrances, the best colognes for men comprise some of the highest-quality scents on the market while the options and choices for women's perfumes is simply overwhelming.

You'll probably recognize the brands and bottles most often hailed as the best cologne for men but what do the real numbers say. What are people looking for, what aromas do they really find interesting from the new launches to the ones past and gone in the history of perfume creations.

Check out the list of most popular perfume brands. The selection of perfumes are very personal and depend not only on personal choices but personal chemistry too. The selection of a favorite perfume expresses personality and enchants in every step of life. So wondering which are most popular perfumes for men and women these days? Which perfume designer brands are trending? Consciously here we have listed down top fragrance brands according to what our users are interested in and what perfumes rank in top positions based on rating through our voting system.

Design House by Interest   Total Hits
1 Guerlain 4.7M
2 Christian Dior 4.3M
3 Givenchy 3.8M
4 Calvin Klein 3.2M
5 Giorgio Armani 3.1M
6 Yves Saint Laurent 2.6M
7 Donna Karan 2.3M
8 Carolina Herrera 2.3M
9 Coty 2.3M
10 Estee Lauder 2.2M
Design House by Rate   Votes Rate
1 Yeslam 10.000
2 Illamasqua 10.000
3 N10Z Intense 10.000
4 Kanebo 10.000
5 1000 Flowers 10.000
6 G. Nejman 10.000
7 Fifi Chachnil 10.000
8 Illuminum 10.000
9 Barbie 10.000
10 Evyan 10.000
Fragrances by Rate Votes Rate
1 Vetiver Sport - Guerlain 10  10.000
2 Tuscany Per Uomo Forte - Aramis 10  10.000
3 Red Power - Ferrari 10  10.000
4 Xeryus Rouge - Givenchy 10  10.000
5 Fidji - Guy Laroche 10.000
6 Armani - Giorgio Armani 10.000
7 Red Jeans - Versace 10.000
8 Eau Parfumee Au The Noir - Bvlgari 10.000
9 Envy Me - Gucci 10.000
10 Mustang Blue - Aramis 10.000

Top Perfume Rankings for women

Several of the best perfumes for women that consistently are out of stock online and fly off the shelves at department stores aren't necessarily new launches. Classic fragrances with a strong point of view continue to hold strong for many seasons and years.

Discover the most searched for and probably best-selling perfumes for women here at Perfume Master. What the ladies choose from a wide selection of top designer brands and the best perfumes for women. Since everyone is unique there are so many sensorial tastes from citrus scents of lemon and orange to woody and musky notes there are many perfumes continuously positioning in the top places of the ranking list.

Several of the best perfumes for women that consistently are out of stock online and fly off the shelves at department stores aren't necessarily new launches. Classic fragrances with a strong point of view continue to hold strong for many seasons and years.

Women's Design House by Interest Total Hits
1 Guerlain 3.9M
2 Christian Dior 3.5M
3 Givenchy 2.9M
4 Calvin Klein 2.1M
5 Estee Lauder 2M
6 Giorgio Armani 2M
7 Donna Karan 2M
8 Lancome 1.8M
9 Yves Saint Laurent 1.7M
10 Coty 1.7M
Women's Design House by Rate Votes Rate
1 Oleg Cassini 10.000
2 Yeslam 10.000
3 1000 Flowers 10.000
4 Illamasqua 10.000
5 Adam Levine 10.000
6 John Varvatos 10.000
7 Jacques Evard 10.000
8 Harley Davidson 10.000
9 Iconix 10.000
10 Evyan 10.000
Women's Perfume by Rate Votes Rate
1 Fidji - Guy Laroche 10.000
2 Red Jeans - Versace 10.000
3 Armani - Giorgio Armani 10.000
4 Fleur D'Interdit - Givenchy 10.000
5 Visit - Azzaro 10.000
6 Eau Parfumee Au The Noir - Bvlgari 10.000
7 Envy Me - Gucci 10.000
8 Ocean Dream - Giorgio Beverly Hills 10.000
9 Cool Water Wave - Davidoff 10.000
10 Flora - Gucci 10.000

Top Fragrance Rankings for men

You can name them pheromones on steroids if you wish, but perfume, fragrance and cologne for men are as popular as ever these days, and we'll be damned if they don't work wonders for you. Explore the popular and best voted colognes for men here at Perfume Master.

There's the classics, the newbies, the risk takers and there's the perfect scent for men. We've researched, your interest and habits from browsing through our enormous and detailed fragrance directory and found the best men's cologne. From perfume brands to individual fragrances and colognes, these are the standouts.

Have you visited every high end branded perfume retailer and you are still confused. There's no time to waste if you wish to seduce the women of your dreams, through an overwhelmingly luscious and delectable fragrance. We have combined the list of most popular searched for and trending best rated men's cologne for you, maybe you will find a hidden gem that will be the best perfume for men that you can wear!

Looking for the best smelling sexy and irresistible colognes for men that will make the ladies swoon all over you? See what others have tried and found a special cologne for their taste.

Men's Design House by Interest Total Hits
1 Calvin Klein 1.7M
2 Giorgio Armani 1.5M
3 Guerlain 1.4M
4 Christian Dior 1.2M
5 Givenchy 1.2M
6 Azzaro 1.1M
7 Hugo Boss 1.1M
8 Creed 1M
9 Carolina Herrera 1M
10 Davidoff 990.7K
Men's Design House by Rate Votes Rate
1 Jean Patou 10.000
2 Gloria Vanderbilt 10.000
3 G. Nejman 10.000
4 Illamasqua 10.000
5 Yeslam 10.000
6 1000 Flowers 10.000
7 Kanebo 10.000
8 Helena Rubinstein 10.000
9 N10Z Intense 10.000
10 Illuminum 10.000


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