Wood Perfumes

Woody fragrances are compositions made up of wealthy woody notes at the center of the perfume, generally highlighted by additional woody supporting notes that form the body of the aroma. The warmth and mystery of Sandalwood, the dry intensity of cedar or vetiver, along with different exotic and balmy resinous woods are mostly supported by citrus and aromatic notes. This group joins all perfumes whose primary accords are powered by rich woody aromas bringing a potent long lasting sexy and sensual trail.

Woody smell perfumes play an important role in the fragrance wheel. These perfumes are known for its subtle nature. Most of the time, woody perfumes are formulated with a wide range of complex notes. These notes give the perfume its characteristic smell and feel. According to experts, woody fragrances play an important role in four different types of fragrances.

Woody scents can be categorized into different types. The most commonly used scents are from "Pure Woods". Next, you have perfumes from "Mossy woods". Finally, you have a range of woody perfumes from the "Dry Forests".

Best Pure Woodsy Perfumes

The Pure Wood fragrance belongs to the first subgroup in the family of woods. It is also known as "simple woods". These perfumes are rich in vetiver and aromatic woods. Designer brands give the pure wood fragrances an interesting twist. They introduce a pinch of something else with the vetiver and aromatic woods. When compared to other woody notes, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, and pine are extensively used.

To make a successful pure woods fragrance, different woody notes should be mixed together carefully. The notes should be subtle and also aggressive. It takes lots of experience and skill to produce this combination.

Mossy Woody Scent Perfumes

Another interesting range of woody perfumes is known as the "Mossy Woods". As suggested by its name, these scents reflect the smell and feel of oak-moss. Mossy wood perfumes differ from one brand to another. The final impact' depends on its ingredients and formula. This is why mossy woods don't have a characteristic smell.

Common ingredients in mossy wood fragrances are herbs and citrus. The aromatic herbs give the perfume a defined and a discreet smell. These perfumes can spread the smell of woody, dry and fresh oakmoss in no time. To give the perfume an interesting twist, some brands introduce sandalwood and amber. Wood amber perfumes have a powdery and warm note.

Dry Woody Notes Fragrance

Last but certainly not least, you have the dry wood perfumes. This is an interesting range of fragrances. Most of these perfumes are made of burnt wood, cedar, and tobacco. For decades, dry wood fragrances were confusing. Some brands created dry wood perfumes with spicy tobacco and dry cedar. These ingredients give the perfume a subtle finish. When compared to mossy or pure wood perfumes, the dry ones are rare and expensive. After all, dry wood perfumes are used to complement leather shoes and luxury sports cars!

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