Aromatic Fougere Perfumes

Aromatic Fougere

In this modern era, you are bound to come across perfumes that are unisex or feminine. There are exquisite genres for women. Luckily, there are few perfumes to cater the needs of men. And, one of the world's famous fragrance note for men would be the "Fougere".

Fougere perfumes form an interesting genre for men. It has a masculine style that is both irresistible and special. The world's first Fougere was founded in the year 1882. (Interestingly, the Chypre was founded for women in the same year). The Fougere fragrances revitalized masculine scents. It formed a new range of spirits for men.

Best Fougere Colognes

The first and best Fougere colognes had accords of coumarin, lavender, and oakmoss. Coumarin is a special ingredient that blends the smells of vanilla, almonds, and hay. These ingredients come together and form a green aroma that suits the contemporary style of men. Of course, you have Fougere for women too! These fragrances have a twisting spicy, floral and a leather finish.

The best Fougere fragrances have a rare smell. They are undeniably special and classic. Most of the time, people feel elegance in these masculine fragrances. That is why the classic Fougere perfumes should be paired with a shiny bow tie, new pair of brogues and a black tuxedo.

Aromatic Fougere Perfume

Today, the aromatic fougere perfumes have a modern, sophisticated twist. The classic scents have evolved drastically. The aromatic fougere perfumes strike a balance between mint and warm coumarin. Additionally, the modern scents depend on a herbaceous zing. This zing is often found in ingredients like vanilla.

The Modern aromatic fougere perfumes are ideal for teenagers. If you are in your rebellious years, this is a great perfume to invest on! The modern fougere scents are different from its classic counterpart. The modern aroma is all about breaking rules.

Top Fougere Perfumes

The talk about top fougere perfumes will be incomplete without the "Contemporary" ones. The contemporary fragrances differ from one brand to another. Most contemporary Fougere perfumes have spicy top notes, heart notes from coumarin and cold oakmoss base notes.

When compared to the other Fougere scents, the contemporary ones are more masculine. Though contemporary Fougere scents are smooth and silky, you will have a beguiling experience. When worn with the right attire and style, you will be able to reveal darkness. On the whole, contemporary fragrances go beyond smells. It represents an emotion, mood and a wave of silence.

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