Gardenia Perfume Notes


Gardenia is a beautiful flower with a waxy smell. It grows wildly in Africa, South Asia, and Australia. In general, gardenia belongs to the family of coffee. And, it was officially named by Alexander Garden, a renowned Scottish botanist.

Over the years, Gardenia became a famous ingredient in fragrances and beauty products. It is used to make hundreds of perfumes in different parts of the world. If you are longing for a soothing and a relaxing smell, Gardenia is what you need. This perfume suits all occasions and needs.

Best Perfume with Gardenia Notes

The best perfumes with gardenia will help you understand what a perfume can smell and feel in its purest form. Perfumes with gardenia can be complicated. These fragrances act as a realistic image of the white flower and its classic smell.

Usually, the white flower has a feminine character and a spicy smell. In some gardenia notes, you will feel a slight animalic touch. Most of the time, these fragrances are uplifting, warm, carnal, sunny and sweet. Every time you wear a garden perfume you are bound to feel energized. But yes, be clear about the brand, ingredients, and age of your gardenia perfume.

New Fragrance with Gardenia Notes

Do you know that brands work hard and produce gardenia fragrances with the realistic smell of the blossoms? They pick the flower when it is a bud with narcotic white petals. The petals are carefully mixed with the steam, a pinch of soil and neroli. This combination produces a fragrance that is both soft and classic. Most gardenia lovers fall in love with this combination.

Now, a lot of people believe that rare gardenia combinations are difficult to find and expensive. Well, these people are absolutely wrong! Gardenia notes are easy to spot and are worth every penny.

Popular Gardenia Perfume Notes

On the whole, gardenia is a great pick for perfume notes. The white flower is rich with feminine proportions. It produces fragrances that are soft and milky.

Never confuse the gardenia with jasmine flowers. Though the gardenia is white and soft, it is much creamier than the jasmines. And, gardenia perfumes are not easy to prepare. If you come across a unique gardenia perfume with loads of passion and delicacy, don't miss it!

Gardenia perfumes are perfect for summer and springtime! These perfumes prove to be sensual and elegant all the time. The white flower fragrance has a vanilla and a musky dry down that is sweet and undeniably delicious.

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