Green Perfume Notes


In the fragrance wheel, green perfumes are identified by its color. As suggested by its name, green perfumes are made of natural and real plants! The color plays an important role in the feeling and perception of the perfume.

In general, colors can define the final impact of a fragrance. For example, black represents unusual objects, danger, and pricelessness. On the other hand, brown represents spicy and exotic effects. If you think of deep blue, you will see inspired minds and calmness. Likewise, green fragrances come with an inbuilt meaning and expectation.

Best Perfumes with Green Notes

Green fragrances are strongly related to young stems, broken leaves, and fresh grass. Some people relate green perfumes to pine needles, tingling forests, and clean air. There is something fresh and beautiful about green fragrances. It calls and blends with nature, freedom and open spaces easily.

Experts believe that green fragrances bond with Earth! It helps mankind understand things in a timeless fashion. Who knows, green fragrances may mark the beginning of an important Green Movement.

The best green notes are for both men and women. This makes green perfumes unisex. Some women state that green scents are more casual or masculine than feminine.

New Fragrance with Green Notes

If you wish to stand alone and walk a long distance, green notes can help you! Green fragrances signal a wave of independence. It is a perfume that differs from all other color-coded perfumes. This is because green fragrances are more-or-less the earth and mother types. They can be cheeky and refreshing at times. If you choose wisely, your green notes will be upbeat too!

When combined with the citruses, green notes become classic and playful. It creates a beautiful herbaceous environment.

Always remember that citrus based green perfumes are playful and happy! It is a great perfume to kick-start new projects and relationships with.

Popular Green Perfume Notes

On the whole, green perfumes are admired by everyone. The herbal aroma from green perfumes can blow you off your feet! Green fragrances can direct the wearer in two directions: resinous and fresh.

Whether you choose green perfumes with floral notes or the citruses, there is so much to explore and experience from this wheel of fragrances.

Moreover, some of the world’s finest green perfume notes are from mint leaves, lilies from the valley, wormwood, violet leaves, lemon leaves, cut grass, and spearmint.

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