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Beautiful Lilies were cultivated thousands of years ago! The flowers were found in different parts of Middle East, China, Egypt, and Crete. There are hundreds of varieties of lilies. Each of these flowers has a unique color and smell.

For example, the Easter lily hails from Far Eastern countries and Japan. The flower is known for its rich fragrance. It is cultivated in beautiful islands and is one of the oldest lilies in the world.

Another interesting lily note is obtained from the Stargazer lily. This is also known as the oriental hybrid flower. The Stargazer lily has a characteristic and a strong smell.

Best Perfumes with Lily Notes

You will never come across a single lily note. As mentioned previously, lilies are of different varieties and smell. No two lily fragrances can be the same. Every lily note has a unique meaning and purpose. They differ in qualities like chastity and sensuality. This is why you must understand more about your lily perfume. See how the flower has been used in history explore how people adored if for the flower's beauty, meaning and value.

Unlike many other flowers, the lily note is praised for its beauty and ever-changing nature.

New Fragrances with Lily Notes

Let's understand the power of lily with this historical belief:

History reveals that lilies were used to represent the power and beauty of goddesses. The flower symbolizes power in a calm and characteristic manner. In the time of Minoan Pantheon Civilization (happened more than 3000 years before the birth of Christ) lilies were devoted to powerful mistresses and huntresses.

Moving on, Ancient Romans asked young mothers to pick the gender of their little ones with lilies and roses. Lilies symbolized the birth of a baby boy. Legend claims that Goddess Venus was jealous of the beautiful flower and gifted it to an unpleasant pistil.

Popular Lily Perfume Notes

Indeed, the lily note represents unimaginable power. It showcases power and authority from the heavens above. There are so many different types of lily notes to choose from. For centuries, women and men have chosen their lily fragrances with care. That is because every note represents a unique and a different kind of bond.

Lily perfumes have a powerful and a smooth smell. Most of the perfumes are feminine but exceptionally dominant. Whether you want the perfume for personal use or a sacred reason – lilies are wonderful! It will help you smell like a goddess.

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