Mint Perfume Notes


Over the years, mint perfumes became extremely popular! Indeed, you have a variety of mint perfumes to choose from. Common types of mint perfumes are water mint, English horse-mint, corn mint, wild mint, Japanese mint, field mint, garden mint, brandy mint, and spearmint.

Whether you chose the garden mint or the corn mint, these fragrances will have a refreshing impact on your body and mind. The mint is an aromatic plant that can revitalize your mind in a few minutes.

The benefits of using mint fragrances are widespread. Moreover, you have a dozen varieties to choose from. With this being said, let's learn more about the mint scents.

Best Perfume with Mint Notes

One of the oldest and finest ingredients used in mint fragrances would be the Japanese Mint. For centuries the Japanese Mint was considered as a perennial herb. This herb reaches a height of 1m! It has purple flowers and serrated hairy leaves. The Japanese mint is known for its high menthol content. It is extremely aromatic and loaded with health benefits. It is a common ingredient in perfumes for men. The fragrance is both dominating and pleasant.

Just like the Japanese mint, the spearmint is both versatile and famous. It blossoms with purple flowers and toothed leaves that are bright green in color. When you decide to invest in your first mint fragrance, choose those with spearmint. This is a safe choice.

New Fragrances with Mint Notes

Do you know that 60% of mint perfumes are made using bog or water mint? These plants grow wildly near riversides and water gardens. The plant has fragile leaves that are beautifully shaped. Apart from being a famous culinary ingredient, water or bog mint is used to make a variety of fragrances.

Popular Mint Perfume Notes

On the whole, mint perfume notes are used for preparing an interesting variety of fragrances. These perfumes will definitely revitalize your mind and keep you relaxed the entire day.

In addition to these soothing benefits, mint perfume are rich with many health benefits.

Mint fragrances are unisex. Some brands have formulated sharp and masculine mint notes. These notes are more masculine than feminine. But yes, you will be able to find a mint perfume that suits your preference and personality. This is a perfect ingredient that evokes cleanliness and freshness.

Very rarely will you come across a note like the mint! Every fragrance with mint becomes a fresh one!

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