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Oud – Liquid Gold In the Perfume Industry

Did you know that some of the world's finest and most expensive perfumes have oud? This is an expensive ingredient that can blow you off your feet! According to experts, there are five expensive ingredients in the perfume industry. And, oud is one of them. But, what makes this ingredient extremely pricey? Have you never come across the oud? If you are curious to know more about this ingredient, keep reading! This page is all about the best oud perfumes in the market.

Best Perfumes with Oud Notes

In general, oud is obtained from the tropical agar tree. The scientific name for this tree would be "Aquilaria". This tree is native to Assam in India. However, the tree has spread throughout Asia and is found in Arab nations too! Wood from this tree is easily infected by various mold varieties. Most of the time, the tree is infected by phialophora parasitic. As mold reacts with the tree it produces a fragrant, dark resin. This resin is considered precious by native Indians. The resin is also known as "Oud" in perfumes. Some people identify the oud in perfumes as "Agarwood".

New Fragrances with Oud Notes

So, what would a new fragrance with oud smell and feel like?

In general, this expensive ingredient has a complicated smell. Some people find the smell woody. And, other consider the smell as sweet. The final experience of oud differs from one person to another. Preparing the world's top perfume with oud is not an easy task. The ingredient is subject to a series of processes. Indeed, this is a major reason behind its pricey nature.

Let's learn more about the preparation of exotic and expensive oud perfumes.

To begin with, oil is extracted from this woody ingredient. Oil can be extracted through melting or distillation techniques. Then, the oil is blended with various perfume compositions. At all times, oud is used as a base note.

Popular Oud Perfume Notes

So, why are oud perfume notes expensive? Renowned brands reveal that oud is difficult to find. Harvesting this ingredient is easy said than done. That is why the perfume industry considers oud as liquid gold. When compared to traditional perfume ingredients, oud is more expensive and harder to extract.

Today, you have a range of oud perfumes for both men and women. Most of these perfumes are identified as top sellers in different parts of the world. Undeniably, those who get hold of this perfume find it difficult to replace and let it go.

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