Sandalwood Perfume Notes


Sandalwood is a famous perfume note. Records reveal that sandalwood has a history that dates back by centuries. Some of the world's finest sandalwood fragrances were used by kings and queens.

In general, sandalwood perfume notes have a woody and a sweet smell. This is a powerful and a valuable ingredient in the perfume industry. Sandalwood is carefully extracted from "Santalum". This is a special genus of plants. Wood from Santalum is considerably heavy but fine-grained. This is why sandalwood can retain its smell for longer years.

Best Perfume with Sandalwood Notes

Some of the best perfumes with sandalwood are mixed with other ingredients like jasmine and Gulab. These are floral ingredients that absorb and improve the feel of sandalwood.

Sandalwood is often used as a top note in perfumes. It is rich and sturdy. The woody oriental note can keep you calm and composed. Sandalwood originated from Mysore. Even today Mysore sandalwood is considered as one of the finest sources of the sandal. Unfortunately, the world is facing a shortage of sandalwood.

New Caledonian and Australian sandalwood are harsher versions of the ingredient. With respect to smell, perfumes made of sandalwood from these destinations are intense.

New Fragrance with Sandalwood Notes

Every now and then, brands come up with new sandalwood fragrances. Some of the best sandalwood perfumes are blended with other ingredients. This is when the perfume becomes exotic and one-of-a-kind. Common ingredients that blend perfectly with sandalwood are jasmine, clove bud, clary sage, lavender, black pepper, geranium, bergamot, coriander, fennel, peppermint, myrrh, galbanum, cypress, and frankincense.

It is quite evident that sandalwood goes perfectly with cypress and floral ingredients. As a result, there are hundreds of sandalwood perfumes for you to choose from.

Popular Sandalwood Perfume Notes

Experts believe that sandalwood perfumes are not the right choice for late night dates. But, they are a great note for creating a signature and a unique smell you can carry around at any time. Unlike much other perfume ingredients, sandalwood is highly versatile. It is a fragrance that appeals to both men and women.

Best sandalwood fragrances for men have a pinch of orange and ginger. These are two interesting ingredients that make the smell extremely exotic. The wearer is bound to feel sensual. If you are longing for a perfume that can invoke your sensual and passionate nature, choose sandalwood notes.

Though woody scents are often linked with men, it is not true all the time. There is also a wide range of best sandalwood fragrances for women too!

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