Violet Perfume Notes


Violets, also known as "Sweet Violet" is a beautiful flower that grows in Asia Minor and Mediterranean Regions. The flower comes in white and purple. It appears during springtime, even before you find leaves on trees.

Violets are delicate flowers that have fresh leaves, green stems, and intricate flowers. The plant is absolutely delicate.

Violet perfumes have a floral, sweet smell. These flowers are believed to be rich in therapeutic properties! It has been used in different cultures with its aroma as a cure to asthma, for fighting cold and also as a remedy for rheumatic pains.

Best Perfumes with Violet Notes

History reveals that the violets were Napolean Bonaparte's favorite. It was a symbol of strength and power in Ancient Athens. By the end of the 19th century, perfumes with violets became both popular and interesting.

When compared to other flowers and herbs, the violets are unique. The leaves and violet flowers smell extremely different. The flower has a woody, sweet powdery smell. This can be attributed to its ionones. The ionones were introduced in the late 1800s. With the production of ionones, synthetic violet fragrances became famous. When compared to natural violet perfumes, the synthetic ones were both affordable and readily available.

The violet ionones produce fragrances that have sweet floral and mild woody smells. Brands can make the ionones stronger or weaker! This means you will have a violet fragrance to suit your personality.

New Fragrance with Violet Notes

Did you know that a variety of violet fragrances are prepared using the flower's root? These fragrances are nothing like perfumes from the flowers. You will feel the power and medicinal values of the roots in the perfumes.

Unlike many other floral perfumes, the natural aroma of the violets is not too strong.

For example, the violet roots produce fragrances with a woody floral smell. These fragrances suit men and women. On the other hand, violet fragrances have calm and composed smells.

Popular Violet Perfume Notes

On the whole, popular violet fragrances have a floral and a powdery smell. The absolute violet flowers have an addictive and an unparalleled smell. Some brands have formulated perfumes from the leaves and roots of the violet. These perfumes have a blend of violet, metal, cucumber, water, and other woody ingredients.

Violet perfumes have graced royalty. These perfumes are difficult to make since the entire plant is delicate and complex. To understand the panache and royal essence of violet perfumes, you must try it out!

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