Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Designer History:
Nearly most people either familiar with the field or not, associate the brand Estee Lauder pretty much with makeup and cosmetics products. Together with her husband Joseph they established one of the most significant, multi-billion-dollar worldwide beauty empires.

Estee origins were from Hungary. Her family came to the Americas as immigrants and soon after she was born in the year 1907 in Queens NY. The time of birth is in discussion because of the essential contradictions and secrecy of her precise birthday. Estee was first known as -Esty-, however the moment a school official misspelt her name this stayed to the name we all understand and gotten to know. Estee married Joseph and had two sons, while at some point in their lives they divorced and then remarried again.

Estee Lauder Cos. had been a family company right from the beginning - with her career starting in humble fashion by marketing body lotions and skin creams that her uncle as a chemist produced and she sold to beauty salons, hotels, beach clubs and holiday resorts. She gradually widened distribution towards significant NYC department outlets. However the moment she arrived at Saks Fifth Avenue during the 1950’s, her business made a leap into great success and has been like that ever since.

Estee Lauder lived on to the amazing age of 100 when she passed away in 1997. A women once and for ever considered as a pioneer in the beauty industry, centered on her famous stylish and unique sales strategies, a genius in advertising to gentlemen for them to buy beauty products for their lady partners, superior quality products, and for the revolutionizing idea of totally free samples to customers, that mostly have all turned into favorite strategies in every alternative profitable makeup and cosmetics products company from that time on. Basically, this lady could easily market and sell, that grew to be the most important feature of her ultimate supreme company.

The famous path of her profession has been highlighted by numerous great awards, such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, holding nearly 45% of the U.S. department retail outlet in the makeup and cosmetics sector, and the recognition of appearing as the sole female on Time Magazine's listing of the 20 most powerful, intelligent and creative business figures of the 20th century published in 1998.

Estee Lauder Fragrance History:
In 1953 we have the release of Youth Dew her first perfume, that found incredible success, with sales overturning $5-million annually throughout its beginning ten years in the marketplace. Another top seller is Aramis men’s cologne. Faithful to Lauder’s giant status in the cosmetics industry, the company furthermore developed an amazing stream of perfumed scents such as: Beautiful, White Linen, Pleasures with matching body powder, body lotion, body cream, bath and shower gel. Additionally we have Dazzling Gold, Dazzling Silver, Aliage, Azuree, Cinnabar - body lotion, and of course the signature Estee fragrance for men and women - including body lotion and body powder. Intuition with spray and lotion, Knowing with body lotion and whipped body cream. SpellBound, Private Collection and Tuscany Per Donna just to mention the latest of the fragrance collection.

The enterprise continues to be the main gamer in the international beauty and cosmetics industry. Based in Manhattan, it has actually continued steadily to be a family matter. Estee’s first son, Leonard, was Leader of the corporation and today is placed as Chairman of the Directors Board. Her grandchildren are in important company placements. The family's stock shares are valued at well over $6-billion. Estee Lauder manages its giant subdivision, Clinique.

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