Guerlain Designer History:
When one steps into the world of Guerlain, it implies the bridging of the boundaries towards an outstanding arena in which honor for history and a belief for creativity place probably the best and most amazing masterpieces ever created.

Guerlain happens to be in life for over 185 years and for an enterprise so tightly attached with heritage, the effort has constantly happened to be to balance the wealth of its history with an awareness of creativity, to consider its beginnings and to shift ahead into the future.

The last five generations of perfumers from the Guerlain family excellently developed exclusively balanced, scents utilizing elements from the past along with their creativity to form the future creations for their times. They have excellently and zealously maintained these harmonies with passion and transferred them on never actually sacrificing any of the unique perception and values of the Guerlain tradition that is high-class luxury, skillful experience, imaginative creativity, challenging specifications and high level of excellent quality.

Guerlain fragrances are also distinctive given that their sign is incomparable: This -seal of approval- is a exclusive olfactory harmony, known as "Guerlinade". It is exclusive to Guerlain perfumers and zealously protected by them. They feature bergamot, tonka bean and vanilla just to mention a few elements.

To develop perfumes which last in time and trends of style, you must have a committed dedication in superior to the norm top quality natural fragrant elements. Jean-Paul Guerlain, just like his forefathers, shows selective choice to natural perfume essences contemplating at fabricated supplements as an enhancement. He goes on long journeys all around the globe searching for the best, exquisite natural perfume elements to create his scents.

"Going on site, checking, picking the raw materials that make up our perfumes is, as far as I am concerned, the only way to perpetuate the Guerlain tradition and quality. I buy my bergamot in Reggio di Calabria, my Ylang Ylang in plantations on the island of Mayotte, my jasmine and santal in India…” Jean-Paul Guerlain notes.

With more than 325 aromas over the span of Four generations, the position of master perfumer has ended up to the late Jean-Paul Guerlain. Having said that, with his retirement approaching and with no obvious inheritor to maintain the family business, future master perfumer will almost certainly be from outside the family tree.

Right from its establishment in 1828 to the late 1994, the prestigious House of Guerlain was solely controlled and run entirely by family members. The international investment giant in luxury brands, LVMH - Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, bought Guerlain In 1994, and from then has reformulated some of its classic perfumes as a result of health safety concerns.

Guerlain Fragrance History:
Since Guerlain is amongst the oldest perfume houses in the world, the brand creates some of the most excellent perfumes with unique elaboration aromas housed in similarly exclusively created perfume bottles. One of its first and probably most famous women's scents is Jicky, believed to be one of the first perfumes to blend at the same time natural and synthetic substances, with the last mentioned for enhancing its longevity. Another recent releases of ladies perfumes is Insolence, a perfume for the care-free character. In the gentlemen’s collection we also have well-known fragrances including Heritage and Vetiver along with Habit Rouge. In 2003 we have the release of L’Instant De Guerlain along with the mens’s version a year later, L'Instant De Guerlain Pour Homme.

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