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i Profumi di Firenze Collection

i Profumi di Firenze's first fragrance: Giunchiglia Delicata introduced in 1989 was i Profumi di Firenze's first creation.

i Profumi di Firenze's newest fragrance: La Notte di Angelica 2016 released in 2016 is the latest addition to i Profumi di Firenze's fragrance list. Here you will find all the new perfumes from i Profumi di Firenze along with the most popular fragrances in the collection.

i Profumi di Firenze Perfumers: The perfumers that have contributed in the creation of i Profumi di Firenze's growing fragrance collection are Giovanni Di Massimo.

i Profumi di Firenze Range

i Profumi di Firenze Fragrance Collection History: i Profumi di Firenze fragrance collection include the following fragrances Florentia 24 Rosa e Fiori perfume for Women, Acqua Chiara perfume for Women, Acqua Mirabile Odorosa di Firenze perfume for Women, Fresco di Vetiver Unisex fragrance, Lilla Serenella perfume for Women, Melograno Selvatico Unisex fragrance, Zenzero Unisex fragrance, Acqua Mirabile Odorosa di Firenze No 2 perfume for Women, Ancienne la Vecchia Spezieria Unisex fragrance, Arancio di Sicilia Unisex fragrance, Bergamotto Calabro Unisex fragrance, Bora Bora Unisex fragrance, Caprifoglio Rupestre perfume for Women, Cedro Unisex fragrance, Cuoio di Russia cologne for Men, Florentia 16 Fiori Dolci perfume for Women, Florentia 22 Pesca e Fiori perfume for Women, Frangipane e Cocco perfume for Women, Gardenia Florida perfume for Women, Gelsomino del Deserto perfume for Women, Giglio Fiorentino perfume for Women, Il Giardino di Boboli - Biancospino Selvatico Unisex fragrance, Iris di Firenze perfume for Women, Iris di Firenze 2 perfume for Women, Spigo Fiorentino Lavanda Oxford Unisex fragranceMagnifico 13 Cedro e Ciclamino cologne for Men, Mirra Elemi Unisex fragrance, Mora Selvatica Unisex fragrance, Mughetto di Primavera perfume for Women, Muschio e Giglio perfume for Women, Muschio e Spezie Unisex fragrance, Muschio Nero Unisex fragrance, O-Piu Unisex fragrance, Osmanto Unisex fragrance, Sandalo Misore Unisex fragrance, Tabacco cologne for Men, Vento di Eros perfume for Women, Florentia 24 perfume for Women, Magnolia Purpurea perfume for Women, Giunchiglia Delicata Unisex fragrance 1989, Legno Amaro Unisex fragrance 1989, Rosa di Damasco perfume for Women 1989, Spigo Fiorentino Lavanda Azzurra Unisex fragrance 1989, Vetiver di Giava cologne for Men 1989, Violetta di Bosco perfume for Women 1989, Limone di Sicilia Unisex fragrance 1990, Tuberosa d'Autunno perfume for Women 1990, Magnifico 1 Mirto Imperiale cologne for Men 1990, Tulipano Nero perfume for Women 1990, Agrumi di Sicilia Unisex fragrance 1991, Muschio Bianco 2 Unisex fragrance 1992, Patchouly Rosso Unisex fragrance 1992, Vaniglia e Zenzero perfume for Women 1992, Manto di Rugiada Unisex fragrance 1992, Caterina de Medici perfume for Women 1994, Vaniglia del Madagascar perfume for Women 1994, Elisir de Medici Unisex fragrance 1995, Fiore di Loto perfume for Women 1996, Florentia 26 Frutti Esotici perfume for Women 1996, The Verde Unisex fragrance 1996, Zagara Neroli Flor Unisex fragrance 1996, Tuscania Unisex fragrance 1997, Acqua Mirabile Odorosa di Firenze No 3 perfume for Women 1998, Ambra del Nepal perfume for Women 2000, Spezie de Medici Unisex fragrance 2000, Talco Delicato perfume for Women 2000, Il Giorno di Iris Unisex fragrance 2000, Muschio dell'Hymalaia cologne for Men 2000, Rosa Bulgara perfume for Women 2000, Sandalo Indiano cologne for Men 2000, Sandalo Malesia cologne for Men 2000, Zefiro Unisex fragrance 2002, Senza Fine perfume for Women 2004, Costa Mediterranea Unisex fragrance 2005, Frangipane perfume for Women 2005, Magnolia Dolce perfume for Women 2005, I Fiori del Cielo perfume for Women 2006, Miele Rosa perfume for Women 2006, Mirra Unisex fragrance 2006, Essendo Unisex fragrance 2006, Incanto perfume for Women 2007, Magnifico 9 Peperoncino Unisex fragrance 2007, Terra di Siena Unisex fragrance 2007, Muschio Bianco 3 Unisex fragrance 2007, Muschio e Ambra Unisex fragrance 2007, Brezza di Mare Unisex fragrance 2008, Dolceamaro perfume for Women 2008, Verde Bosco Unisex fragrance 2008, Plenilunio - Fragole e Mughetto perfume for Women 2008, Hidalgo cologne for Men 2010, Jeunesse Il Giorno e la Notte perfume for Women 2010, La Notte di Angelica Unisex fragrance 2010, Oltrarno Unisex fragrance 2010, Dolce Patchouly Unisex fragrance 2011, Kumi Rosa e Gelsomino perfume for Women 2012, Il Bosco e la Riva - Vaniglia e Frutti di Bosco perfume for Women 2013, Syko e Danae - Fichi e Fior di Pesco perfume for Women 2013, Vaniglia e Fichi perfume for Women 2013, Zagara Fiori perfume for Women 2013, L'Uomo di Pitti cologne for Men 2014, L'Uomo di Pitti 2 cologne for Men 2014, Le Pleiadi perfume for Women 2014, Neroli Flor Unisex fragrance 2014, Verso Andromeda perfume for Women 2014, Jeunesse perfume for Women 2014, Kumi perfume for Women 2014, Plenilunio perfume for Women 2014, Fiume e Salice perfume for Women 2015, Tenero Narciso perfume for Women 2015, La Notte di Angelica 2016 perfume for Women 2016. ... Continue reading [show/hide]

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