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Karl Lagerfeld Collection

Karl Lagerfeld's first fragrance: Lagerfeld Classic introduced in 1978 was Karl Lagerfeld's first creation.

Karl Lagerfeld's newest fragrance: Karl Lagerfeld Rouge released in 2024 is the latest addition to Karl Lagerfeld's fragrance list. Here you will find all the new perfumes from Karl Lagerfeld along with the most popular fragrances in the collection.

Karl Lagerfeld Perfumers: The perfumers that have contributed in the creation of Karl Lagerfeld's growing fragrance collection are Alienor Massenet, Bruno Jovanovic, Cecile Matton, Christine Nagel, Christophe Herault, Christophe Raynaud, Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann, Firmenich, Jean Christophe Herault, Mark Buxton, Olivier Cresp, Pascal Gaurin, Pierre Constantin Gueros, Ron Winnegrad, Sandrine Malin, Sophia Grojsman, Sophie Labbe, Symrise, Serge Majoullier, Alexandra Carlin, Nicolas Beaulieu, Romain Almairac.

Karl Lagerfeld Range

Karl Lagerfeld Fragrance Collection History: Karl Lagerfeld fragrance collection include the following fragrances Lagerfeld Classic cologne for Men 1978, KL perfume for Women 1983, KL cologne for Men 1986, Lagerfeld Photo cologne for Men 1990, Sun Moon Stars perfume for Women 1994, Jako cologne for Men 1998, Lagerfeld Femme perfume for Women 2000, Lagerfeld Man cologne for Men 2003, Liquid Karl Unisex fragrance 2004, Kapsule Floriental Unisex fragrance 2008, Kapsule Light Unisex fragrance 2008, Kapsule Woody Unisex fragrance 2008, Karleidoscope perfume for Women 2011, Karl Lagerfeld perfume for Women 2014, Karl Lagerfeld cologne for Men 2014, Paradise Bay perfume for Women 2015, Paradise Bay cologne for Men 2015, Private Klub perfume for Women 2015, Private Klub cologne for Men 2015, Ocean View perfume for Women 2016, Ocean View cologne for Men 2016, Les Parfums Matieres Fleur De Pecher perfume for Women 2017, Les Parfums Matieres Bois De Vetiver cologne for Men 2017, Les Parfums Matieres Fleur De Murier perfume for Women 2018, Les Parfums Matieres Bois De Yuzu cologne for Men 2018Les Parfums Matieres Fleur d'Orchidee perfume for Women 2019, Les Parfums Matieres Bois De Cedre cologne for Men 2019, Karl Paris 21 Rue Saint-Guillaume perfume for Women 2020, Karl New York Mercer Street cologne for Men 2020, Karl Tokyo Shibuya perfume for Women 2021, Karl Hamburg Alster cologne for Men 2021, Les Parfums Matieres Fleur De The perfume for Women 2021, Les Parfums Matieres Bois d'Ambre cologne for Men 2021, Lagerfeld Classic Grey cologne for Men 2022, Karl Rome Divino Amore perfume for Women 2022, Karl Vienna Opera cologne for Men 2022, Les Parfums Matieres Fleur De Pivoine perfume for Women 2023, Les Parfums Matieres Bois De Cypres cologne for Men 2023, Karl Lagerfeld Rouge perfume for Women 2024. ... Continue reading [show/hide]

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