4711 Acqua Colonia Goji & Cactus Extract Bamboo & Waterm

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4711 Acqua Colonia Goji & Cactus Extract Bamboo & Waterm

Perfumes similar to fruity, delicious smoothies that you can nearly taste: superfoods and natural ingredients are cool and trendy and also provide authentic vitality in the fragrance. The two fragrance compositions of the Acqua Colonia Limited Edition 2021 series each mix together powerful and valuable elements from nature: Goji & Cactus Extract and Bamboo & Watermelon delight with a unique type of freshness. Both perfumes were created with the innovative "Smell the taste" technology, which allows for a completely new olfactory encounter. The two new creations will be available in stores from the starting of April 2021.

Especially exclusive release for the Acqua Colonia Limited Edition, latest trending ideas are noticed every year and translated into olfactory soothing fragrance creations. The "Smell the Taste" technology is a method with which natural aromas are re-produced and smell and taste combine into an exciting and unique fragrance experience.

Zestful Acqua Colonia Goji & Cactus Extract

Strong aspects of the goji berry along with intense green extracts of the cactus lead to an exciting mixture of aromas.

The activating goji berry is very popular today as a superfood - it has a history that goes back thousands of years: in China it is also called the berry of happiness and is a vital part of Chinese medicine. It is said to have a beneficial effect on well-being: daily usage should make you feel more agile. It is also credited with an anti-aging effect.

The highly effective cactus extract is attained from the Opuntia ficus-indica cactus tree and is one of the traditional treatments with cosmetic benefits. The extract is high in vitamins and has a positive effect on the body in various ways: It is hydrating, promotes cell regeneration and is therefore a real freshness enhancer.

The perfumer Philippine Coutière about Goji & Cactus Extract: "This tingling scent arouses summery feelings! The strong red notes of the goji berries are combined with a touch of the green cactus extract to create an energetic, sweet mix. An exhilarating fragrance experience that you want to relive again and again."

4711 Acqua Colonia Goji & Cactus Extract
Eau de Cologne 50ml/1.7oz - Price: 23.50 Euro

Comforting Acqua Colonia Bamboo & Watermelon

Sweet fresh characteristics of the watermelon along with delicate bamboo notes result in a fascinating mixture of aromas.

Beneficial bamboo belongs to the family of sweet grasses that are originally native to Asia. The plant is extraordinarily strong and consequently adaptable. Several optimistic and representational definitions are given to the bamboo: In China it is a sign of longevity, in India for friendship and in Japan as a sign of purity. In traditional homeopathy, it is regarded stimulating, beneficial and relaxing.

The refreshing watermelon is a harvest that originated in Africa and is now grown in warm regions around the globe. It is deemed the ideal thirst quencher, because regardless of the high water content of over 90 percent, it offers an intense, very refreshing fragrance. Watermelons also have a strengthening impact on the immune system and give the skin a gratifying punch of freshness.

Perfumer Alexandra Monet about Bamboo & Watermelon: "This fragrance is the perfect, subtle companion for summer! Soft green bamboo notes, surrounded by a nourishing freshness, while delicate red, transparent chords of watermelon add a certain sweetness. Overall, a light fragrance that gives a holistic feeling of well-being."

4711 Acqua Colonia Bamboo & Watermelon
Eau de Cologne 50ml/1.7oz - Price: 23.50 Euro

The bottle and outer packing of the Acqua Colonia Limited Edition 2021 are introduced in a stimulating play of colors revealing natural contrasts. The intense red of the goji berries and the juicy green of the bamboo make each of the two fragrances stand out for itself and have a notably stimulating effect in a high-contrast pairing, which is also beneficial complementing drawings on the folding box is highlighted. The flacons enhanced with silver script give the fragrances further splendour. Two refreshing fragrances that are also visually revitalizing.

The Acqua Colonia Limited Edition will be available from authorized dealers from the beginning of April. The year-round available collection from 4711 Acqua Colonia consists of the versions of Lychee & White Mint, Saffron & Iris, White Peach & Coriander, Lime & Nutmeg, Pink Pepper & Grapefruit, Lemon & Ginger, Mandarine & Cardamom and Blood Orange & Basil.

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