Azzaro Fragrances 2019

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Azzaro Fragrances 2019

The end of the year is slowly approaching with the closing month of 2019 getting ready for its magical feelings and delicious aromas. December has the spirit of Xmas and the New Year of 2020; it is the time where holidays and gifts are the first things that spin around our thoughts and most importantly the people we have close to our hearts. For the devotees of Azzaro Fragrances, and all perfume enthusiasts looking for the trace of aroma or flavor of something inspiring, today we promptly revisit the fragrance releases for 2019 and maybe spark an idea connecting to your thoughts for 2020.

Welcome Christmas into your heart. The smell of sugar and spice makes Christmas nice! One out of control Christmas sale! Be naughty, save Santa the trip. Making life easier.

Azzaro Mademoiselle Azzaro L'Eau Tres Charmante

Mademoiselle Azzaro Eau Tres Charmante celebrates feminine playfulness. That of a mischievous young woman playing with Paris as with her own desires. Her playground? Paris! Its roofs, terraces, parks and adventures. The delicious candor of this personality with unique charm, does not go unnoticed. In its wake, it leaves a scent of freedom pique facetious. Azzaro L'Eau Tres Charmante, Mademoiselle returns in the quintessence of the Parisienne, more mischievous than ever. On the rooftops of Paris, she writes the rest of her story in the flowery and fruity wake of a new Eau de Toilette in the colors of the sky.

Mademoiselle Azzaro L'Eau Tres Charmante Eau de Toilette 30ml/1.0oz Mademoiselle Azzaro L'Eau Tres Charmante Eau de Toilette 50ml/1.7oz

Azzaro Wanted Girl

Today, with his glorious charm, our hero has found his accomplice, Azzaro presents WANTED Girl. The unique qualities of this charming rebel with her elegance secured at the waist, a flame in her eyes, and her irresistible beauty. Her fire power? Breathtaking radiance, a certain style for the seduction, and total freedom. Fun and playful, Wanted Girl shines for her uncomplicated, chic facet. Her desire to completely enjoy each moment is her secret to making herself excel.

Azzaro Wanted Girl Eau de Parfum 30ml/1.0oz
Azzaro Wanted Girl Eau de Parfum 50ml/1.7oz
Azzaro Wanted Girl Eau de Parfum 80ml/2.7oz

Azzaro Chrome Aqua

A new adventure is at sea, the clean breeze is high and the waves run along crushing into the Mediterranean letting their mist rise revealing the power of this livening freshness. Chrome Aqua brings a new more fascinating aromatic freshness, through its enhanced green tones emanating from a composition of green apple, grapefruit, basil and vetiver.

Azzaro Chrome Aqua Eau de Toilette 30ml/1.0oz
Price: $48.00

Azzaro Chrome Aqua Eau de Toilette 50ml/1.7oz
Price: $68.00

Azzaro Chrome Aqua Eau de Toilette 100ml/3.4oz
Price: $89.00

Azzaro Ginger Lover and Wild Mint

Ginger Lover arouses the senses. The temperature rises, sex appeal goes off like a rocket and temptation grows. Between dazzling notes and sparkling fragrances, an aphrodisiac alchemy is in the air. In the trail of this captivating fragrance, desire intensifies.

Azzaro Pour Homme Ginger Lover
Eau de Toilette 100ml/3.4oz

Wild Mint arouses the primal senses of the seducer. Unforeseeable, uncontrollable, he lets himself be taken by his desires only. Any opposition is pointless. The island breeze of this "Aromatic Aquatic Fern" brings everything in its path.

Azzaro Pour Homme Wild Mint
Eau de Toilette 100ml/3.4oz

Azzaro Fun, Sea and Shine

Loris Azzaro exuded a free and vivacious spirit and naturally so do Azzaro fragrances. Against a seascape, they forever chase after the sun and high spirits these snapshots inspired the Time to Shine collection with a trio of feel-good fragrances that give you three ways to seize the now: Azzaro Sea, Azzaro Shine, and Azzaro Fun. Because now more than ever, it's Time to Shine!

Azzaro Fun loves life with the exhilaration of a sunset on the Mediterranean. In its bright red bottle, this blended Eau de Toilette exudes revitalizing freshness. Its sheer joy of dusk falling on the Mediterranean is captured in this Citrus Fruity Woody Eau de Toilette.

Azzaro Sea exhilarates with that feeling of the first dip in the ocean. Invigorating freshness from blended Eau de Toilette in a Mediterranean blue bottle. Remember that first dip in the ocean on your getaway with friends, this Citrus Aquatic Woody Eau de Toilette is bracing then reviving.

Azzaro Shine unwinds with the sun caressing your skin as it touches the warm sand. That's the feeling this blended Eau de Toilette delivers with relaxing freshness. Feel the sun shining on your skin with this Citrus Solar Woody Eau de Toilette that envelops like warm sand.

Azzaro Fun Eau de Toilette 100ml/3.4oz
Azzaro Sea Eau de Toilette 100ml/3.4oz
Azzaro Shine Eau de Toilette 100ml/3.4oz

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