Bubble Forever Beast Love Oud Fool Roses New Montale Fragrances

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Bubble Forever Beast Love Oud Fool Roses New Montale Fragrances

Discover the new fragrances of Enchantment, Adventure and Elegance from Montale

Step into the enchanting world of Montale, a brand known for its exquisite perfumes. Get introduced to three captivating scents; Bubble Forever, Beast Love and Oud Fool Roses. Each one reflects Montale’s expertise in blending artistry with creativity to create unforgettable olfactory experiences.

Bubble Forever perfume for Women by Montale

Bubble Forever - A Parisian Spring

Experience the essence of spring in Paris with Bubble Forever. Picture a blend of grapefruit, lemon, pear and neroli capturing the freshness of a morning. With notes of cinnamon jasmine rose and orange blossom at its heart and a warm base of caramel, vanilla, musk and amber – Bubble Forever transitions effortlessly from day to night elegance.

Chocolate Greedy Unisex fragrance by Montale

Explore fragrance possibilities by layering it with Roses Musk, Intense Cafe or Chocolate Greedy for your signature scent.

Beast Love Unisex fragrance by Montale

Beast Love - Embracing the Wild Within

Embody your spirit, with Beast Love. Beginning with pear plum and bergamot that lead into a daring combination of leather, cedar wood rose and vetiver – this fragrance encapsulates nature’s beauty. The fragrance ends with a blend of vanilla tonka beans, musk and amber.

Oudmazing Unisex fragrance by Montale

It's perfect for those who love to dream and explore giving you the opportunity to elevate its richness by combining it with Intense Cafe, Vanilla Cake or Oudmazing for a one of a kind scent experience.

Oud Fool Roses perfume for Women by Montale

Oud Fool Roses - A Luxury Legacy

Oud Fool Roses is a fragrance that honors the timeless beauty of roses and the rich essence of oud. It starts with tangerine and exquisite Taif rose notes, leading to a core of oud wood and white musk embraced by the comforting touch of labdanum. Perfect for evenings, this scent is ideal for those who exude confidence and flair.

Intense Cafe Unisex fragrance by Montale

You can customize your experience by combining it with Roses Musk, Intense Café or Vanilla Absolu for a touch that enhances any occasion.

Vanille Absolu perfume for Women by Montale

Creating Your Signature Scent with Montale

Montale sets itself apart by offering an approach to blending fragrances encouraging you to mix and match scents that reflect your style. Whether you're drawn to Bubble Forever’s joyfulness, Beast Loves daring spirit or Oud Fool Roses elegance layering allows for unlimited combinations.

Roses Musk perfume for Women by Montale

Vanilla Cake Unisex fragrance by Montale

Embark on a Fragrance Journey with Montale

Montale invites you on an adventure where each scent unveils experiences, memories and aspects of yourself. From the streets of Paris, to the beauty of nature and the indulgence of luxury these perfumes celebrate life’s diverse tapestry. Whether you're a perfume connoisseur or just starting out Montale encourages you to discover your scent story through exploration and blending.


Elena Miroslava

Elena Miroslava is a renowned perfumer, known for her creative and innovative approach to fragrance design. With a diverse background that blends Mediterranean and Eastern European influences, Elena has made significant contributions to contemporary perfumery. Her work is marked by a unique fusion of scientific precision and artistic flair. Elena Miroslava's full bio

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