Carolina Herrera 212 x MTV The New Golden Trio

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Carolina Herrera 212 x MTV The New Golden Trio

Carolina Herrera’s latest creations intertwines fragrances with culture through a collaboration with MTV. Together they have introduced "A Golden Fragrance Trio," a collection that pays tribute to MTVs impact on music and pop culture.

Each scent in this trio tells a story encouraging fans to delve into them and compare them with Carolina Herrera’s favorites. Let’s take a look at each fragrance highlighting their notes and the exciting evolution they bring to the world of perfumes.

212 Men NYC MTV cologne for Men by Carolina Herrera

212 Men NYC x MTV - Embodying the essence of New York

The 212 Men NYC x MTV edition embodies the essence of New York City with its sophisticated blend. Combining woody and spicy notes it kicks off with cardamom and Sichuan pepper for an introduction.

212 Men Aqua cologne for Men by Carolina Herrera

This fragrance deviates from the scent of 212 Men Aqua and the citrusy feel of 212 Men Summer offering a luxurious depth instead. Ideal for nights when making a statement is key it captures both New York’s vibrancy and MTVs cultural flair.

212 VIP Black MTV cologne for Men by Carolina Herrera

212 VIP Black x MTV - A Toast to Nightlife

Paying homage to MTVs era the 212 VIP Black x MTV edition fuses nightclub ambience, with rhythms. Lavender, lemon, turmeric, absinthe and saffron blend harmoniously to create a yet lavish aroma that distinguishes it from its predecessors.

212 VIP Black cologne for Men by Carolina Herrera

It's not just a perfume; it's a symbol that captures the spirit of joy and exclusivity. Perfect for special moments this fragrance speaks to those who want to make an impact.

212 Men Heroes MTV cologne for Men by Carolina Herrera

212 Men Heroes x MTV - Daytime Explorer

Tailored for the man who thrives during the day 212 Men Heroes x MTV presents an outlook. It combines pepper, ginger, lavender and geranium in an amber blend that settles into a base of vetiver and vanilla.

212 Men Heroes cologne for Men by Carolina Herrera

This scent reimagines the sophistication of "212 Men" with a daring twist. Ideal for visionaries and trendsetters it's the daytime partner for those who follow their path.

A Trio That Tells Music Stories

This collection not only highlights Carolina Herrera's mastery in perfumery but also pays homage to MTVs enduring influence on different generations. From the edgy 212 Men NYC x MTV to the 212 VIP Black x MTV and the rebellious 212 Men Heroes x MTV—each fragrance brings its distinct charm to the mix. They harmoniously blend elements with innovation and sophistication, with rebellion catering to various preferences and occasions.

These exclusive fragrances provide enthusiasts and collectors with an opportunity to possess a piece of history that influences fashion, music and fragrance. Whether you're captivated by the elegance of New York the ambiance of the evening or the daring vitality of daytime there's a scent, within this trio to share its narrative with you.


Eliza Thornberry

Eliza Thornberry
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Background: An environmental science graduate and a passionate advocate for sustainability, Eliza focuses on eco-friendly and ethically sourced perfumes.
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