Christian Dior Extrait De Parfum Fragrance Collection 2014

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Christian Dior Extrait De Parfum Fragrance Collection 2014

The Extrait is the most significant presence of fragrance in the history of contemporary perfumery and the most leading design of the perfumer's practice. Through the riches of its natural ingredients that develop differently on individual's body chemistry, from its extremely high concentration and through its fine, timeless application that takes us back to the history of excellent Perfumery.

Concerning François Demachy, the Extrait is the soul of a perfume, and most significantly a development of the primary fragrance ingredient to reveal its complete density. This is a fine practice of purity and classiness which demands a confident understanding of proportions and the search for the most exposing portions. Floral absolutes are the personality of an Extrait, François Demachy favored them for the sexy superiority they provided to the formula. For performing with absolutes is the single method to discover the very heart of the flower to capture its substance and potency, and sometimes reveal findings of some truly amazing aspects. The Extrait de Parfum grows entirely on the skin, dispersing a wealthy trace of scent.

"The extract is the enhanced olfactory idea of the accord. It is the original accord, the essence of the fragrance" - François Demachy.

Currently, the House of Dior presents a handful of five legendary Extraits de Parfum, five creations that honor the magnificence of flowers, the craftsmanship of mankind and the hard work that goes into creation. François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, is their creator. He gives us his very own perception of an extraordinary talent of perfumery that sustains these days more than ever before the impressive ingenuity of Christian Dior.

Every Dior Parfum includes Rose de Mai Absolute. The queen of perfumery, this ancient rose is grown exclusively in the Grasse, area of southern France. It gives a full-bodied, powdery scent with touches of honey and pepper. Rose de Mai is cultivated exclusively for Dior in the south of France by two flower growers that share Dior's goal for outstanding natural ingredients: the Clos de Callian and the Domaine de Manon in Grasse.

Entirely natural locations, extraordinary by the quality of their terrain, their climate and their position, at the heart of the Domaine de Manon, for three generations the same family has maintained the custom of growing flowers for perfume. Remarkable and unique resourcefulness that has been safeguarded by a unique relationship with the House of Dior

Poison Extrait De Parfum
A spicy floral elixir, Poison is a skin scent like no other, in the Extrait de Parfum, François Demachy revisited the famous accord by enhancing its sensual personality. Highlighting the power of its spicy notes, he created a floral elixir with a wealthy, continuous trace of scent, with natural substances such as Coriander, Vanilla, Tuberose Absolute and Rose de Mai Absolute.

Miss Dior Extrait De Parfum
The magnificence of a floral and lustrous chypre, the Miss Dior signature is chypre - a renowned accord in perfumery. Metamorphosed by Dior and presented with a modern edge to be changed into an impressive and stylish creation. For the Extrait de Parfum, François Demachy developed the Miss Dior accord for enhanced complexity; he created an extraordinarily lustrous floral chypre that combines Essence of Indonesian Patchouli with floral absolutes: Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute and Rose de Mai Absolute.

Miss Dior Original Extrait De Parfum
The timeless elegance of chypre, the initial fragrance by Christian Dior, Miss Dior Original transformed the face of perfumery with its groundbreaking accord, a classy perfume with a dash of insolence. In the Extrait de Parfum, the initial accord starts up in a potent trace that gives its striking, classy factors: a green floral chypre that mixes Galbanum, Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Rose de Mai Absolute and Essence of Indonesian Patchouli.

J'Adore Extrait De Parfum
Utter femininity in a floral bouquet, J'adore is the smell of beautiful flowers that bloom with complete female attractiveness. For the Extrait de Parfum, François Demachy's aspiration was to offer a dense and remarkable look of the primary accord. In pursuit of an impressive concentration, he created a nice and strong bouquet of flowers that perform in incredible balance. Utilizing perfume substances with identity like Rose de Mai Absolute, Damascus Rose Absolute, Jasmine Sambac Absolute and Ylang-Ylang Essence.

Diorissimo Extrait De Parfum
A lustrous and unique lily-of-the-valley, Diorissimo an outstanding classic created by Christian Dior in 1956 with the assistance of renowned perfumer Edmond Roudnitska. A fragrance that brings to mind freshly picked lily-of-the-valley in the spring season; the Extrait de Parfum brings out a stylized lily-of-the-valley with a contemporary layout. It retains the signature of the original accord, boosted by a potent concentration. A floral creation created around a lily-of-the-valley accord elevated with the substance of Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine Absolute and Rose de Mai Absolute.

The art of the Extrait Bottle by Dior, valuable hand-made bottles exhibit noble substances and divine adornment. The secret to their final outcome lays in the expert craftsmanship of the ladies in the Dior workshop, as well as in the many talents employed to enhance each bottle's attractiveness. The ladies of the workshop perform skills acquired via knowledge that was passed along each generation until our times. Like the Art of Baudruchage: a classic technique that entails securing the neck of the bottle with an all-natural tissue layer/membrane known as a baudruche. Through great talents, the baudruche is secured with thin gold or silver thread, snugly bound to ensure the bottles are entirely air and water sealed. Moreover the ladies of the workshop secure the bow, wrap the thread and place the seal, all the secrets of the trade that make the bottles so fascinating.

A lot of you will probably ask yourself the best way to use an Extrait De Parfum, a responsive knowledge, the Parfum is applied extremely sparingly, directly on the skin, at the rear of the ear lobe, on the inside of the elbow or wrist. The Extrait de Parfum subsequently develops out a rich trace of aroma: a scent of the skin with the effect of everlasting femininity.

Each perfume of the new Extrait De Parfum fragrance collection from the house of Dior is offered in 15ml/0.5oz miniature editions priced at 175USD.

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