Feels Like Summer Women 2024 s.Oliver New Summer Fragrance

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Feels Like Summer Women 2024 s.Oliver New Summer Fragrance

Enjoy the summer vibes, with s.Olivers FEELS LIKE SUMMER fragrance line. Each year s.Oliver celebrates the essence of summer with a scent experience that embodies the warmth, freedom and lively spirit of the season. Explore the charm of the 2024 edition as it continues to capture the moments of summer days and breezy evenings.

Feels Like Summer 2021 perfume for Women by s.Oliver

The Changing Nature of FEELS LIKE SUMMER

Every new release in s.Olivers FEELS LIKE SUMMER collection offers an olfactory journey reflecting the essence of summer. The 2021 Feels Like Summer edition blends floral notes, with a hint of sea breeze while 2022 Feels Like Summer combines desert and coastal elements with fruity and musky undertones. In 2023 Feels Like Summer immerses you in a paradise with a fusion of fruits and florals layered over a woody base.

Feels Like Summer 2022 perfume for Women by s.Oliver

SUMMER VIBES 2024 - Embracing a Fresh Start

The latest s.Oliver Feels Like Summer 2024 release marks the beginning of a new era, in capturing the essence of summer vibes. Infused with melon, lily of the valley and peach notes it offers a delightful burst of energy. The heart notes unfold with rose, jasmine and violet painting a picture of summer blooms while the base notes of driftwood, sandalwood and musk bring a comforting warmth and depth to the fragrance.

Feels Like Summer 2023 perfume for Women by s.Oliver

Continuing the Tradition with Fruits and Flowers

Each annual Feels Like Summer edition brings its blend of fruity and floral scents setting it apart from its predecessors. The 2024 edition stands out with its fusion of fruitiness and floral elegance. Contrasting with the peony and peach flower focus in 2021. The bold desert and coastal fragrances in 2022 while 2023 introduced fruit infused florals. The latest offering combines summer fruits with accents and woody undertones for a multi-dimensional scent experience. Maintaining its dedication to sustainability and vegan ingredients the collections packaging aligns with each fragrances theme—hinting at tranquil seaside moments, in the beautifully designed 2024 packaging.

Feels Like Summer 2024 perfume for Women by s.Oliver

Attention all s.Oliver fans!

Dive into the essence of summer, with the Feels Like Summer collection. Each year brings a new fragrance experience from the flowery notes of 2021 to the adventurous vibes of 2022 the tropical scents of 2023 and the calming seaside aura of 2024. The latest edition showcases s.Olivers expertise, in capturing the essence of summer ensuring that wearers carry a piece of the season with them wherever they go.


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