Givenchy Fragrance Collection 2023

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Givenchy Fragrance Collection 2023

Givenchy 2023 Fragrance Oeuvre: Perfume Connoisseur

Join me, your seasoned scent savant, in the exclusive revelation of Givenchy's latest aromatic masterpieces. This iconic house has, yet again, transcended the ordinary, crafting exquisite narratives that resonate through every bottle. Let's embark on this sensuous journey through their 2023 collection.

Collection Particulier Faux Semblant

First, we traverse the shadowy corridors of Givenchy's Hôtel Particulier, where 'Faux Semblant' lies hidden, a fragrant paradox dwelling in twilight. Enveloped in luxurious Australian Sandalwood and enigmatic Orange Blossom, this scent is an ode to contrasts. As the curtains part, the air is imbued with Frankincense's mystique, unfurling a sumptuous White Flower heart encased in golden amber hues of Miel de Provence. The crescendo? A harmonious collusion of Sandalwood and the profound Essence of Oud Wood.

Behold the olfactory marvel that is Oud - distilled patiently from the heart of Aquilaria trees, yielding its most precious wood to perfumery. Its intoxicating presence in 'Faux Semblant' punctuates the perfume with an undeniable opulence. This is not merely a scent; it's an experience, an encounter with one's deepest self amidst the backdrop of Givenchy's legendary Hôtel Particulier.

Available in its intense avatar, Givenchy Collection Particulier Faux Semblant Eau de Parfum Intense, it promises an unforgettable aromatic sojourn.
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $310.00

Givenchy Collection Particulier Temeraire

'Téméraire', a daredevil in its own right, challenges the nocturnal with its vibrant heart of tuberose, cradled by the unexpected embrace of an ink accord. This audacious spirit is further intensified by spicy whispers of cardamom and clove leaf, seamlessly melding with the dark allure of iris and jasmine. The finale is a symphony of leathery, woody, and smoky notes, all warmed by amber cade and benzoin.

Each spritz of 'Téméraire' is a testament to the free-spirited and the bold, encapsulating a duel between the pristine tuberose and the enigmatic ink. Encased in a bottle that sports a deep black cap and a metallic ring, it's a tactile delight, echoing the fragrance's architectural sophistication.

Embrace the audacious with Givenchy Collection Particulier Temeraire Eau de Parfum Intense.
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $325.00

Givenchy Gentleman Society

'Gentleman Society', Givenchy's olfactory tribute to men who defy conventions, is where the untamed Wild Narcissus blooms amidst a mysterious woody accord. Championed by the multifaceted Benjamin Clementine, this fragrance is for those who craft their own destiny. Its harmonious blend of Vetiver, Sage, and Narcissus Flower marks the pinnacle of masculine elegance and refinement.

Join the ranks of the 'Gentleman Society' with Givenchy Gentleman Society Eau de Parfum and its Soothing Deodorant Stick, a quintessential ritual for the modern man.
60ml/2.0oz – Price: $78.00
100ml/3.3oz – Price: $98.00
75ml/2.5oz – Price: $32.00 (Deodorant Stick)

Irresistible Givenchy Rose Velvet

With 'Irresistible Rose Velvet', Givenchy crafts a tender sonnet where velvety rose petals waltz with white patchouli. This tantalizing Eau de Parfum is a garden in full bloom, with pear's crisp sweetness harmonizing with the dewy freshness of rose and peony. At its core, Orris and Ambergris accord form a sensual tandem, leading you through a floral fantasia.

Encounter the sublime with Irresistible Givenchy Rose Velvet Eau de Parfum, a scent that promises an irresistible allure, morning to dusk.
50ml/1.7oz – Price: $93.00
80ml/2.7oz – Price: $124.00

Givenchy L'Interdit Millesime

'L'Interdit Millesime' is an homage to the forbidden, a scent that dares you to defy. Givenchy has harvested the rarest Orange Blossom from their own groves in Vallauris, France, a limited edition that celebrates nature's transient beauty. Its heart unfolds with a unique blend of Madagascar Vanilla and White Musk, underlined by the depth of Patchouli.

Experience the exhilaration of 'L'Interdit Millesime' with Givenchy L'Interdit Millesime Eau de Parfum, and succumb to its compelling charm.
50ml/1.7oz – Price: $110.00
100ml/3.3oz – Price: $149.00

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