Jean Patou Heritage Fragrance Collection 2014

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Jean Patou Heritage Fragrance Collection 2014

The House of Jean Patou has shaped the world of remarkable fragrances with celebrated aromas among them Joy, Sublime and 1000 which have immortalized its reputation as an appearance of fineness and admiration. This reputation continued last year with the successful return of three classic Jean Patou perfumes from the heritage archive. Patou Pour Homme, Chaldee and Eau De Patou were picked by in-house perfumer, Thomas Fontaine to indicate the re-birth of the House and to satisfy the prolonged demand by perfume lovers all over the globe.

Jean Patou Collection Heritage Chaldee: When initially introduced in 1927 Chaldee was a genuine encounter. Clothing has shortened and women's legs are exposed. Female freedom is happening as restraining corsets and bras are disposed of and daring swimming suits make their risky appearance at the seaside. Chaldee 2013 starts as the foremost ever suntan oil as summer season vacations become the craze concerning the chic individuals. It was the perfume of Huile de Chaldee that was so popular. An oriental, floral, spicy powdery scent made up of Amber and flowers, spice and Opopanax. This striking combination was enhanced by the warmness of the sun and Chaldee was formulated. The new Chaldee is a scent which brings to imagination the riches of La Belle Epoque and a time of freedom and change.

Jean Patou Collection Heritage Patou Pour Homme: This type of reputation of Jean Patou's reception of the feminine fashion was only a challenge of time when the memorable honor to manly classiness was developed. Patou Pour Homme 2013 is purely a genuine men's fragrance. At first launched in 1980 Patou Pour Homme is a plentiful warm complex aroma including natural essential oils with a noble long lasting character which echoes the nature of masculinity. Top notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Glabanum and Pepper evolve to aromatic Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, Tarragon and Violet Leaves once the magnificent base creates strength and recognition with Patchouli, Leather, Olibanum and Ambergris. The classiness and undeniable style of the man himself is embodied by this timeless scent.

Jean Patou Collection Heritage Eau De Patou: A crispy and vibrant fragrance that mirrors carefree moments and peacefulness, Eau De Patou 2013 has a soft impression and a sophisticated freshness unequaled in the Jean Patou selection. Developed first in 1976 as a unisex fragrance Eau De Patou is a real presence of independence and style that endures for the whole day. A light tonic with fruity characteristics that shimmer with accords of bergamot, Sicilian Citrus, Guinea Orange and Sweet Lime mixed with Pepper Lavender and Orange Flower. This Eau de Toilette is light and fresh but still is absolutely fashionable and unmistakably Jean Patou.

1925 - The period was a transforming phase, France is victorious and Paris celebrates the time with excess and creativeness. In this environment of overindulgence, women seek for freedom. In this very year, Jean Patou produces a triplet of scents which are evocative of the three wonderful conditions of love: Amour Amour, Que Sais-Je? and Adieu Sagesse. With these three perfumes, these three instances, Jean Patou reveals the story of changing patterns and reflects an entire era.

1925 is a crucial instance in time, the ending of one era and the beginning of another. The temperament of the pre-war years finally gives way to that of the instances of unique cultural edge "annees folles".

Jean Patou Collection Heritage Deux Amours: Consider the instant your heart beats faster. An admiration granted to his child years, Jean Patou developed an enlightening harmony of florals, fresh yet ever-lasting. "Amour Amour" demonstrates the magnificent, classiness and a rich impression of the materialistic lifestyle. A splendid combination of floral greens, Deux Amours 2014 begins with sun-kissed Bergamot and Neroli which rest on a floral bed of aromatic Rose, Jasmin, Tuberose and Ylang. The perfume outcomes in a memory of amazing woodlands with warming Sandalwood and the audacious scent of Styrax, Deux Amours, trendy while exceptionally aromatic.

Jeaan Patou Collection Heritage Adieu Sagesse: Take the moment you give your heart away. A master in understanding females, Patou generally created scents centered on the miracle of femininity. Adieu Sagesse 2014, a floral scent with a sexy trace. Well-beloved for its distinctive notes, Patou proudly revealed this Signature aroma to the world, and history was created. Fascinating notes of Neroli, Lily of the Valley and Neroli are combined together with the exciting aromas of Musk and Civet to create an everlasting signature on the skin. Take the richness of a unique heritage fragrance which instantly evokes emotions of the sun-drenched holidays.

Jean Patou Collection Heritage Que Sais-Je?: The period of spectacular surprise, the moment your dedication starts dithering, Que Sais Je? is the initial concern and cease for thought, the determination to go even farther while not realizing exactly where to. The aroma begins with the sweet tones of Peach, Apricot and Orange Flower which are delicately caressed with the refined floral notes of Rose, Carnation and Jasmin. This sweet story is polished off with delicate streaks of Honey and Patchouli. Que Sais Je? 2014 a unique mixture of fruity warmth and flowery gentleness in a magnificent cypress fragrance.

The third appearance to the Collection Heritage is a variety of celebratory fragrances formulated by Jean Patou to signify a few of France's most crucial times in history.

Jean Patou Collection Heritage L'Heure Attendue: A well-known and liberating aroma created to recall that long expected occasion - The Liberation. The misty surroundings have cleared, night is no longer and the sun has gone up gloriously once more. L'Heure Attendue 2014 holds witness to this rediscovered freedom, a woody spicy oriental aroma, a heartening and subtle scent that resonates a classy relaxing aroma, connected with a new mellowness of living.

Jean Patou Collection Heritage Vacances: The liberty and celebration of getting paid holidays were celebrated in style across France by plenty of people, as well as Jean Patou. Vacances 2014 a green powdery floral composed of fresh, green forest accords which are interlaced with gentle florals.

Jean Patou Collection Heritage Colony: The sky is blanketed in darkness and whispers of war arrive from abroad. There is a hope to be anyplace else. People would like a warmer sun and wider horizons. As an impulse to these wishes and ambitions, Colony 2014 is created. A Green Fruity Floral - a balmy symphony of pungent spices and wealthy jungle greens results in an impressive fragrance that brings a touch of Creole beauty. The new aroma is a fashionable change of the historic Colony fragrance.

The quality of these superb scents is further enhanced by the classy elegant new bottle which draws its inspiration from the classic Jean Patou selection. Distinct, uncomplicated and timeless the substantial container illustrates the extravagance of Collection Heritage. The subtle Jean Patou logo is branded on the reverse of the bottle while the fragrance marking is exhibited in humble style on the front side. A black wooden stopper with the recognized JP logo imprinted seals the aroma within. A fancy black box encases each fragrance and a basic pillow block functions as the supporting base for each bottle. The traditions and history of Jean Patou and mainly each fragrance in this new range is introduced by an associating pamphlet brimming with illustrative details.

The new inclusions to Jean Patou's Heritage Collection are anticipated to make their presence in September 2014, in 100ml editions of Eau de Parfum formulation.

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