Kenzo Memori Collection Fragrances 2022

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Kenzo Memori Collection Fragrances 2022

The Kenzo Memori Collection enter the Machiya. A homage to the House’s Japanese origins and its founder’s inspiring vitality imbued with a happy childhood, the Kenzo Memori Collection provides seven outstanding fragrances. Created by seven great French master perfumers, they magnificently boost iconic Japanese ingredients.

Dreamlike, delighted and subtle, the Memori Collection is a passage through Kenzo’s fragrance remembrance. Take in the happy memories of childhood sensations. In Japan, Kenzo grew up in a traditional tea house. A childhood filled with thousands of aromas. This olfactory treasure trove has influenced Kenzo Parfums to create the Kenzo Memori Collection, which means memory in Japanese. Seven joyful and tranquilizing Eaux de Parfum. Enter the Tea House and relive Kenzo's olfactory memories.

The Kenzo Memori Collection bottles are inspired by a sake flask. They contain 15% recycled glass, and the package is made from responsibly sourced paper. Transparent and sealed by a white cap evoking the stones of Zen gardens, the bottle unveils each pastel tonality of the perfumes through pure and exquisite lines.

Memori Ciel Magnolia

The most treasured memory of the tea house the Ciel Magnolia Eau de Parfum, for women and men. In the garden, behind the shoji* doors, the tree deluges the sky with its pink petals. Gentle as the silk of a kimono, the wind lets out the aroma of the musky magnolia. A memorable experience, the starting point of The Kenzo Memori Collection.

Perfumer Quentin Bisch explains, "I was inspired by an encounter with a forest of magnolia trees in bloom. The beauty of a radiant sunny day: the pink and white petals contrast with a clear blue sky, while being framed by the woody richness of vast branches full of blooming flowers."

Kenzo Memori Collection Ciel Magnolia Eau de Parfum
75ml/2.5oz – Price: $99.00

Memori Cedre Secret

Exploring the living room of the tea house, by the fire, the warmth of cedar wood blends with the autumn lights that brush through the room. This memory influenced a fragrance in the Kenzo Memori Collection: Cedre Secret. An Eau de Parfum, for women and men, with a woody trace lighted by orange blossom.

For Nelly Hachem-Ruiz: "Cedre Secret is my interpretation of this traditional Japanese chestnut cake. I then developed this base into a very mild, woody scent, like the comforting smell of a family home..."

Kenzo Memori Collection Cedre Secret Eau de Parfum
75ml/2.5oz – Price: $99.00

Memori Coeur Azuki

Its Tea time, the delicious aroma of azuki beans gently candied in sugar. Shortly, the child will enjoy mochis with their tangy blackcurrant heart. Sticky with sugar, his little fingers gently brush against his palate, exciting him with a flavor that will last forever. Coeur Azuki Eau de Parfum, for women and men, is a sophisticated gourmand creation.

As Delphine Lebau explains, the creative work for this perfume was obvious: "I wanted to work with azuki. Often used in the form of a sweet paste, I had to interpret this distinctive texture as a scent. I then blended it with other sensations, such as the sweet acidity of blackcurrant buds and the creaminess of vanilla-flavoured rice."

Kenzo Memori Collection Coeur Azuki Eau de Parfum
75ml/2.5oz – Price: $99.00

Memori Nuit Tatami

As the Night falls, the house is still. Out in the open, the sky is decorated with stars, this is the moment for dreams. The aroma of tatami mats floods the room with a soothing aroma. Pierced with pink peppers, the rice straw gloves itself in mellow amber musks. Nuit Tatami is the perfect Eau de Parfum, for women and men, for sweet dreams.

Karine Dubreuil Sereni shares with us her influences: "I was inspired by Tatami, the iconic Japanese material made from fresh green rice straw found in every home. I like the idea that tatami is constantly evolving over time and the life of the home. A real refuge, I wanted to bring out this dimension of cocooning comfort, by pairing warm ambrette notes with creamy vanilla notes."

Kenzo Memori Collection Nuit Tatami Eau de Parfum
75ml/2.5oz – Price: $99.00

Memori Poudre Matcha

The tea ceremony. A ritual whose expressions the child recognizes by heart. Under the routine beating of the small bamboo whisk, a foam is created and the green matcha powder colors the hot water. Tranquilizing, toasty smells flood the room. Far outside the rain is slowly receding. This memory marks Poudre Matcha Eau de Parfum, for women and for men, a mate tea adorned with a velvety vanilla rose.

Jean-Christophe Herault reveals to us his secrets behind the fragrance: "I’ve a passion for warm and toasted aromas. These ingredients tell a lot of stories, even when they are only added in trace amounts. It was therefore only natural that I wanted to reproduce the sensations of a Japanese tea, a cross between matcha and genmaicha. But I wanted to showcase the hidden facets of this tea by adding musk, rose and vanilla to it. The blend offers a surprising mix of comfort and originality. Poudre Matcha is gentle and nostalgic, the embodiment of a happy memory."

Kenzo Memori Collection Poudre Matcha Eau de Parfum
75ml/2.5oz – Price: $99.00

Memori Reve Lotus

Memories of happy strolls, clouds reflected in the pond. Reve Lotus Eau de Parfum, for women and men, is an ode to reverie and contemplation. Cottony flowers covered in a comforting mimosa and white musk accord for endless skin comfort. A gentle trail of sandalwood and ambroxan lingers in the air.

For Quentin Bisch: "I was inspired by the play of textures conveyed in an iconic Japanese lotus: a dreamlike flower that combines the fluidity and freshness of water with the delicate and powdery sensation of freshly bloomed petals."

Kenzo Memori Collection Reve Lotus Eau de Parfum
75ml/2.5oz – Price: $99.00

Memori Soleil The

The golden light of long summer afternoons glows through the shoji*. At tea time, children take pleasure in a magical experience: a flower blossoms in their cup on contact with the simmering water. A glowing presentation of this poetic bloom, Soleil The is a musky floral Eau de Parfum, for women and men. Right from the beginning, ginseng tea exudes its energy. Imbued with powdered iris, it blossoms in the light of white musk. A summer caress on the skin.

Jérôme Di Marino explains to us the origin of these floral notes: "Inspired by ginseng, an ingredient from the Far East with invigorating properties, I wanted to combine two legends, one from the West and the other from the East; the blue-blooded flower and the root of life previously reserved for Emperors. By choosing Iris, this iconic flower of Western perfumery with powdery accents, I wanted to create a surprising and addictive infusion, like an abstract journey in time and space"

Kenzo Memori Collection Soleil The Eau de Parfum
75ml/2.5oz – Price: $99.00

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