Oscar de la Renta Alibi Eau So Charming Chic Lucky

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Oscar de la Renta Alibi Eau So Charming Chic Lucky

Exploring the New Fragrances, from Alibi - A Look into Oscar de la Rentas Latest Scent Creations

Discover the scents of Alibi Eau So Chic, Eau So Charming and Eau So Lucky by Oscar de la Renta. These new fragrances blend tradition with modernity weaving a story of sophistication, charm and luck that appeals to both Alibi fans and newcomers. Let’s delve into the allure of these enchanting scents and their significance in the history of Oscar de la Renta.

The latest additions, to the Alibi fragrance line promise an olfactory journey that honors its origins while venturing into new territories.

Alibi Eau So Chic Daytime Bliss

Eau So Chic combines citrus with deep woody notes crafting a contemporary scent that stands out from the original Alibis more luxurious and warmer base. Eau So Chic brings a citrusy floral twist, to the original Alibis opulent oriental floral richness presenting a lighter and more daytime appropriate elegance.

Alibi Eau So Chic perfume for Women by Oscar De La Renta

Designed for individuals who lead their day with energy and style while effortlessly blending professionalism with a hint of fun. Alibi Eau So Chic is ideal, for work settings or chic brunches, where its citrusy woody floral accents enhance sophistication and self-assurance.

Alibi Eau So Charming Romantic Evenings

Eau So Charming presents a blend of warm notes adding a lighter and more whimsical feel, in contrast to the deep allure of Eau Sensuelle. While Eau So Charming showcases a sophisticated twist with its amber rose composition Eau Sensuelle delves into sensuality with a softer and more intimate floral essence.

Alibi Eau So Charming perfume for Women by Oscar De La Renta

Designed for individuals exuding mystery and elegance effortlessly infusing sophistication into every moment whether casual or intimate. Alibi Eau So Charming is perfect for gatherings or romantic nights out, its floral amber rose scent elevates a refined charm.

Alibi Eau So Lucky Surprising Adventure

Eau So Lucky, with its floral and fruity scents brings a positive vibe standing out with its lively freshness. It offers a floral fruity freshness that differs from the Alibi EDT by exuding a dynamic essence marking a lively departure from the deeper more alluring base notes of previous versions.

Alibi Eau So Lucky perfume for Women by Oscar De La Renta

Designed for those who embrace life’s adventures with optimism and an open mind embodying energy and spontaneity. Alibi Eau So Lucky is perfect for outings or casual gatherings, where its vibrant floral fruity essence evokes positivity and a feeling of liberation.

Each release enriches the Alibi story. It also demonstrates the brands skill, in capturing the diverse characteristics of its audience through fragrance.


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