Wild Mint & Lavandin Molton Brown New Fragrance Collection

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Wild Mint & Lavandin Molton Brown New Fragrance Collection

Set free your senses and venture into the lush embrace of the Molton Brown Wild Mint and Lavender Perfume. Transport yourself to a serene forest haven as this captivating fragrance takes you on a tranquil journey through nature's symphony. A harmonious blend of floral and herbal essences dances on your skin, reminiscent of a peaceful stroll in the wilderness.

Experience the enchantment of orris root, nutmeg, and lavandin notes lingering like whispered secrets in the air, guiding you along a shaded path. Sharp mint invigorates your senses, a cool breeze that awakens the spirit. As the fragrance unfolds, tonka bean weaves its gentle warmth, painting a modern and elegant aura that captivates.

Picture a forest stream's crystal waters, a hidden sanctuary of shrubs and foliage. Wild mint unfurls its invigorating embrace, offering both upliftment and soothing solace. Amidst this lush scenery, orris root and creamy nutmeg find grounding in tonka bean, elevated by lavandin's aromatic power. A realm where the untamed meets refinement, a sensory awakening that unfolds naturally.

Lively, uplifting, and undeniably captivating – this fragrance embodies the essence of savage beauty. Crafted by the skilled hands of senior perfumer Nathalie Koobus, the scent draws inspiration from leisurely walks in the Provençal forest near her home. Immerse yourself in the invigorating essence of herbaceous shrubs and the lavender-kissed air, capturing the very heart of nature's rejuvenating embrace.

Wild Mint & Lavandin Eau de Toilette

Embark on an exhilarating journey through a serene forest with this captivating Eau de Toilette. Immerse yourself in the brisk embrace of wild mint, elevated by the richness of exclusive lavandin, a potent lavender variant responsibly gathered from Provence. A modern twist of sensual orris root adds a sophisticated allure, while the heart of the fragrance unfolds into a velvety tapestry of tonka bean. Experience nature's invigorating embrace and unleash a revitalizing symphony of scents that linger in the air.

Wild Mint & Lavandin Eau de Toilette
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $110.00

Wild Mint & Lavandin Eau de Parfum

Indulge in the allure of nature's finest with this invigorating eau de parfum, crafting a trail of untamed beauty. Elevate your senses with an exhilarating burst of untamed wild mint, entwined with the aromatic charm of lavandin, a robust and sustainably sourced lavender variant from Provence. Infused with the warmth of orris root and the creaminess of nutmeg, this fragrance encapsulates a contemporary sophistication that unfolds like a wild journey of elegance. Awaken your spirit and immerse yourself in a symphony of fresh scents that linger in the air, a testament to the untamed essence of life's natural wonders.

Wild Mint & Lavandin Eau de Parfum
100ml/3.4oz – Price: $143.00

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