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L'Erbolario Collection

L'Erbolario's first fragrance: Citrus introduced in 2009 was L'Erbolario's first creation.

L'Erbolario's newest fragrance: Pistacchio released in 2024 is the latest addition to L'Erbolario's fragrance list. Here you will find all the new perfumes from L'Erbolario along with the most popular fragrances in the collection.

L'Erbolario Range

L'Erbolario Fragrance Collection History: L'Erbolario fragrance collection include the following fragrances Assenzio Unisex fragrance, Acacia Unisex fragrance, Acqua Di Colonia Imperiale Unisex fragrance, Mandorla Unisex fragrance, Ambraliquida Unisex fragrance, Corteccia cologne for Men, Bergamotto Unisex fragrance, Caprifoglio perfume for Women, Garofano Unisex fragrance, China Unisex fragrance, Felci cologne for Men, Fiorichiari perfume for Women, Iris perfume for Women, Lavanda perfume for Women, Mughetto perfume for Women, Magnolia perfume for Women, Meharees Unisex fragrance, Mimosa perfume for Women, Mirto cologne for Men, Muschio Unisex fragrance, Muschio Bianco Unisex fragrance, Fioriscuri perfume for Women, Myrrhae Unisex fragrance, Narciso Sublime perfume for Women, Neroli Neroli perfume for WomenNostos Unisex fragrance, Orangerie Unisex fragrance, Petali & Fiori perfume for Women, Rosa perfume for Women, Rugiada D'Oriente Unisex fragrance, Sandalo Unisex fragrance, Spezie Unisex fragrance, Te Bianco Unisex fragrance, Te Verde Unisex fragrance, Te & Cedro Unisex fragrance, Tiare perfume for Women, Tuberosa perfume for Women, Vaniglia Unisex fragrance, Vaniglia E Zenzero Unisex fragrance, Verde Unisex fragrance, Vetiver De La Reunion cologne for Men, Acqua Di Colonia Del Ponte Unisex fragrance, Il Profumo dei Piccoli Unisex fragrance, Iris Tenue perfume for Women, Citrus Unisex fragrance 2009, Legni Fruttati Unisex fragrance 2009, Patchouly Unisex fragrance 2009, Peonie perfume for Women 2009, Dolcelisir Unisex fragrance 2010, Fiore Dell'Onda Unisex fragrance 2010, Frutto Della Passione perfume for Women 2010, Periplo cologne for Men 2010, 3 Rosa perfume for Women 2011, Papavero Soave perfume for Women 2011, Primaverde Unisex fragrance 2011, Uomo cologne for Men 2011, Accordo Viola perfume for Women 2012, Acqua Di More perfume for Women 2012, Hedera Unisex fragrance 2012, All'Olio Di Argan Unisex fragrance 2013, Ibisco perfume for Women 2013, Ombra Di Tiglio perfume for Women 2013, Ortensia perfume for Women 2013, Regine Dei Prati Unisex fragrance 2014, Accordo Arancio Unisex fragrance 2014, Camelia perfume for Women 2014, Goji Unisex fragrance 2015, Lilla Lilla perfume for Women 2017, Indaco Unisex fragrance 2017, Fior Di Salina Unisex fragrance 2018, Rabarbaro Unisex fragrance 2018, Danza Di Fiori perfume for Women 2018, Albero Di Giada perfume for Women 2019, Accordo Di Ebano cologne for Men 2019, Sfumature Di Dalia perfume for Women 2019, Bouquet d'Oro perfume for Women 2020, Bouquet d'Argento Unisex fragrance 2020, Foglie di Te Unisex fragrance 2021, Cocco Unisex fragrance 2021, Rosa Purpurea perfume for Women 2021, Bacche Fiori Legni Unisex fragrance 2021, Altea perfume for Women 2022, Cedro di Calabria Unisex fragrance 2022, Frangipani perfume for Women 2022, Melograno Unisex fragrance 2022, Verbena Unisex fragrance 2023, Dolcelisir 2023 Unisex fragrance 2023, Neroli Neroli 2023 perfume for Women 2023, Mandorla 2023 Unisex fragrance 2023, Orangerie 2023 Unisex fragrance 2023, Petali & Fiori 2023 perfume for Women 2023, Notte a Tangeri Unisex fragrance 2023, Alba in Asia perfume for Women 2023, Girasole Unisex fragrance 2024, Ombra Di Tiglio 2024 Unisex fragrance 2024, Narciso Sublime 2024 perfume for Women 2024, Indaco 2024 Unisex fragrance 2024, Pistacchio Unisex fragrance 2024. ... Continue reading [show/hide]

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