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Rasasi's first fragrance: Attar Al Mohabba introduced in 2007 was Rasasi's first creation.

Rasasi's newest fragrance: Boruzz Atheer Cambodia released in 2020 is the latest addition to Rasasi's fragrance list. Here you will find all the new perfumes from Rasasi along with the most popular fragrances in the collection.

Rasasi Range

Rasasi Fragrance Collection History: Rasasi fragrance collection include the following fragrances Abeer perfume for Women, Abyan perfume for Women, Abyan cologne for Men, Admire perfume for Women, Adorable perfume for Women, Afshan Unisex fragrance, Al Attar Al Thameen Unisex fragrance, Al Hobb Al Abady perfume for Women, Al Hobb Al Hakiki perfume for Women, Al Hobb Hayat perfume for Women, Al Lulu Al Aswad perfume for Women, Al Maqam Unisex fragrance, Al Oudh Al Mumaiz cologne for Men, Al Oudh Al Mumaiz perfume for Women, Al Taif Unisex fragrance, Al Ward Al Musk perfume for Women, Al Wisam Evening cologne for Men, Amber Oudh Unisex fragrance, Arba Wardat Unisex fragrance, Attar Al Oudh Red Unisex fragrance, Attar Mubakhar Unisex fragrance, Azhaar Unisex fragrance, Blue For Men cologne for Men, Blue Lady perfume for Women, Busaina perfume for WomenBushra perfume for Women, Catherine perfume for Women, Chastity cologne for Men, Chastity perfume for Women, Cherish perfume for Women, Confidence perfume for Women, Confidence cologne for Men, Daala Al Banat Amani perfume for Women, Daala Al Banat Anaqa perfume for Women, Daala Al Banat Bheja perfume for Women, Darin perfume for Women, Deserve cologne for Men, Deserve perfume for Women, Dhan Al Oudh Al Nokhba Unisex fragrance, Dhan Al Oudh Safwa Unisex fragrance, Dhan Oudh Al Mubakhar Unisex fragrance, Dhanel Oudh Mukhallat Unisex fragrance, Dhanel Oudh Al Nafees perfume for Women, Dhanel Oudh Al Zahab Unisex fragrance, Dhan Oudh Al Combodi Unisex fragrance, Egra cologne for Men, Egra perfume for Women, Emotion perfume for Women, Emotion cologne for Men, Entebaa cologne for Men, Entebaa perfume for Women, Esraa perfume for Women, Faqat Lil Rijal cologne for Men, Feelings perfume for Women, Fighting Temptation cologne for Men, First Love perfume for Women, Gorgeous Woman perfume for Women, Hatem cologne for Men, Hope perfume for Women, Hope cologne for Men, Innocence perfume for Women, Insherah Gold Unisex fragrance, Insherah Silver Unisex fragrance, Instincts perfume for Women, Jaish Unisex fragrance, Jewel perfume for Women, Khaltat Al Khasa perfume for Women, Khaltat Al Oudh Unisex fragrance, Kun Mukthalifan cologne for Men, Kun Mukthalifan perfume for Women, L'Incontournable Blue For Men 2 cologne for Men, L'Incontournable Blue Lady 2 perfume for Women, Maa Arwaak cologne for Men, Maa Arwaak perfume for Women, Mahyouba perfume for Women, Maisam perfume for Women, Manal Unisex fragrance, Mehrab perfume for Women, Mezyuna perfume for Women, Mukhallat Al Oudh Unisex fragrance, Mukhallat Lil Abhaya Wa Shela perfume for Women, Mukhallat Oudh Siufi Unisex fragrance, Muzarkash Unisex fragrance, Opera perfume for Women, Oudh Al Misk Unisex fragrance, Oudh Al Methali Unisex fragrance, Oudh Al Mubakhar Unisex fragrance, Oudh Al Raghda Unisex fragrance, Oudh Al Suifi Unisex fragrance, Rania perfume for Women, Rasasi perfume for Women, Rasasi Pour Femme perfume for Women, Rasasi L'Eau Rouge cologne for Men, Rasasi L'Eau Verte cologne for Men, Rasha Unisex fragrance, Rawda Unisex fragrance, Roaa perfume for Women, Romance perfume for Women, Royale perfume for Women, Royale cologne for Men, Royale Blue perfume for Women, Royale Blue cologne for Men, Ruh Al Teeb perfume for Women, Sadaf Unisex fragrance, Safina perfume for Women, Sahar Unisex fragrance, Samia perfume for Women, Secret perfume for Women, Sharina Unisex fragrance, Shatha Al Oudh Unisex fragrance, Sonia perfume for Women, Soul's Secret perfume for Women, Tagreed Unisex fragrance, Tasmeem cologne for Men, Tasmeem perfume for Women, Twinkle perfume for Women, While In Love Forever perfume for Women, Wisdom cologne for Men, Zinobia perfume for Women, Sandal Wood Unisex fragrance, Zodiac Aquarius Unisex fragrance, Rasasi Life perfume for Women, Hemisphere perfume for Women, Knowledge cologne for Men, Cherish Black perfume for Women, Beauty Art perfume for Women, Al Fakhama perfume for Women, Badia'a perfume for Women, Maliha perfume for Women, Munawara perfume for Women, Rasasi Pearl perfume for Women, Relation perfume for Women, Seduction perfume for Women, Temptation perfume for Women, Unique perfume for Women, Fighting Temptation Blue cologne for Men, Instincts cologne for Men, Power Plus cologne for Men, Privacy cologne for Men, Relation cologne for Men, Romance Forever cologne for Men, True Nature cologne for Men, Truly cologne for Men, Xtraordinaire Musky cologne for Men, Xtraordinaire Aromatic cologne for Men, Afshan Conc Unisex fragrance, Danah Murakkaz Unisex fragrance, Dhanal Oudh Jurrah Unisex fragrance, Dhanal Oudh Nashwah Unisex fragrance, Dhanal Oudh Ruwah Unisex fragrance, Dirham Unisex fragrance, Mukhallat Oudh Al Mubakhar Unisex fragrance, Odah Al Abiyad Unisex fragrance, Tajweed Unisex fragrance, Attar Al Mohabba perfume for Women 2007, Attar Al Mohabba cologne for Men 2007, Al Wisam Day cologne for Men 2009, Daarej perfume for Women 2009, Daarej cologne for Men 2009, Roohy Tehbak perfume for Women 2011, La Yuqawam perfume for Women 2012, La Yuqawam cologne for Men 2012, Bloom Love Of The Valley perfume for Women 2012, Ashaar perfume for Women 2012, Ashaar cologne for Men 2012, Al Attar Al Thameen Al Bahy Unisex fragrance 2013, Folklory Al Ward Green perfume for Women 2013, Folklory Al Ward Pink perfume for Women 2013, La Yuqawam Orchid Prairie perfume for Women 2013, La Yuqawam Tobacco Blaze cologne for Men 2013, Ambition cologne for Men 2014, Ambition perfume for Women 2014, Bent Al Ezz Hana perfume for Women 2014, Bent Al Ezz Nabah perfume for Women 2014, Bent Al Ezz Nadiyah perfume for Women 2014, Bubbly Gal perfume for Women 2014, Rasasi Classic The Collection Numero Due cologne for Men 2014, Rasasi Classic The Collection Numero Uno cologne for Men 2014, Vanity perfume for Women 2014, Woody perfume for Women 2014, Woody cologne for Men 2014, Yazan Unisex fragrance 2014, Dhanal Oudh Nazaha Unisex fragrance 2014, Dhanal Oudh Estethnay Unisex fragrance 2014, Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 cologne for Men 2014, Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 perfume for Women 2014, Hawas perfume for Women 2015, Hawas cologne for Men 2015, Boruzz Abeer Malaysia Unisex fragrance 2015, Boruzz Asrar Indonesia Unisex fragrance 2015, Boruzz Jazeebiyat Musk Tabriz Unisex fragrance 2015, Boruzz Lamaat Musk Tabriz Unisex fragrance 2015, Boruzz Rooh Al Assam Unisex fragrance 2015, La Yuqawam Jasmine Wisp perfume for Women 2016, La Yuqawam Ambergris Showers cologne for Men 2016, Fattan cologne for Men 2018, Nebras Al Ishq Noor Unisex fragrance 2018, Nebras Al Ishq Shorouk Unisex fragrance 2018, Nebras Al Ishq Wahaj Unisex fragrance 2018, Shaghaf perfume for Women 2018, Shaghaf cologne for Men 2018, Qasamat Rasana Unisex fragrance 2020, Qasamat Bareeq Unisex fragrance 2020, Qasamat Ebhar Unisex fragrance 2020, Qasamat Morhaf Unisex fragrance 2020, Boruzz Atheer Cambodia Unisex fragrance 2020. ... 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