Gourmand Perfumes


Gourmand fragrances are perfumes developed with edible or dessert like elements. These usually include notes like vanilla and Tonka bean, as well as synthetic perfume ingredients developed to appear like food tastes (gourmand) such as honey, candy, caramel or toffee and are sometimes blended on a foundation of non-edible notes like patchouli and musk. These olfactory desserts or gourmand fragrances and can be worn by men or women.

If you are looking for a range of perfumes that can bring out your deepest fears and desires, you need the Gourmand! By definition, the gourmand fragrances form a sweet variety of scents. These perfumes are rich in "edible" notes. Yep, you read it right. These fragrances are dominated by edible notes that can trigger your mind and mood. Most people use gourmand fragrances to bring out their childhood memories. They use these fragrances to showcase their carefree nature and childhood indulgence. Some people call the gourmand fragrances as "Foodie perfumes".

Best Gourmand Fragrance for You!

So, what would be the best gourmand fragrance for you? Some of the world's finest designer brands have formulated gourmand perfumes with bright orange candies, creamy rich caramel and ganache sweets in mind. These perfumes can tempt you to have more sweets. They are absolutely irresistible.

By applying the best gourmand fragrance, you can provoke another person to eat you right away! These perfumes display the strong connection between taste and odor. In simpler terms, this describes "flavor".

In short, Gourmand fragrances have captured the perfume industry for the past two decades. These perfumes are here to stay! They are inspired by desserts and edible treats.

Delicious Gourmand Scents Perfume

With respect to notes, the gourmand fragrances have succulent notes. You will come across many gourmand scents with a pinch of fruit and spices. More than 70% of the perfumes are based on vanilla. Some perfumes have unusual notes. This includes notes of coffee, marzipan, candy floss, whiskey, cupcakes and even chocolate. These perfumes are pioneered by renowned designer brands.

Do you remember the old adage, women are made of spice and sugar and everything nice? This is what gourmand perfumes are based on. On the other hand, men are definitely not immune to this maxim. This is why brands have an interesting range of gourmand fragrances for men.

Choosing the Top Gourmand Fragrances

The talk about gourmand scents perfume will remain incomplete without the "cola notes". This was a groundbreaking note that combined cola and mainstream spices. Most users considered this as a sexy combination. The moment you spray this perfume you will not be able to stop dancing. The "Cola notes" are great for the young and the old.

On the whole, top gourmand perfumes are made of synthetic notes like candy, honey, chocolate, and vanilla. These perfumes have heart and base notes from non-edible items like musk and patchouli.

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