Citrus Perfumes

The historic and plentiful citrus perfumes are concentrations centered on scents such as lemon, bergamot and grapefruit or mandarin that are blended with aromatic and acidic notes for men's fragrances and floral notes for women's perfumes. The light and fresh identity of citrus notes for instance orange, petit grain and tangerine is enhanced by aromatic, woody and spicy accords. Citrus essential oils, identified by perfumers as "Hesperidia", are the main components found in this group which involves all eaux fraîches which are identical to colognes or splashes but created with a higher percentage of alcohol in them.

Did you know that the citrus can deliver two instant gratifications? Citrus fragrances are formulated to make you happy and beautiful. Decades ago, Cleopatra lived and bathed in citrus perfumes. She loved the perfume. Most of the time, she applied citrus fragrances on her body, rose oil on her lips and lotus on her face! Cleopatra used fragrances to boost her powers of seduction. Indeed, she proved the power of scents. Most of the time, people didn't fall for her looks. Instead, they claimed and believed that Cleopatra smelled divine.

Best Citrus Perfumes

The market's best citrus fragrances can make you look and feel divine. It has the power to evoke our subconscious mind. Even if you are extremely strong, the right fragrance can bring you down. This is why people smell and become strongly attracted to other. Of course, the wrong perfume can make people maintain a distance from you.

Citrus is an ingredient in many fragrances. It is strongly linked to pleasures. Some people admire citrus fragrances for its feelings of contending and happiness. It can blend traditionally and easily with our lifestyle.

Citrus Scented Perfume

The market's best citrus scented perfumes smell subtle. It is believed that citrus perfumes can take several years from both men and women. It is capable of making you look and feel young. Designer brands blend citrus with fascinating ingredients (especially florals) to overpower the effects of growing old.

A recent study revealed that musty and stale smells linger with the unconscious mind. This is how musty and stale smells make us feel old. By using citrus fragrances, you will reverse this effect and feel young.

Citrus Colognes - A Must Try!

With all this being said, citrus colognes are a must-try! For centuries, these fragrances for men and women are connected to images of youthfulness, health and outdoors. Citrus fragrances are produced from the lemon. And, lemon is known for its youthful vivacity. When combined with florals, these perfumes can give you energy and vigor!

Famous Ingredients in Citrus based Perfumes

Few well-known ingredients in citrus fragrances are tea tree, pine, orange, eucalyptus and juniper berry. Let's dig into these ingredients:

  • Mandarin has a gentle texture and a delicate smell. It is a great fragrance for young women.
  • Grapefruit is a delicious fruit with a relaxing and refreshing nature. This perfume can detoxify your mood!
  • Blood orange brings radiance and good feels. It encourages sensuality and openheartedness.

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