Animal Perfume Notes

The One of a Kind Animal Fragrances

Animal fragrances have a long past! These scents are extremely expensive, complicated and exotic. Throughout history, you will come across animal scents in many places. These scents produce fragrances that are mysterious and strong. For example, some animal fragrances are made of hardened excretes from sea whales! The ingredients are fiercely chosen and blend together.

A lot of people cannot handle the full strength of animal fragrances. Though they are absolutely delicate and incredibly beautiful, animal scents are tough to digest. The ingredients can have remarkable effects on you.

Best Perfumes with Animal Notes

A famous ingredient in animal fragrances would be musk. This is a cute deer that is both shy and solitary. The musk doesn't grow any antlers.

Musk is an incomparable ingredient in animal perfumes. Even before people started to worry about the sustainably of the musk, they were hunted for cosmetic reasons. Undeniably, the musk-scented animal perfumes are extremely expensive. These fragrances have a complicated odor and effect. In fact, the effects created by musk perfumes cannot be reproduced easily.

Another animal note that is extremely famous would be civet. This muzzle like animal is used to make a wide range of perfumes. These fragrances have a sense of warmth, shimmer, and diffusion.

Few other animals used to make these fragrances are genet, goat, beeswax and the suede.

The Science behind today's Animal perfume notes

What adds more significance to animal perfumes would be its layers. Technically, these perfumes can do two different things:

  • Evoke your animalic pleasures
  • They are made from animal sources!

People who use animal perfumes are believed to have a strong and a prominent mindset. It represents their boldness and sensual nature. The use of animal fragrances has become a fantasy. There are lower-end, high-end and major brands to choose from. As mentioned previously, these perfumes are sold at very high costs. This is how the perfume keeps up with its luxe fantasies. Today the sustainability and rarity of the sources to produce this perfume ingredient has radically changed with the introduction of synthetic substitutes taking into consideration the environmental impact and well-being of animal life from this practice.

Popular Animal Perfume Note

The best animal fragrances are a blend of green notes (coriander), floral notes (rose) and animal notes (civet). Rare animal fragrances have vetiver, geranium, juniper berries, freesia, and citruses. These fragrances are suitable for both men and women. They have accords that were never experienced before. What makes most of these animal fragrances special would be its "rareness". These are rare notes that cannot be reproduced easily.

Hardly, you will come across 15 different animal fragrance bases to choose from.


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