Cinnamon Perfume Notes


Perfumes that smell like cinnamon will definitely remind you of a common spice in the kitchen. The cinnamon is obtained from the inner bark of the well-known cinnamon tree. For centuries, the cinnamon was treated as a fragrant spice with miraculous healing powers. The spice was used in savory and sweet foods. It has a unique flavor and is used in many aroma-therapies.

History reveals that the first cinnamon perfume notes were discovered by the Ancient Egyptians around 2000 years before Christ. These perfumes were believed to be strong and rich in healing powers.

Today, cinnamon is cultivated and distributed from countries like China, Sri Lanka, the Caribbean, Indonesia, and India.

Best Perfumes with Cinnamon Notes

The best perfumes with cinnamon are a great choice during the cold winter season. Indeed, the cinnamon is a wonderful winter ingredient.

The heavenly brown sticks burn with intense scents that can leave you mesmerized. Did you know that the best cinnamon scented perfumes take 2-long years to be produced? That is because the ingredients used need to be prepared for two or more years.

To prepare the best cinnamon perfume, the ingredients cannot be brought from anywhere! There are specific countries and methods to be followed.

New Fragrances with Cinnamon Notes

All perfumes have three different layers that are known as notes. You will find the headnotes, heart notes, and the base notes. Brands consider the cinnamon as a wonderful choice for base notes.

When cinnamon is used as a base note, your fragrance will become stronger and more powerful. The perfume will be deeper and heavier than usual. This is what makes the cinnamon perfumes special and exotic. Sometimes, you will find the cinnamon fragrances more masculine.

Unlike many other spices, the cinnamon has a characteristic smell. Very rarely will you find another perfume that smells or feels like the cinnamon!

Popular Cinnamon Perfume Notes

Though cinnamon perfumes are deep and heavy, you will find many mild ones too! As an ingredient, the cinnamon offers high amounts of flexibility. Though the spice has gained a reputation for being expensive and difficult to prepare – the fragrances don't cost more than alcohol! There It is, this makes the cinnamon perfume a great pick for budget-conscious wearers.

Cinnamon perfume notes are enriched with other ingredients like the grapefruit and coffee. These ingredients make the perfume extremely masculine.

On the whole, cinnamon fragrances are rapid, peppered and capable of melting your mind immediately.

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